Raids of the International coalition on the Marcadah south of Al Hasakah

Map. History of ISIS conflict

19 September 2018
Heavy clashes between pro-Assad forces and Daesh at Al Hari village near Al Bukamal
Two civilians were killed and others were injured in raids on the Russian airforce on Qouriya east of Diralzur
AU to reduce troops in Somalia by 1,000 this year.
Syrian Observatory denies control by pro-Assad forces over Al Bukamal
Hezbollah media: Al Bukamal is under pro-Assad forces control
@MIG29_: No forces enter Al-Bukamal yet, city is just fire control from south-east Axis
RT now also reporting that al-Bukamal is under full SAA control
The Syrian government and its allies declare full control of Al Bukamal
SDF/DMC controlled the strategic town Markada in South Hasaka
Three weeks after the liberation of Raqqa, the first wave of civilians have returned to their homes
Deir ez-Zor stadium (used as ammo depot) after IS drone attack 2 weeks ago.
ISIS says they have repelled pro-government forces attack from Iraqi border towards Al-Bu Kamal
SDF controls area between Villages Barsham and Hariza in Deir-ez-Zur countryside
"SAA troops and allied forces have completely encircled Daesh militants in Albu Kamal and have begun operations to eradicate them from the town." - SANA
Eastern Syria: IS killed two commanders of IRGC Fatemiyoun Brigade east of T-2 Station.
10 month ago
German ISIS deserter and convert Dirk P. from Stuttgart was captured by YPG after he escaped Raqqa/DZ with his family some weeks ago.
Abdulkhaleq Abdulqader Ali Among  4 ISIS suspects were arrested in central Kayseri province Wednesday in Turkey10 month ago
Abdulkhaleq Abdulqader Ali Among 4 ISIS suspects were arrested in central Kayseri province Wednesday in Turkey
ISIS shut down all medical centers for population in Al Bukamal, all medicines only for their fighters
10 month ago
"I love Islamic state." Prince Albert police website hacked.
ISIS said they destroyed two tanks of SAA forces by targeting him by a guided missile near T2 station southeast of Deir-Ez-Zour
Iraq needs an economic and cultural "Marshall Plan" to regain its confidence after the horrors of past wars and violence of the Islamic State group: Kirkuk bishop
10 month ago
Islamic State's footprint spreading in northern Somalia: U.N.
ISIS attacks Iraqi PMU (Hashd) 28th Brigade on Iraq-Syria border, 4 PMU killed.
IHCHR :10,000 people under ISIS control in Rawa district west of Iraq
10 month ago
"The threat of Islamist terrorism has evolved, metastasized and spread all over the world, including to our homeland" per @SenRonJohnson
Raids of the International coalition on the Marcadah south of Al Hasakah
Wanted Singaporean militant at large in Philippines' Central Mindanao: Security source
10 month ago
Iraqi forces enter Albukamal from Al-Qa'im
Deir Ez-zor: Airstrikes targeted al-Bokamal, al-Sharah and al-Quriah today morning
Hezbollah-linked media says Assad's forces have encircled ISIS-held Albu Kamal and are entering the city
According to Al-Manar TV, Syrian Army and Allies Start enter Al-Bukamal, DeirEzzor
10 month ago
Iraqi Forces began operations to clear the deserts north of Qa'im.
Syrian Army and Allies Meet Iraqi forces east T2 in Syrian - Iraqi border
10 month ago
ISIS warnings in shape of night letters to a Shia mosque in Kabul's Taymani
SDF has captured Al-Khan village from ISIS in Deir Ez Zor
Eastern Syria: Aftermath of mine blast which (slightly) injured 9 Russians, 5 soldiers and 4 reporters in Deir ez-Zor province.
Eastern Syria: IS has still ATGMs at disposal. Out of 4 claimed fired today, 2 targeted a tank and a technical with gun east of T-2 Station.
Alleged IED factory found near Makhmour today10 month ago
Alleged IED factory found near Makhmour today
The SDF deploys inside Al-Boussairah, one of the most startigic towns n DeirEzZor province.
Egypt: ISIS claimed damaging EG army bulldozer and destroying vehicle by IEDs, today and y'day respectively, area of Rafah near Gaza border
Syria’s army and its allies will keep fighting in Syria after the battle ends in Deir al-Zor province, where Islamic State has its last significant stronghold, Assad said on Tuesday
Assad says Syria war does not end in Deir al-Zor
Iraqi prime minister Abadi says he gave the order to Iraqi forces to go after Isis in Syria-n areas if attacked from there
In 2014 saw what ISIS was doing but what Russia was doing was beyond that, per @selectedwisdom "I was almost admiring the audacity"
"We have lost consistently in the open source/unclass battlefield going from militants to Russia" @selectedwisdom tells @CSIS
SDF has captured Al-Qushayriyah from ISIS
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