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30 of April 2017 Sinai tribes unite in a "tribal alliance" to fight the Dahesh
30 of April 2017 With US AF support, SDF advancing in Shu'beh hills
30 of April 2017 U.S.-led coalition acknowledges its airstrikes in Iraq and Syria in March killed 45 civilians; monitors say figures are significantly higher
30 of April 2017 Video of some of the French Coalition support in Iraq as the ISF fight against ISIS to Defeat Daesh
30 of April 2017 Usud Al-Sharqiyah have recaptured Bir Manqourah,Zubayda and Jabal Al-Dhaba from ISIS
30 of April 2017 Maghayir Al-Thawra (former New Syrian Army) have captured Al-Humaymah from ISIS in the Homs Badiyah near T2 Pumping Station
30 of April 2017 At least 15 Iraqi civilians were killed in airstrike in W Mosul. 8 civilians killed in US Coalition airstrike on Al-Tabqah in Syria
30 of April 2017 Iraq Army 9 th Division regained control of "Al-Fatah" gate NW Mosul city.
30 of April 2017 All the political and military preparations for the last phase of west Mosul has been completed. Major assault will start soon.
30 of April 2017 SDF photos from Tabqa
30 of April 2017 PMU blown up an ISIS car bomb north west of Al Hadar.
30 of April 2017 Iraq joint operation announce following villages completely captured by PMU in west Mosul:Bootha Musherifa, Twoymen, Um Shatan
30 of April 2017 ISIL militants attacking Iraqi army base near Rutba, Anbar province.
30 of April 2017 Bouthe-Emsherfe village was captured by PMU
30 of April 2017 At-Tuwaymin village N-W to Hatra was freed by PMU from ISIS
30 of April 2017 SOHR: SDF alongside US special forces have almost fully captured Tabqa city after 40 days of clashes with IS
30 of April 2017 Army captured Tadmuriyah, Jibab Hamad, Rajm al-Qasr, Rajm al-Ali, Rajm al-Mudraju and some other hills and farms north east of Ebla plant
30 of April 2017 Army captured Tell Al-Alam which overlook ISIS held Umm Sahrij in Jabal Al Shumariya in East Homs
30 of April 2017 Video footage of captured armaments and logistics by SDF from ISIS militants after liberating 6 neighbourhoods in Tabqa city.
30 of April 2017 SDF captured armaments from ISIS militants after liberating 6 neighbourhoods in Tabqa city. A Turkish M72 LAW AT-rocket also captured.
30 of April 2017 PMU have resumed operations to clear the villages NW of Hatra region
30 of April 2017 #wrathofeuphrates SDF Captured 6 new districts From ISIS In Tabqa City: Al Mahaja, Al Busaraba, Abu Aish, Assyrian Church, Al Qasra, Al Mashar
30 of April 2017 Iraqi Army Chief of Staff Othman al-Ghanemi said only three weeks are needed to push ISIS from Mosul.
29 of April 2017 Coalition targeted a car for ISIS in alMansorah in western Raqqa countryside
29 of April 2017 21 y.o.teacher arrested for plotting to murder police officer in London after traveling 2 Syria to join Islamic State
29 of April 2017 Iraq Federal Police Units lightning it up in Mosul Old district.
29 of April 2017 Multiple airstrikes on Tal Afar west Mosul by Iraqi Air Force which destroyed: Rockets storage, Car bomb Factory, ISIS HQ
29 of April 2017 ISIS suicide car bomb detonated at the main entrance checkpoint in Jurf Sakhar north Babel , casualties are reported. Iraq
29 of April 2017 IS destroyed a SDF bulldozer in Hazimah with an ATGM today, northern Raqqa, Syria.
29 of April 2017 A US service member has been killed by an IED outside of Mosul, according to @DeptofDefense. Iraq
29 of April 2017 IS Amaq claims to have downed a US reconnaissance drone west of Tabqah city today, Raqqa governorate, Syria.
