Footage from SDF's military operation to remove ISIS in DeirEzzor.

Map. History of ISIS conflict

22 September 2018
South Syria: pro-Assad sources say they thwarted an ISIS infiltration in outskirts of Khalkhalah Airbase (HQ for current operations in Daraa).
Initial reports suggest that the suicide bomber might have shaken hands with Haroon Bilour when he blew up his suicide vest. Haroon Bilour along with 3 others succumbed to injuries. There are 23 injured brought into the hospital : Police
PAKISTAN: Bomb targeting ANP rally explodes in Peshawar
South Syria: rare photos showing ISIS in Suweida/Damascus desert. Also a T-72 destroyed.2 month ago
South Syria: rare photos showing ISIS in Suweida/Damascus desert. Also a T-72 destroyed.
ISIS has claimed responsibility for a suicide attack targeting Syrian and Russian forces in Zeyzun, NW Deraa, allegedly killing 35, wounding 15. The official statement says it's issued by ISIS's "Hauran Province," signifying a declaration by ISIS of officially operating in Deraa.
2 month ago
Russian Ministry of Defense denied information that dozens of Russian military were killed in Southern Daraa
Though they have not yet succeeded, Islamic cyber terrorists are increasing their efforts to carry out cyberattacks against Western countries infrastructure
A car bomb set off in area of Zayzoun targeting Assad forces (W. Daraa), presumably prepared by ISIS.
SDF fighter puts up the SDF flag in a village captured from ISIS in DeirEzzor.
Brett McGurk: Spent five days in Iraq and Syria focused on completing campaign to defeat ISIS and stability in captured areas. On Thursday, @SecPompeo will convene 52 members of our @coaliton in Brussels to discuss details.
Footage from SDF's military operation to remove ISIS in DeirEzzor.
U.S Special Envoy Brett Mcgurk visited Raqqa and met with Raqqa's Civil Council, and also met with the Internal Security Forces. They discussed the Coalition's progress and rebuilding projects for the city.
Kurdistan Region's @PMBarzani weclomed by Netherland's PM Mark Rutte @MinPres — discussions on regional stability, fight against ISIS and increasing cooperation to take place.
ISIS affirms killing at least 10 people and injuring others in explosion of an Afghan security checkpoint in Jalalabad - Nangarhar and spreads this video
Death toll in today's suicide bombing rises 10, eight civilians and two NDS members, officials confirm
A suspected Islamic State militant was killed during a raid by Tripoli's Special Deterrence Force on a house in Fernaj district earlier this morning. The operation resulted in the arrest of several suspected militants and the seizure of weapons and ammunition.
2 month ago
UCC has claimed responsibility for "hacking no less than 213 websites for Thailand Philippines Indonesia South Korea," launching DDoS attacks against ~530 sites and hacking more than 700 social networking accounts belonging to "apostate and Crusader soldiers in these regions."
DeirEzzor: ISIS captured several oil wells east of al-Herigy town in the northern countryside after an attack on SDF militia locations in the area
Egypt Sinai: Isis beheaded a "spy" near al-Rafah.
Daraa: Jaish Khalid Ibn Walid (Isis) is trying to capture the last FSA areas on the border with Yarmouk.
2 ISIS cell members were killed by HTS when they attempted to plant IEDs on Jisr Shugour area
Deir Ezzor countryside: Units of the Syrian Arab Army found heavy and medium weapon ammunition leftover by ISIS militants in Al-Duweir town in Bokamal's western countryside.
Somalia: IS claims 2 operations: - shot dead intelligence agent at Bosasso Puntland, In Bacaad Mogadishu, an intelligence agent and a police officer2 month ago
Somalia: IS claims 2 operations: - shot dead "intelligence agent" at #Bosasso #Puntland, In #Bacaad #Mogadishu, an "intelligence agent" and a police officer
Isis claims to have killed 10 HTS special forces' militants near ​​Icarda, Southern Aleppo.
20 Islamic State militants killed in airstrike by Coalition warplanes in Nineveh
Senior Da'ish security official "Abu Aisha" and dozens of Arab and foreign militants have been killed and wounded in Sousa, eastern Syria, after Iraq's armed forces launched cross-border artillery strikes, targeting 3 buildings hosting high-level meetings.
Kirkuk court sentences man to five years in prison for belonging to ISIS
Islamic State militants killed three government-backed militia fighters on Monday near Iraq's biggest oil refinery in the northern city of Baiji, police and militia sources said
ISIS militants attack a position belong to HTS near ICARDA in Aleppo western countryside and killing 10 militants of HTS inside it.
13 more Abu Sayyaf surrender in Sulu.
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