Iraqi troops inside Rawa, Anbar

Map. History of ISIS conflict

18 August 2018
Coalition and partner forces were able to kill 9 ISIS fighters and capture 1 fighter alive in the tri- border region of Syria
Daesh is holding onto Albukamal's eastern suburbs. No retreat from them.
PMU reinforcements arrived in south of Mosul earlier today for the coming operations in South Nineveh.
Artillery of Syrian and alllies forces near Abu Kamal. D-30, Msta-B, Grad and M101
Brett McGurk: We have called on our @coalition partners to increase and accelerate stabilization support given scale of challenge in areas like Raqqa now emerging from ISIS
Brett McGurk: Spent the day in Raqqa with our heroic U.S. military personnel who advised the SDF over a 4-month street-by-street campaign to defeat ISIS here, once the locus for major terror plotting around the world
SDF in Tayyani village in Deir ez-Zur
@FerasKilaniBBC: Just returned from Albukamal, it’s one of the most dificult battles against IS, all foreigners fighters gathered there, all Shia forces from around the region+Syria|n army+Russia|n forces trying to advance, but couldn’t yet.
Between Nov. 13 and Nov. 16, 2017, Coalition @CJTFOIR military forces conducted 34 strikes consisting of 56 engagements against ISIS militants in Syria and Iraq
Footage showing plenty of artillery positions used by Iran|ian-led forces (Hezbollah, IRGC Fatemiyoun Brigade and Iraqi PMU) to pound ISIS-held AbuKemal.
ISIS launched violent attacks on the SDF positions south-east of the Tanak oil field, 10 km near the Iraqi border. SDF fighters destroyed the IS car bomb
ISIS detonated a car bomb at 1.30 pm today in Faraj village between Al Jafra and Koniko, killing at least 20 civilians and wounding 30 others9 month ago
ISIS detonated a car bomb at 1.30 pm today in Faraj village between Al Jafra and Koniko, killing at least 20 civilians and wounding 30 others
Daesh car bomb kills 20 people, injures 30 others at a site where displaced families are located in eastern Syria near the city of Deir el-Zour
Russian Ministry of Defense: long-range bombers Tu-22M3 bombers struck targets in Syria
9 month ago
Terror attacks likely in big U.S., European cities during Christmas, New Year's holidays - Russian foreign ministry
Russian Tu-22M3 bombers hit targets in Syria
250 IS soldiers were captured by the ISIS Hunter forces SAA on Hawijah Kate Island at DeirEzzor
ATGM stocks proving crucial to Islamic State's defense efforts against the government campaign in Albukamal's environs
ISIS Hunters captured 250 ISIS militia on Hawijah Kate Island
Iraqi PM: the liberation of Rawah in a matter of hours reflects the capabilities of Iraqi forces and the soundness of their plans; advance continues to eliminate last ISIS controlled areas along Syria-Iraq border, West Anbar.
US officials say with air war against ISIS nearing end in Iraq and Syria, expect more strikes in Afghanistan
Government forces are attempting to storm Al-Bukamal again
Images of Iraq's special forces inside Rawah, western Anbar. Da'ish forces collapsed and are now being hunted down across the district
Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Dr. Haider Al-Abadi congratulates our heroic forces and the Iraqi people on the liberation of Rawa.
It's propaganda
Islamic State Releases Pictures Showing Attack Against SAA On The Outskirts Of Albukamal
Al Shabab publishes poster of its objectives in Somalia9 month ago
Al Shabab publishes poster of its objectives in Somalia
Iraqi troops inside Rawa, Anbar
Iraqi national anthem in Rawa district
Iraqi Army regained control over Rawa town
Iraqi forces regain control of the district of Rawa in Anbar
Iraqi forces started an operation to capture Rawa from isis control 4 to 5 neighborhoods have been taken already
Iraqi forces are starting an offensive to capture Rawa ISIS's last stronghold in Anbar
UN Ambassador Haley condemns Russian veto of resolution continuing UN investigation of chemical weapons in Syria, saying in statement, "Assad and ISIS will no longer be on notice for the use of chemical weapons by Russia’s actions today."