29 of April 2017 The Free Syrian Army recovered Bir al-Manqourat, Zubaida and Mount Dabe' in eastern Qalamoun after IS sneaked into them early this morning.
29 of April 2017 Islamic State claims to have killed 30 Taliban fighters and capturing 40 in clashes in Jowzjan, Afghanistan.
29 of April 2017 NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg: Without a doubt, NATO would suffer from weakness without Turkey. Turkey is a key country for the security of Europe.
29 of April 2017 IS Khorasan claims to have killed more than 30 Taliban soldiers and captured 40 after battle in Jowzjan
29 of April 2017 #Philippines IS claims an attack (yesterday) against the army in Manila with "5 dead and 6 injured"
29 of April 2017 Islamic State kills senior Afghan Taliban official in Pakistan: militants
29 of April 2017 US. military advisers have begun wearing outfits similar to soldiers in Iraq's elite counterterrorism units
29 of April 2017 SDF footage from inside Tabqa city. Civillians wave the white flag and arrive to SDF controlled neighbourhoods.
29 of April 2017 Strong clashes between SDF and ISIS militants around the hospital in the North-West of Tabqa city.
29 of April 2017 Islamic State Claim to have Killed at least 10 HTS members in an Inghimasi Operation in Yarmouk camp
29 of April 2017 More than 30 ISIS troops killed in the assault on regime forces near Um Miyal town in Aleppo southern countryside
29 of April 2017 SAA and allies have repelled large ISIS attacks on Khanaser front South Aleppo
29 of April 2017 ISIS drone targeting Iraq PMU near Al-Hader
29 of April 2017 Police in London say foiled 2nd ‘active plot’ in 2 days: "rapidly moving towards putting plan into action".
29 of April 2017 IS'S media arm claims breaking the SAA lines in Umm Mayal east of Khanaser and killing more that 30 SAA soldiers
29 of April 2017 Nearly 2000 civillians arrived to safety of SDF-held areas in Tabqa city
29 of April 2017 Iraqi troops recapture 80 percent of Mosul
29 of April 2017 Footage of two car bomb factories in the Rawah district in western Anbar destroyed by Iraq's Air Force
29 of April 2017 IS reported to have taken control of positions in the area of Bab al-Jadid in the Western Mosul. Iraq
29 of April 2017 Deanna Abdul Moneim Hamidi, 13 years old, had died from a heart attack after an airstrike on Raqqa city, Syria.
28 of April 2017 First pictures of tonight's massive bomb blast in Baghdad at Karradah
28 of April 2017 Imam Bukhari Battalion leader, Sheikh Salahuddin and 4 other were assassinated in Idlib city after returning from Maghrib prayers today, Syria.
28 of April 2017 Allegedly 2 Egyptians soldiers were killed by sniper today West of El-Arish Sinai
28 of April 2017 Two US Army Rangers killed in Nangarhar ID'd: Sgt. Joshua P. Rodgers of Bloomington, Illinois and Sgt. Cameron H. Thomas of Kettering, Ohio
28 of April 2017 Footage allegedly of French forces in Northern Raqqa countryside, supporting the SDF in the war against ISIS
28 of April 2017 IS Khorasan claims assasination of one of the Pakistani Taliban leaders in Peshawar, north-west of Pakistan
28 of April 2017 SDF has captured Zahraa and Nababilah neighborhoods from ISIS
28 of April 2017 Destroyed Russian Gaz-Tigr armored car, somewhere east of Aleppo.
28 of April 2017 SDF fighters uncovered an IS prison composed of 15 individual cells and 2 guard rooms west of Tabqa, Raqqa governorate, Syria.
