Iraqi arrested in Rasafa area of Baghdad accused of having sold weapons to ISIS.

Map. History of ISIS conflict

18 September 2018
Brigade 1 thwarted an attack by ISIS involving vehicles and managed to destroy one of the cars with Kornet while the rest of the militants fled to the interior of Hasakah Governorate. Incident took place in vicinity of Jughifi.
ISIS were targeted on Mount Jarrah near Hawija by Army Aviation today.
ISIS militants attacking Iraqi forces security points in Adhaim لعظيم southern Tuz Khurmatu. Casualties feared.
Reports that 10 civilians have been killed by militants at a fake checkpoint on the Baghdad-Kirkuk highway
Clashes erupted between Iraqi forces and ISIS militants southern Mosul.
7 ISIS fighters killed in US-led coalition airstrike south of the Qarachugh mountain range, one kilometer from Peshmerga front lines
Coalition warplanes have targeted ISIS bases beneath Karachukh mount, Makhmour.
Armed forces of the Philippines say that 44 BIFF/Islamic State members have been killed in Army airstrikes and attacks in Maguindanao since Thurdsay
Islamic State Khorasan claims assassination of US Army soldier #US west of #Jalalabad in #Nangarhar Province #Afghanistan
Amaq report on ISIS dual-IED attack targeting an M60 MBT and a bulldozer near Rafah, North Sinai
Iraqi Ninawa Police: there are still 11K people missing from the time ISIS took Iraq in 2014 until it was captured. Mostly young men.
Iraqi arrested in Rasafa area of Baghdad accused of having sold weapons to ISIS.
Egypt- some of the more notable developments recently in Operation Sinai2018- discovery of 9M133 Kornet/AT-14 Spriggan, 9M14 Malyutka/AT-3 Sagger, Grad rockets stockpile
Egypt- @EgyArmySpox release gun cam footage of airstrikes against 5 vehicles that attempted to infiltrate Egypt from Libya
In Saratov region, Russia, FSB security service reportedly killed several alleged Jihadist militants who had been allegedly preparing a terrorist attack in the region:
Unnamed local Iraqi Police source says PMU (Hashd) has arrested 13 young men from their homes in Mosul without legal warrants. Men are suspected of being linked to ISIS but families say they are innocent and ask PM to intervene.
Iraqi Federal Police and PMU (Hashd) start security operation in Hawija district southwest of Kirkuk city to find ISIS sleeper cells. PMU says it is using new methods through the creation of special forces selected from all its brigades.
6 month ago
At least 22 insurgents were killed during Afghan forces ground and air operations in the past 24 hours across the country.
Libya- as expected, ISIS claim the SVBIED attack targeting LNA checkpoint at Gate 60 southeast of Ajdabiya
Islamic State re-grouping in Kirkuk, Mosul, warns Peshmerga spokesman
UN Panel of Libya Experts: ISIS branch in Sabratha, mostly composed of Tunisians, has been able to recruit prominent local brigades and smugglersRising tensions in Zawia and Sabratha could create conditions for more significant return of jihadist elements, notably from Tunisia
Reports that a major offensive is imminent in Kirkuk province. Iraq's armed forces (including the Hashd) are prepped and awaiting the green light from PM @HaiderAlAbadi
Deir al-Azur Eastern countryside: sporadic clashes between the ISIS and the pro-Assad forces in the vicinity of the village of Al-Ghubra today noon.
Iraqi PMU militias targeting the village of Al-Atashana in the southern countryside of Al-Hasakah near the Syrian-Iraqi border with mortars.
6 month ago
6 Islamic State militants reported dead in Darzab district today, including 2 Uzbekistan citizens
1 Soldier of the Counter Terror Service was KIA in Kirkuk city after his unit was struck by a RPG-7 while defending a local Turkmen Headquarters.
The Free Syrian Army forces control the village of Kafr Safra in the Jenderees region
Car bomb explodes at checkpoint 60 south of Ajdabiya town in east Libya. There are reports of casualties
6 month ago
Afghan president condemns suicide bombing of Shiites in Kabul
ISKP issued claim of Kabul attack in Russian, names bomber as Usman Khorasani, claims 200 killed/wounded6 month ago
ISKP issued claim of Kabul attack in Russian, names bomber as Usman Khorasani, claims 200 killed/wounded
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