Iraqi Ninawa police arrest 4 ISIS in Badush west of Mosul. Another ISIS arrested in Sumer neighborhood in East Mosul.

Map. History of ISIS conflict

24 September 2018
25yo Massachusetts man pleads guilty to ISIS-related charges Alexander Ciccolo-aka Ali Al Amriki-"collected weapons and explosives in order to further [ISIS'] goal: the murder of Americans" per @TheJusticeDept
Turns out convoy which left S. Damascus pocket has been divided. 500-600 civilians (women and children) reached Greater Idlib while other vehicles with ISIS fighters remain untracked.
S. Damascus: geolocation of photo in heart of Yarmouk Camp confirms pro-Assad forces took full control of last ISIS pocket following evacuation deal towards E. Syria's desert.
Iraqi Ninawa Police arrest 13 ISIS in East Mosul.
"We receive reports that they [Maute] are recruiting but we have a positive, very good development because of the latest surrender of the Maute-ISIS members," Philippines Military still sees threats in Marawi
South Damascus: Some of the Equipment found during the army combing operations in Yalda and Babbila and Beit Sahem
As soon as ISIS withdrew from Yarmouk Camp towards E. Syria's desert, tanks and trucks entered the devastated S. Damascus districts.
Egypt- it took a while, but Amaq finally issue report on ISIS IED attack in al-Arish, North Sinai, which wounded Major General Nasser Hussein and killed Captain Abdul Majib al-Mahi
S. Damascus: busses with batch of ISIS fighters and families leaving Yarmouk Camp and heading to E. Syria's desert.
SDF France Task Force Wagram and U.S. are bombarding Daesh in the MERV (Deir ar Zour area)
Iraqi Ninawa police arrest 4 ISIS in Badush west of Mosul. Another ISIS arrested in Sumer neighborhood in East Mosul.
A large convoy of buses left Yarmouk Camp last night. The convoy consisted of 30+ buses and a large number of Daesh militants. They are being transported to the Badiya Al-Sham region.
Southern Damascus: Departure of a batch of ISIS militants from Hajar Aswad and Yarmouk camp towards the Syrian Badiya.
Yarmouk Camp Activist : Tonight or tomorrow morning the last batch of ISIS of all of Southern Damascus Countryside will leave Yarmouk camp
Some footage of SDF Operation in DeirEzzor. Iraqi Army position spotted in the distance. U.S SOF vehicle also spotted later in the footage.
Photo showing busses parked on 30th Street of Yarmouk Camp waiting for deal to evacuate ISIS fighters from S. Damascus. No move so far.
IS fighters being evacuated from south Damascus: monitor
Syria Daraa: Clashes between the FSA and ISIS affiliates at the perimeter of Hit, Sheikh Saad and Jellin towns amidst mutual rocket shelling.
Syrian Observatory: Islamic State fighters leaving last Damascus enclave
SDF reporters said that the SDF has deployed into Hajjein town for the 1st time since the begging of #RoundUpOperation, Footage showing SDF fighters coordinating with @CJTFOIR for air-support on RuO fronts today
One of attackers of Orthodox church in Grozny is on the loose
Massive security services response to attack on Orthodox church in Grozny
Reports of 5 attackers in Grozny, 4 were killed. Were armed with shotguns and petrol bombs
Church of archangel Michael was attacked in Grozny, Chechnya. 2 policemen killed, 2 civilians and 4 suspected attackers in shootout
Kadyrov announced the liquidation of militants who were trying to seize the church in Grozny. According to the head of Chechnya, they received an order from one of the Western countries
"Open source reports on the SDF's capture of ISIS propagandist/spokesman Abu Hasan al-Muhajir are incorrect. The person SDF captured has a similar name, but is not the ISIS figure reported," Colonel Thomas F. Veale
Reports of temporary ceasefire from 12pm until 5am Sunday in southern Damascus, will be followed with start of evacuation of IS from Hajar Aswad and Yarmouk Camp
Afghan cricket stadium attack leaves 8 dead, 45 wounded in eastern city of Jalalabad, the first attack in the country since the holy month of Ramadan began
Brigade 13 (Liwa Tafuf) discovered a hidden cache during their daily surveys in Qa'im administrative district. They have been running the Engineering Effort in and around the town since the end of the border battle last November.
Abu Hassan al-Muhajir is said to have been captured in an airborne operation against the village of Kathwain in Eastern Syria. US helicopters involved
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