28 of April 2017 The PMU are currently undergoing sweeping operations in Hatra SW Mosul
28 of April 2017 #WrathOfEuphrates SDF captured AlNababla and Zahra districts from ISIS continuing progress in Tabqa city,south& west.27 IS militants killed
28 of April 2017 Egypt: 4 policemen wounded after IED struck their armored vehicle in El-Arish, North Sinai
28 of April 2017 28 Apr: Federal Police arrive in Mushrifa in NW Mosul ready to enter 17 Tamouz with @ArmY_Iq 9th division
27 of April 2017 More images of Hatra ancient city SW Mosul city that was captured by PMU yesterday. Iraq
27 of April 2017 ISIS has claimed responsibility for 3 suicide ops targeting Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham HTS in Yarmouk Basin area Dimashq, allegedly killing 10
27 of April 2017 PMU destroyed a ISIS suicide car bomb that was racing toward them today in Hatra region SW Mosul Iraq.
27 of April 2017 Rep. Adam Schiff makes a new push for ISIS war authorization
27 of April 2017 Excellent footage of Iraq's army aviation providing air support to Hashd forces as they captured the Hatra district south of Mosul
27 of April 2017 #MosulOp: Iraq's Federal Police have found a mass burial place used by Da'ish to bury their dead militants in Mosul's old city.
27 of April 2017 One policeman was killed and three others were wounded in an explosive device explosion in a military vehicle in Arish in northern Sinai
27 of April 2017 Footage: President of Syria Bashar al-Assad's interview with Telesur. A Latin American Channel, Syria.
27 of April 2017 The Israeli army fired heavily at the Wadi al-Wadi site in Al-Arish governorate in northern Sinai before ambulances arrived to transport the wounded from the explosion site
27 of April 2017 Ambulance cars rushed to the site of an explosive device explosion in the area of the Valley Bridge in Arish - North Sinai
27 of April 2017 2 US Army soldiers killed fighting ISIS-K in E Afghanistan. 1 US lightly wounded. 18 ISIS killed in gunfight
27 of April 2017 Man arrested near Parliament with 'rucksack full of knives.' Westminster on lockdown
27 of April 2017 2 U.S. military service members killed today in anti-ISIS operation in eastern Afghanistan, Pentagon says
27 of April 2017 A man arrested after an incident in Whitehall, Scotland Yard says. Knives were recovered from the scene, close to Parliament Square
27 of April 2017 The government has been attacking the Free Syrian Army east of Suwayda (areas which were recently taken from IS) backed by artillery and SyAF raids, so far the FSA are resisting the attacks.
27 of April 2017 Russian FM spox speaking just now: "We ask them (the West) to give an example of Russian fake news." She says no one can think of any.
27 of April 2017 At least 1 US military service member killed in raid against ISIS target in eastern Afghanistan, US officials say
27 of April 2017 Trump gives Mattis authority over troop numbers for ISIS fight
27 of April 2017 Chinese drone software company DJI has quietly added 'no fly zones' to Iraq and Syria - making IS drone use more difficult.
27 of April 2017 At least 53 civilians died in likely Coalition civilian casualty incidents in the past week, according to Airwars researchers. The heavy toll continues.
27 of April 2017 PMU defused seized many of ISIS car bombs after a swift attack on Hatra region SW Mosul from 5 front.
27 of April 2017 Iraq Joint Operations announced following villages captured by PMU near Hatra region.: Umm Al-Ajareej, Ancient Ruma site, Tareeta
27 of April 2017 First images from inside Hatra region SW Mosul after Iraq Joint Operations announced it completely captured by PMU moments ago.
27 of April 2017 Iraq Joint Operations officially announce Hatra region SW Mosul completely captured by PMU.
27 of April 2017 SDF seized ISIS tank at Al Tabqah
27 of April 2017 Two police officers wounded during an anti terror raid in French Island of Réunion, Islamic terror suspect was arrested.