[email protected] comment on Russia's 10th veto on Syria since 2011, this time to prevent continuation of UN [email protected] investigation into Syria chemical attacks. Inquiry has found that the Syrian gov't and IS have both used CWs.
NYT visits 150 US airstrike sites in Iraq, finds civilian death rate 31 times higher than US coalition says, civilians repeatedly clasified as IS.
Coincidence that the first airstrikes vs ISIS in Somalia come after Raqqa fell? "We strike targets as they become available. Some of those targets, we've been working them for a long time" per LtGen McKenzie "I'm not prepared to say it's linked to the fall of Raqqa"
"We need to pay a lot of attention to their activities in the cyber domain" @thejointstaff's LtGen McKenzie says of ISIS "their ability to proselytize in a new, very dynamic arena"
ISIS having trouble finding bases around the world- "because of the global coalition we've assembledthat plan has not been terribly successful for them" per @thejointstaff's LtGen McKenzie
"We are there to defeat ISIS. The government of Syria has proven to be unable o accomplish that goal by themselves" per LtGen McKenzie
More on Russia claims US helping ISIS: "We flatly reject those accusations" per @thejointstaff's LtGen McKenzie "They're simply not true. In fact they're not helpful as we pursue what could be a mutual objective"
Russia claims of US helping ISIS "are false" per @ChiefPentSpox
SAA crossed the river at Hawijat Kati Island in DeirEzZor. TOS-1A with russian crew also visible/crossing
SDF has captured Dhiban from IS.
Amaq recorded the moment of explosion in Kabul9 month ago
Amaq recorded the moment of explosion in Kabul
ISIS has lost 95 per cent of its 'caliphate', says US-led coalition
Military Intelligence uncovered a small lab being used to manufacture Chlorine by ISIS Sleepers earlier today in Fallujah
US diplomat says 7.5 million people have now been freed from ISIS
ISF started process to lay the bridge for crossing the Euphrates ahead of the fight for Rawa town.
Al Shabab claims to have attacked a Kenyan military base in Lamu, Kenya -Al Shabab channels
Photo from Anbar today, PMUs on the border are shelling ISIS on Syria's side as the fight for Bukamal continues
Media officer for PMU Brigade 13, who have been conducting Clearance and Humanitarian operations in Qa'im Rana al Ajili was killed in Anbar today
Egypt's interior ministry says captured fighter involved in deadly western desert attack last month is Libyan national
A War Media correspondent was killed while she was in Qa'im.
East Syria: T-90 knocked out as ISIS claims it repelled a government attack West of Hashma
IS claims over 50 dead pro-Assad soldiers after attack on convoy west of Mayadin Syria
Eastern Syria: New batch of Hezbollah fighters were killed by IS on al-Bukamal front.
It's propaganda
ISIS threatens Vatican in Christmas attack.
Marwan Khorasani whom ISKP names as responsible for Kabul attack9 month ago
Marwan Khorasani whom ISKP names as responsible for Kabul attack
Egypt Army: 3 Militants Killed, 74 Arrested in Sinai
President of Syria Bashar al-Assad: After the elimination of Daesh in Deir ez-Zour and the completion of the ongoing battles in Hama the next battle will be towards Idlib.
Official statement with over 110 dead/wounded claimed in Kabul explosion9 month ago
Official statement with over 110 dead/wounded claimed in Kabul explosion
Syrian Army reached Euphrates in Al Bukamal city, Deir Ez-Zor
Afghanistan: ISIS claims the suicide bombing at a wedding hall in Kabul today which killed at least nine.9 month ago
Afghanistan: ISIS claims the suicide bombing at a wedding hall in Kabul today which killed at least nine.
ISKP claims responsibility for the deadly suicide attack in downtown Kabul9 month ago
ISKP claims responsibility for the deadly suicide attack in downtown Kabul
9 month ago
Kabul - death toll rises to 18 in Thursday's bombing in Kabul city. Sources confirm 8 policemen and 10 civilians killed in the explosion
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