ISIS attacks 3 villages in Daquq district south of Kirkuk city, Iraq. Villagers flee.

Map. History of ISIS conflict

24 September 2018
5 month ago
Asked at Senate hearing about withdrawing from Syria, Defense Sec Mattis said there will be a "re-energized" fight in the Middle Euphrates River Valley against ISIS
ISIS claims murder of 3 soldiers in South Damascus battle
5 month ago
Gunmen attack a church in Nigeria, killing at least seven, Xinhua reports, citing local media
ISIS attack on Iraqi Federal Police barracks in Daquq district in south Kirkuk province leaves 2 police dead and 3 injured.
S. Damascus: deployment of Tiger Forces and T-90s started on 8th day of Offensive vs HTS and ISIS in attempt to speed up advances which were so far very slow and costly.
Pakistan army says a soldier and 3 militants died after militants fire raided Pakistani border post in Mohmand Agency from across the border. "Pakistani troops effectively responded," an army statement said
5 month ago
[email protected] Hutchison: In Syria, we're trying to work with Turkey in a way that will continue momentum in fight against ISIS
SOHR: Syria govt wants to exert more pressure on ISIL in southern Damascus; ordered rebel groups in neighboring suburbs of Babila, Beit Sahm and Yalda to hand over frontline positions with ISIL or face bombardment
Syria state media - govt forces pushed into Hajar al Aswad, a Damascus neighborhood held by ISIL from different directions and captured buildings on several streets and tunnels. Dozens of ISIL fighters killed in the battles
Pompeo expected to travel to Israel next week as a new secretary of state.
SAA and allies capture scrap plant in Ma'adhiyah neighbourhood in edges of Hajar Aswad and advance in factories area, south of Damascus
Shelling at Hajar Al Aswad front
Amidst conflicting press reports, Iraqi Security Media Center denies that ISIS has seized control of villages south of Kirkuk city.
South of Kirkuk city, Iraq, ISIS attacks Federal Police detachment on outskirts of village, killing 2 police and injuring 3.
ISIS attacks 3 villages in Daquq district south of Kirkuk city, Iraq. Villagers flee.
Islamic State claims the attack on an intelligence officer and the destruction of his vehicle with an improvised explosive device near Kahtaniyah village in Dibs district of #Kirkuk #Irak
South Damascus: Intensive air force bombing on Yarmouk camp and southern Damascus areas.
DShK recovered south of Riyadh today
S. Damascus: Iraqi Abu Fadl Abbas Brigade (part of Republican Guard's Elite Forces) involved in battle vs HTS and ISIS announced death of 16 of its fighters past 3 days.
The most recent video from Wilayat al-Furat shows ISIS attacking the Medical Directorate of the Popular Mobilization Units. The under construction base was lightly defended.
SAA and Palestinian factions advance in Baradi and Baradat neighbourhoods in Tadamoun + Ma'adhiyah neighbourhood in edges of Hajar Aswad
Army enter al-Madaniyah district as more advances on the axis of al-Asali district, south damascus
The Islamic Republic will definitely punish Israel for the air strike on the Syrian T-4 airbase near Homs, Iranian officials said on Tuesday
Footage: Assad government Mi-24 and Su-22 dropping unguided ammunitions on southern Damascus this morning
Footage: Assad government Mi-24 and Su-22 dropping unguided ammunitions on southern Damascus this morning
Syrian Golan missiles in action yesterday night on south Damascus front
Russian-speaking IS militants in Deir al-Zor claiming that this Russian-speaking IS fighter (on the left) was killed in Idlib province not too long ago (he stopped posting on his Instagram about a month ago)
More than 80 airstrikes targeted besieged Yarmouk Camp and it's surroundings neighborhoods so far today. South Damascus
S. Damascus: ISIS fortifications and tunnels taken by Al-Quds Brigade.
New Syrian Army advance in Hajar Aswad and Yalda Damascus
Anti-Material Rifle captured during Egyptian Army operations in the Sinai
Hawija Council in Kirkuk province, Iraq: lack of public services and security situation is preventing return of displaced persons to Hawija. ISIS is still active and only 40% of displaced persons have returned.
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