27 of April 2017 SAA and allies took control of abandoned battalion in north of T-4 East Homs
27 of April 2017 #WrathOfEuphrates SDF captured Radio station from ISIS in Tabqa city. 20 IS killed and 10 captured. 4 Vehicles destroyed and 1 Tank captured
27 of April 2017 PMU successfully repelled a massive that lasted 4 hours on SW Tal Afar west Mosul
27 of April 2017 White House has delegated decision-making for setting troop levels in Iraq and Syria to Pentagon, spokesperson confirms to ABC
26 of April 2017 YPJ Spox says their forces will halt their anti-IS Raqqa operation if the US does not take concrete action against Turkish airstrikes targeting YPG/YPJ/SDF forces in Syria.
26 of April 2017 PMU Iranian version of 106mm M40 A2 recoilless rifle mounted on Safir jeep and modified BTR-152 in Hatra south west Mosul
26 of April 2017 SAA led by 11th Tank Division captured Jabal Sawanah
26 of April 2017 Kurdish forces call for no-fly zone in northern Syria
26 of April 2017 Another US drone that fell down yesterday West of Raqqa Syria
26 of April 2017 SOHR: VBIED detonated in Raqqa northern countryside
26 of April 2017 IS claimed to kill 6 rebels in attack in Eastern Qalamun
26 of April 2017 IS claimed 3 Iraqi Humvee destroyed North to Hadr, South Mosul
26 of April 2017 Footage of Iraq's special forces engaged in urban warfare against Da'ish in western Mosul.
26 of April 2017 Chammal : 6 air sorties and 30 missions of artillery this week in Iraq and Syria.
26 of April 2017 IS child soldiers captured pro-government child soldiers in the desert north of Palmyra, Homs, Syria.
26 of April 2017 Two more Iraq border guards killed by ISIS near Rutba, on road to Jordan - 3rd ambush in 4 days
26 of April 2017 Photo of security operations, launched today in the Salahadin
26 of April 2017 Assad Forces has take control of Al-Shaer gas field and the mount after clashes forced Daesh to retreat. East Homs
26 of April 2017 The battle to take western Mosul from ISIS has looked like this: a block-by-block crawl as casualties mount.
26 of April 2017 Egypt: ISIS claims to have "killed at least 40" in suicide attack(SVBIED) y'day south of Rafah that targeted CP held by Tarabin tribesmen
26 of April 2017 ISIS announced a counter-attack in Bab al-Tub district of Western Mosul
26 of April 2017 Iraqi forces retake ancient city of Hatra from IS: statement
26 of April 2017 PMU capture ancient city north of al-Hadar
26 of April 2017 Clashes between the Syrian army and the IS in DeirEzzor. Syria
26 of April 2017 YPG suspends all military operations aimed at capturing Tabqa and Raqqah until further order. Syria
26 of April 2017 ISIL redeploys its fighters within the old neighborhoods and deploys snipers to new positions around the western neighborhoods
26 of April 2017 PMU have evacuated 2500 civilians since the start ( day two ) of Hatra region SW Mosul ops. Iraq
26 of April 2017 PMU reportedly reached the road leading to the Hadr from the South
26 of April 2017 Military spokesman: Second Army law enforcement forces are able to detect and destroy quantities of explosives in northern Sinai
26 of April 2017 PMU reached outskirts of Al Hadar city from the north
26 of April 2017 Italy: 29 years old man frm Morocco arrested in Turin on suspicion of IS affiliation, planning terror attack.
26 of April 2017 A large-scale operation has been launched by Iraqi army and PMU to clear Al-Mutabijah and the surrounding areas SE Samarra.
26 of April 2017 Iraq's Hashd are storming ahead with their Hatra offensive, liberating the Sa'dan and Sa'idiyah villages and the old army depots.
26 of April 2017 Iraq's armed forces have launched an offensive to uproot Da'ish from their Mutaibijah stronghold on the Diyala-Salahuddin border.
26 of April 2017 Iraq joint operations announce Saadan and Saidyia villages east of Hatra region SW Mosul completely captured by PMU.
