Joint SDF Iraqi army points to prevent cross border ISIS infiltration

Map. History of ISIS conflict

24 September 2018
Libya. Benghazi security spokesman Captain Tariq Al-kharraz: 6 dead, unknown number of wounded in explosion on Gamal abdel Nasser street.
Iraqi airforce F-16 carried out strikes against ISIS inside Syria
Islamic State claims responsibility for Thursday morning blasts in Baghdad - Amaq
Syria Kurds announce capture of prominent French jihadist
Joint SDF Iraqi army points to prevent cross border ISIS infiltration
Iraqi Interior Ministry announces the capture of the commander of ISIS assassination detachment in Mosul. He was captured in Nour neighborhood of East Mosul.
SDF announces they arrested French Jihadist Abu Osama al Fransi in a special operation on 19 May. Involved in Paris and Nice attacks
Happening now: Syrian and Palestinian forces raising their national flags over 30th Street in Yarmouk Camp. 30th Street was the scene of some of the most violent battles in the Yarmouk Camp over the years.
E. Syria: analysis of sat imagery suggests the position attacked by ISIS 2 days ago (20+ KIA) was main garrison of Awared Dam (base built mid-2017), deep in desert.
Rattled by bombings, Indonesia set to pass tough anti-terror laws
YPG media center revealed the record of the fighter Koçer Kobanî who was killed in the countryside of Deir Al Zour while he was performing his duty
Duterte: ISIS does not know anything but to kill and destroy
ISIS militants attack village in Jalawla, killing three
Saudi Arabia strongly condemned the suicide bombing that struck al-Shoala district west of Baghdad
Polat Can, SDF commander: "It's confirmed for the whole world how strong is the coordination between Russia and terrorist groups including ISIS. The recent agreement Russia-IS in Damascus is one loop of the Russian series of agreements with terrorism"
Suicide bomber in north Baghdad kills 4 and injures 15. He was trying to enter a park.
FSB says they've arrested 8 Islamic State recruiters (they still sometimes refer to it as Ja'amat al-Tawhid wal-Jihad) in Kaliningrad
Syria DeirEzZor: Pro Syrian Army Activist Says a NDF group led by Nazar Kharfan walked into a ISIS Ambush at AlFaidah in Deir Ez Zor Countryside and they lost a Reported 30 dead in the ambush
ISIS claims responsibility for another killing, this time in Elasha Biyaha just on the outskirts of Mogadishu. Group claimed killing an intel agent; there is no independent confirmation of this incident today
E. Syria: IRGC-led forces announce start of battle to seize last part of DeirEzzor prov. under ISIS control
4 month ago
Casualties toll in Kandahar car bomb explosion rises to 21, 40 wounded
Islamic State Khurasan (ISK): 6 Afghan police officers killed by IED blast in Bagh Dura Area of Achin southern Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan4 month ago
Islamic State Khurasan (ISK): 6 Afghan police officers killed by IED blast in "Bagh Dura" Area of Achin southern Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan
ISIS is active in Mogadishu - they have claimed the killing of a police officer in Hodan district, and has published photos of the killing to prove it. Local sources say he was a traffic police officer killed near Bakara market; it's the 3rd such killing by group in recent days.
Syria Palmyra: This morning Isis attacked SAA soldiers near T3 Pumping Station. A SVBIED killed at least 8 SAA soldiers.
Destroying the village to save it: The Egyptian army's scorched earth battle v. ISIS militants in the Sinai - new @hrw report.
Death toll rises to 16 in Kandahar City explosion, officials confirm. At least 40 others wounded
4 month ago
Rights group accuses Egypt of mass demolition of homes in Sinai
20 people, including four members of a Afghan security forces, have been killed and 37 people have been wounded in a car bomb explosion in Kandahar today – officials told
E. Syria: ISIS launched today at dawn an attack SE. of T-3 which started with a SVBIED, killing several pro-Assad fighters. Assault reportedly repelled now.
Sources says 20 wounded people taken to Hospital after Car bomb blast in Kandahar city
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