At least one civil killed due IED explosion planed by #Daesh before retreating from the city of #Raqqa

Map. History of ISIS conflict

22 September 2018
The rebels repel an ISIS attack on the town of Heit in west of Daraa
ISIS published pictures of the people who attacked Save the Children compund in Jalalabad Afghanistan
Widow of slain Maute group leader, followers arrested in Cotabato City
There are no US forces in Afrin but there are in Manbij, where they've advised/assisted anti-ISIS Kurds - earlier Turkey's @RT Erdogan said "Hopefully, starting from Manbij, we will continue by thwarting this game along our borders and we will completely wipe out this trouble"
Video shows the destruction in the town of Jalaa in the countryside of the city of Al Buqamal east of Deir Ghazur as a result of the bombing of the Russian warplanes and pro-Assad forces
At least 3 women killed due raids on a medical point in Hajin town. Raid made probably by anti-Daesh coalition
According to statistics compiled by the @airwars watchdog group, there were nearly 50% more coalition air strikes in Iraq and Syria in 2017 compared with the previous year. Civilian deaths rose by 215%.
Amaq: ISIS killed 5 SAA soldiers and captured others during clashes near the town of Sinjar in southern Idlib
Burnt out cars litter the road in front of the aid agency's offices after a day-long battle between insurgents and security forces in Jalalabad
5 kiiled and 25 wounded in a suicide attackand 10 hours fighting on @save_children local office in Jalalabad
6 ISIS members killed in Operation Cizire Storm
Amaq: Video of the battles between ISIS and the SDF near al-Bahra village in eastern DeirEzzor, Syria.
US defense officials tell CNN the US military carried out a drone strike Tuesday targeting about a dozen ISIS fighters near Fuqaha. The strike is the first US military strike in Libya since November 2017
SDF has captured Gharanij in East Deir Ez Zor countryside from ISIS
Deir Ezzor: A land mine had exploded on a house captured by Fatimion militia in al-Bokamal city
The attack in Jalalabad has ended. 4 ISIS militants are named by ISKP as Umar Khattab al-Shaynavari, Shahidul Allah Waziristani, Muhir al-Khurasani and Khalid Afridi
All 4 bombers were killed by Afghan forces, 12 women among 43 rescude in Jalalabad
Officials confirm death toll risen to three in ongoing attack on the aid agency's offices in Jalalabad
3 killed as result of strike on field hospital in Baghuz town near Al Bukamal
Deir al-Zour Eastern countryside: pictures showing destruction in the city of Al-Ashra.
More than 7 hours after Daesh insurgents launched a coordinated attack on the aid agency's offices in Jalalabad, Nangarhar, security forces were still locked in heavy clashes with insurgents – believed to have totaled 6
Staff member rescued during ongoing attack said so far 50 out of 70 people that were in the aid agency's building have been rescued. Whereabouts of the other 20 not yet known, but some are believed to have escaped in Jalalabad
22 injured as Jalalabad siege continues
8 month ago
Save the Children suspends Afghan operations after attack on office
Gunshots can still be heard coming from the aid agency's compound in Jalalabad - more than 7 hours after Daesh insurgents launched an attack on the organization's offices
Yesterday, elements of the tribe of Trabeen counter the attack of the elements of the so-called (wilait Sinai) and special reports of the injury of a very large number of them, while wounded only two members of the tribe and described their wounds to moderate.
Video of SDF and Deir Ezzor military council fighters in Merbiya neighborhood in Gharanij town East DeirEzzor
Government forces arrested many civilians in Hatla town for "connections with Daesh".
At least one civil killed due IED explosion planed by #Daesh before retreating from the city of #Raqqa
Photos of Jalalabad suicide bombing, that Targeted a charity NGO
SVBIED destroyed the gates and opened the way to the other militants involved in Jalalabad attack - still ongoing after 4 hours
ISIS claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack in Jalalabad that killed at least 1, injured 14 outside the office of international aid group @SavetheChildren in eastern Afghanistan
Islamic State officialy claims responsibility for Jalalabad attack, targeting "Swedish and British institutions along Afghan govt"
Security officials confirm two attackers so far killed, but two still engaged in gunfight with security forces at the aid agency's offices in Jalalabad
Philippines detains Spaniard captured on Islamists' island stronghold
Jalalabad, Nangarhar regional hospital says 20 wounded, including three security force members, have been taken to their hospital. This comes as attack on aid agency continues - 6 hours after insurgents launched the attack
The attack is still ongoing in Jalalabad but that Commando forces have moved in to help bring the situation under control – report
OIR Spokesman: While "caliphate" clearly crushed, ISIS threat remains. Syrian Democratic Forces continue fight vs. hard-core ISIS in remaining pockets in Syria; SDF also regularly killing, capturing foreign terrorist fighters attempting to flee back to their countries
CJTF-OIR precision strikes killed an estimated 145-150 ISIS militants near As Shafah, Syria Jan. 20.