26 of April 2017 Clashes at grain Silo barrier at north eastern entrance to Palmyra
25 of April 2017 Progress of the Syrian army and allies in Eastern Damascus towards Syrian desert as they launch an offensive against the FSA after IS was expelled by the FSA
25 of April 2017 Recent footage of Iraq's special forces fighting in the Al-Abar district.
25 of April 2017 Through the night PMU continue to evacuate civilians fleeing ISIS
25 of April 2017 Big progress by Iraq's Hashd as they advance on the Hatra district in southern Ninawa. Around a dozen villages retaken.
25 of April 2017 Former Israel Defense Minister Ya'alon said at a public event in the Israeli city of Afula on Saturday that IS in the Syrian Golan Heights (JKIW) had “apologised” for once attacking an IDF unit in what is seemingly a reference to a clash which took place near the Syrian border last November, in which IDF troops exchanged fire with members of IS and later killed 4 IS fighters with airstrikes.
25 of April 2017 Egyptian army artillery heavily bombed areas: ُElsabil & zarea Elkhir, south of the city of Arish, which led to the departure of some people for fear of severe shelling
25 of April 2017 News of clashes between the Egyptian army and gunmen west of the city of Arish north of Sinai
25 of April 2017 #SAA advancing from east of Tishreen power plant toward Badia al Sham (deserts of #EasternDamascus)
25 of April 2017 An artillery shell fell on the El-Sabil power station, west of Al-Arish, fired from a total ambush west of the city. This comes at a time when the liberation of Sinai is being celebrated in Ismailia.
25 of April 2017 Angry from the tribe of Trabin set fire to a hostage they had said he had followed the organization of the state of Sinai, in response to the bombing of the ambush, which young tribes
25 of April 2017 IS reports that they have regained control of the al-Arba'a market and other positions on the outskirts of Bab al-Tub, Mosul-West. Iraq
25 of April 2017 A passenger van hit a landmine in Kurram Agency in Pakistan killing around 14. ISIS has claimed credit for the attack.
25 of April 2017 Gunmen from the state of Sinai detonate a car bomb in an ambush prepared by members of the tribe of Tarabin south of the city of Rafah
25 of April 2017 PMU defusing a ISIS car bomb SW Mosul that is packet with tons of explosives with no protective gear just pliers
25 of April 2017 Mosul Old district moments ago, as Iraqi Federal Police advance east of Al-Nuri Mosque.
25 of April 2017 More US military convoys arrived to AlAsad base in Anbar, plans undergo to start a wide range operation against ISIL West the province.
25 of April 2017 PMU Operations in SW Mosul Iraq
25 of April 2017 PMU stated that after liberating Al-Khathir region SW Mosul they well head to Baaj and the Iraqi-Syrian border line.
25 of April 2017 PMU are transferring civilians that ran away from ISIS controlled villages near Al-Khathir SW Mosul today. Iraq
25 of April 2017 Police in Spain have arrested 8 people on suspicion of involvement in the 2016 ISIS attacks in Brussels
25 of April 2017 Russia restores Syria flight safety memorandum with US
25 of April 2017 Afghanistan: ISIS claims to have fired two Katyushas into a US military post in Jalalabad airport.
25 of April 2017 Photos: PMU operations in Al Hadar district
25 of April 2017 US commander visits YPG HQ hit by Turkish airstrikes. SDF commander for Raqqa operation, Rojda Felat, also present.
25 of April 2017 Iraqi Counter Terrorism Forces liberated the neighbourhood of al-Tanak in western Mosul. Iraq
25 of April 2017 Iraq Federal police units launched a surprise attack in Mosul Old district and made great advance toward Al-Nuri Mosque
25 of April 2017 CTS forces claim to have secured the sprawling western Tanak neighborhood in Mosul. Once one of the more pro-IS neighborhoods.
25 of April 2017 Iraq joint operations announce Al-Dabeesa and Khanifis villages SW Mosul completely captured by PMU.