One security force member killed and one civilian dead and 12 others were wounded in SaveTheChildren attack in Jalalabad city attack: Provincial governor's spokesman Attaullah Khoghyani
"The fighting has ended. The security forces are clearing the building now," says Attaullah Khogyani, spokesman for the governor of eastern Afghanistan's Nangarhar province, following the assault on the Jalalabad office of aid agency Save the Children
An attack on Save the Children's office in Afghanistan's restive east has ended, an official said, with at least 1 person killed and 14 others wounded
SaveTheChildren sent out the tweet noting serious concerns for the safety of their staff amid the ongoing attack on their Jalalabad facility
SaveTheChildren just tweeted "We are devastated at the news that our SCI office in Jalalabad city, Afghanistan came under attack this morning. Our primary concern is for the safety and security of our staff. We are awaiting further info and cannot comment further at this time"
One killed and 15 wounded in a suicide attack on @SavetheChildren office in Jalalabad city of eastern Nangarhar province
Afghan special forces continue to fight insurgents holed up in the international organization's compound in Jalalabad – three hours after an unconfirmed number of militants stormed the building
Afghan Special Forces fighting against at least 3 attackers in Jalalabad
Plumes of black smoke rise from the organization's compound as building appears to be on fire amid ongoing attack Jalabad
Security forces say at least two insurgents killed in ongoing attack on the Jalalabad compound of the international organization
Dozens of Afghan Special Forces converge on the scene of today's ongoing attack on the NGO's office in Jalalabad city
Taliban distances itself from the attack - says in a Twitter message it is not involved. Afghan security sources understand four attackers are currently inside the compound Jalalabad
Dozens of Afghan special forces have moved in to the area of the ongoing attack on the NGO in Jalalabad city. Clashes are ongoing
JalalabadAttack: scene of attack. photos cridet goes to Humayoon Babur
Sporadic gunfire ongoing in Jalalabad. Ambulances waiting close to scene. Already 11 people taken to hospital
Save the Children's office in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, is under attack by gunmen - at least 11 people injured
An explosion reported in PD3 of Jalalabad city. No reports of casualties yet
Special forces have arrived at the scene of the ongoing attack in Jalalabad city in Nangarhar
Clashes ongoing between insurgents and security forces at Save The Children compound in Jalalabad in Nangarhar
Gunshots ring out as clashes continue between insurgents and security forces after militants launched an attack on the SaveTheChildren organization in Jalalabad city
Officials confirm 11 people wounded in suicide bombing outside Save the Children organization in Jalalabad city
A car burns outside the Save The Children organization in Jalalabad city after gunmen stormed the compound
Gunmen have attacked Save the Children office in PD3 of Jalalabad city of Nangarhar province. Clashes ongoing, a spokesman for provincial governor, Attaullah Khoghyani confirmed.
Abu Mahdi al Muhandis has stated that the PMF are moving to secure and maintain important roads along the Iraqi-Syrian border, with the Crowd remaining with the ISF to meet the challenges.
Tonight, Benghazi witnessed the deadliest bombing in years. At least 41 killed and scores more injured in double car bombing in the Salmani district of Benghazi. Double bombing clearly intended to cause mass casualty. Libya
27 people killed and 32 wounded in bomb attack in Benghazi
Reuters repeats fake on Islamic State fighters in region[there are no Islamic State fighters on any side in the area, Islamic State was expelled by the of March of 2017 by Euphrates Shield forces]8 month ago
It's fake
Reuters repeats fake on Islamic State fighters in region[there are no Islamic State fighters on any side in the area, Islamic State was expelled by the of March of 2017 by Euphrates Shield forces]
"We think there are a set of relationships that could be established and sustained across the northern MiddleEast" per official for pushing back vs ISIS and Iran destabilizing activities
Kurdish forces in Afrin Syria-"the United States, the Global Coalition have not partnered with them" per 2nd senior administration official "No training, equipping, advising" because no ISIS there
An elderly man was injured when a shell fell on a house west of the city of Arish today, and was transferred to Al-Arish General Hospital. Two young men were injured by stray bullets in the area of the coupon in central Sinai. They were transferred to Suez Hospital
Pictures of Lieutenant Omar Khalid Abdul Sabour from the force of batch 110, who was martyred today in the terrorist attacks in Sinai
"ISIS and Al Qaeda are difficult targets for sure" says @CIA Dir Mike Pompeo. "Success on battlefield helps "It provides us real opportunities to reach in There are more people who decide being part of Team America is better than being part of Team Jihadi" adding Pompeo
Afghan police have detained militant in Kunar province who was incharge of ISIS for eastern Afghanistan. He trying to flee in a Burqa8 month ago
Afghan police have detained militant in Kunar province who was incharge of ISIS for eastern Afghanistan. He trying to flee in a Burqa
Monument to "Russian volunteers" was opened in Syria
ISIS members Siddhartha Dhar and Abdelatif Gaini named as Specially Designated Global terrorists, according to @StateDept.
Exclusive: Looted cash, gold helps Islamic State recruit in Philippines
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