25 of April 2017 Mohamad Rasul al Allah opeartion area in South of Mosul
25 of April 2017 Hezbollah destroys ISIL's HQ at Syrian-Lebanese boarder near Ras Ba-albak
25 of April 2017 Video: Preparations of PMU for Hadr operations
25 of April 2017 Local police forces free two Christian women from ISIS in al-Tanak neighborhood - West of Mosul
25 of April 2017 The moment when PMU got the call to advance toward Al-Khathir region SW Mosul Iraq.
25 of April 2017 PMU captured Elabia Sharqi and Gharbi villages from ISIS on Hadher front
25 of April 2017 Iraq joint operations officially announce Aleeba Shirqyia and Aleeba Gharbeeya villages SW Mosul completely captured by PMU.
25 of April 2017 Egypt- ISIS claim 2 IED attacks in al-Arish, 2 IED attacks+execution of "spy" in Rafah, North Sinai
25 of April 2017 Start of New operation South to Mosul
25 of April 2017 Iraqi forces captured two ISIS militants Syrian nationals that tried to sneak into Iraq desert near the border.
25 of April 2017 Iraq joint operations officially announce following villages SW Mosul captured by PMU: Alwani, Ain Sadeed, Tal Halala, Jaf Khail
25 of April 2017 PMU captured Tell Halala
25 of April 2017 People's Mobilization Forces captured Jaf al Khayl, S-W Mosul
25 of April 2017 PMU forces captured Ain Sadid village, South to Hadr, Souther Mosul
25 of April 2017 Iraq joint operations have launched major operations SW Mosul by PMU. The goal of the ops is to liberate Al-Khathir region.
25 of April 2017 Al Hashd Al Shababi captured Tel Halel and Al Muslatan
25 of April 2017 Map of Battle of Tabqa: SDF captures Wahab district and western factory, mosque
25 of April 2017 Footage captured of the recent Da'ish suicide bomber/inghimasi attack on Iraq's forces near Hammam Al-'Alil south of Mosul.
25 of April 2017 Syria: Reopening of Hasaka-Aleppo-Damascus road for the first time since 2013
25 of April 2017 Iraq's army conducting clearing ops along the Diyala-Salahuddin border region, a historic Da'ish stronghold.
24 of April 2017 The moment when a ISIS suicide bomber detonated himself near Iraqi soldiers and journalists in south Mosul. No one injured.
24 of April 2017 Amaq says that 22 were killed, 48 wounded in coalition airstrike on Western Mosul
24 of April 2017 Weapons seized by SDF in the al-Wahab neighbourhood of Tabqa
24 of April 2017 SDF clashing with ISIS in Tabqa area
24 of April 2017 Syria: villages North of Raqqa which as of today are under SDF control are Hazima, Abu Hassan, Zahera, Qaltah, Abarah, Hafayr, Khawat Ubayd
24 of April 2017 Syria: the SDF is in full control of the countryside north of Hazima in northern Raqqa province, seizing over 9 villages in a single day
24 of April 2017 Today, the moment that both SDF fronts met in Tishrine village.
24 of April 2017 311 ISIS members were killed and 30 SDF fighters lost their lives since April 13. Captured villages: Kebish El-Xerbî, Kebish El-Şerqî, Um El-Tenek, Royan, Mezrea Tişrîn, Mişêrefa Bakurê , Mishêrfa Başûr, El-Rehyat, Bîr Cerbo, Cerwe, El-Hetaş, Mezrea El-Hikûme, Hezîme, Xelwe Ebîd, Holo Ebid, Ebare, El-Kalte, Til El-Seded, Sikeriye, El-Elo and Zehre.
24 of April 2017 Clashes between SDF and ISIS in the village of Ayn Kabirah. North of Raqqa
24 of April 2017 A closer look at the IS humvee, captured by the FSA. Note the Iraqi plates.
24 of April 2017 Dismantled HMMWV SVBIED and tank turrets, as seen by @sommervillebbc in North Aleppo countryside
24 of April 2017 Reporting by @sommervillebbc and team in Al Bab and Dabiq after the battle that ousted ISIS.
24 of April 2017 Local reporters say 60 per cent of Tabqa city is under the control of SDF
24 of April 2017 Philippine army says it kills about 36 militants in three-day clash
24 of April 2017 US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces enter IS-held Tabqa: monitor - via @AFP
24 of April 2017 4 ISIS fighters have been captured by SDF, as they advance in Tabqa
24 of April 2017 Nicholson says Daesh is a global threat and wants to expand its caliphate around the world. "Our pressure will mount on them."
24 of April 2017 Nicholson says there is no space in Afghanistan for Daesh
24 of April 2017 Mattis said "the strike in Achin was to send a very clear message to ISIS. If they come to Afghanistan they will be destroyed."
24 of April 2017 The strike in Achin was to send a very clear message to ISIS. If they come to Afghanistan they will be destroyed. GEN Nicholson
24 of April 2017 #WrathOfEuphrates SDF advanced towards Tabqa City Center, captured Al-Fa'il and Al-Wa'd island from ISIS North Tabqa. Island close to Dam
24 of April 2017 SDF fighters captured parts of the al-Wahab neighborhood and cleared the Alaf junction in Tabqa city
24 of April 2017 Dagestan, Russia: 1 killed, 8 wounded in explosion in school in Agvali village
24 of April 2017 SDF have fully captured Wahab neighbourhood in Tabqa city from ISIS militants.
24 of April 2017 SAA led by #ISISHunters took control of 969,7,1108,1132 and 1062 heights near ash Shaer East Homs
24 of April 2017 Iraq Federal Police Units continue to make gains in Mosul Old district and surround ISIS
24 of April 2017 PMU killed 4 ISIS suicide bombers that sneaked into north Baiji Salah Al-Din province Iraq.
24 of April 2017 Clashes renewed West to Tabqa city, heavy artillery shelling on the town
24 of April 2017 Daesh attacked the freed villages of Raqqa countryside (the village of Bir Jerbo, Jarwah, Rihaniyat, Umm al-Tanak and Rounian) last night, this fight continued until the morning. The coalition aircrafts supported SDF during this fight.
24 of April 2017 Egypt- al-Amaq report on ISIS sniper attack killing soldier, IED targeting MRAP near al-Arish, North Sinai
24 of April 2017 Allegedly IED exploded north of Sammara, hitting Federal Police car and destroying car and killing its crew. Iraq
24 of April 2017 Iraq Federal Police Units captured ISIS commanders near ras Al-Jada stadium in Mosul Old district after killing all of his militants.
24 of April 2017 Roads Between Kobani to Aleppo was opened for civilians.
24 of April 2017 FSA close to break siege of eastern Qalamoun and try to push back IS from 2 axis
24 of April 2017 Civilians killed in the explosion of a landmine of ISIS in al Tabaqa city in Raqqa suburbs on Apr 23
24 of April 2017 Video of SDF foiling an ISIS counter attack, seems foreign volunteer also involved in the fighting
24 of April 2017 Rudaw on board the USS George H.W. Bush carrier: Bombing and haunting ISIS since day one
24 of April 2017 Isis losses after hunters attack on terrorist position near ash-Sha’ir gas field north from Palmyra
23 of April 2017 An RQ-11B in Mosul was found by ISIS
23 of April 2017 Iraqi forces supported by PMU successfully repelled ISIS attack on Rutba west Anbar.
23 of April 2017 IS'S media arm claims to have killed 18 PMU members in a new offensive near Rutbah Iraq
23 of April 2017 35 Da'ish militants killed by a large-scale op by Iraq's army near Haditha in western Anbar. Mainly via coalition and Iraqi airstrikes.
23 of April 2017 Several wells still burning months later around Hayan. A Russian company contracted to put out the fires.
23 of April 2017 Libya: ISIS commander in Sabratha Abdallah Haftar Dabbashi/"Abu Maria" announced dead
23 of April 2017 Iraq's army aviation bombing Da'ish targets in western Mosul.
23 of April 2017 Iraqi intelligence captured 2 ISIS suicide bomber in Ameria west Baghdad city, they were plotting attacks civilians.
23 of April 2017 Video of clashes in Western Tabqa
23 of April 2017 PMU successfully repelled an ISIS attack on Qasr Mahrab village SW Tal Afar west Mosul, multiple militants killed and 4 vehicles destroyed.
23 of April 2017 IS claims to have killed two Syrian Army forces in al-Tadamon neighbourhood and Yarmouk camp, south Damascus, Syria.
23 of April 2017 SDF today repelled ISIS attack in Northern Raqqa
23 of April 2017 Violent clashes between ISIS and SAA near Deir-ez-Zur airport
23 of April 2017 Germany would not send new arms shipments to KRG nor would it expand military training
23 of April 2017 Abu Leyla battalion fighting in Tabqa
23 of April 2017 Violent clashes between the ISIS local and foreign groups in Raqqa.-local Reports
23 of April 2017 Clashes between IS and SDF in Tabqah city
23 of April 2017 SDF have foiled ISIS attacks on newly captured villages west of Raqqa city.
23 of April 2017 IS Daraa-affiliate releases photo reports showing damage in Jallin due to shelling, Syria.
23 of April 2017 ISIS counter attacked SDF forces in the outskirt of Altabaka city northern Syria
23 of April 2017 Philippine troops kill three more militants on tourist island
23 of April 2017 More than 10 ISIL militants infiltrated into Iraqi federal police near HamamAlil, many of them killed, others ran away.
23 of April 2017 A suicide bomber detonated his explosives within 30 meters of Rudaw reporting near Mosul. Rudaw's team is safe, but still besieged.
23 of April 2017 ISIS sleeper cells (+suicide bombers) attacked Iraqi Federal Police HQ at around 9AM. Fighting is ongoing. Iraqi forces try to break siege.
23 of April 2017 Massive clashes reported between Iraqi Federal police and ISIS militants western Hammam al Alil, south of Mosul
23 of April 2017 ISIS launches major attack on the Iraqi Federal Police HQ in Urej village, western Hamam Alil, south Mosul. the HQ is besieged
23 of April 2017 Iraqi forces captured al Sehah and Thourah neighbourhoods in Mosul
22 of April 2017 M-1 Abrams tank takes out an IS up-armored truck SVBIED painted blue in Yarmouk area, W. Mosul. Filmed via drone
22 of April 2017 Xerîb Welat, one of the founders of the YPG Press Center lost his life in Raqqa
22 of April 2017 ISIS claimed responsibility for attack in Khabarovsk
22 of April 2017 Abdulrahman Al-Shami, renowned Da'ish commander, was killed by Iraq's PMUs 2 days ago during a battle west of Mosul.
22 of April 2017 Map of the situation in northern Iraq: •Tal 'Afar is completely surrounded. •Mosul is nearly captured. •Next target is Ba'aj.
22 of April 2017 ISIS mortar attacks injure civilians in Tanak and Thaura neighborhoods in West Mosul & Muhandisin in E Mosul.
22 of April 2017
22 of April 2017 Iraq National security service seized ISIS documents and computers with all names "pledged allegiance to the caliphate" in Mosul.
22 of April 2017 Egypt- ISIS claim to have executed 3 "spies" from Rafah, North Sinai
22 of April 2017 Interview in English with SDF volunteer 'Reşit Japon' who participates in the Tabqa operation and gives a brief update on the operation.
22 of April 2017 Coalition airstrike in support of FSA in al-Badiya geolocated 85km SW of Palmyra
22 of April 2017 #WrathOfEuphrates SDF freed today completely Alexandria and Ayed AlSaghir, located East& West Tabqa city,after several days fighting & clashes


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