SOHR: ISIS attacks al-Azraq field east of Euphrates River and clashes against SDF within its renewed targeting of their sites

Map. History of ISIS conflict

19 September 2018
The Coalition and Maghawir al-Thowra conducted a successful night test fire at Al Tanf today
ISIS media Amaq claims - in a statement - that many US soldiers on a military column got wounded by IEDs attack, while moving from Hasakah to Tal Tamer yesterday.
Egypt @EgyArmySpox statement no.27 on COS2018 includes details on combined AF-SOF operation against militant cell in Western Desert, which resulted in killing of 7 militants, destroying a vehicle loaded with weaponsandcapturing explosive belts, radios, uniforms and other equipment
Kurdish Asayish forces fire live bullets to disperse a protest in Raqqa
Al Qaim: At least 14 people confirmed dead now.
SOHR: ISIS attacks al-Azraq field east of Euphrates River and clashes against SDF within its renewed targeting of their sites
Heavy clashes between SAA and Daesh in the vicinity of the Safa area in the eastern Swaida countryside in conjunction with heavy bombing of the area
IS claims responsibility for the bombing in the city of al-Qaim, Anbar. At least 10 policemen dead.
Somalia: ISIS claims targeted assassination a policeman in Mogadishu
2 week ago
Four Daesh members arrested in Kabul
The Syria nArmy's 1st ad 3rd divisions broke through ISIL front-lines in the Safa region this morning at the Hawi Awad area in the northern part of the desert in Suweida. The SAA managed to capture the strategic water dam.
William Roebuck The chief adviser of the Coalition Forces to fight IS in Syria, visited al-Basira area and met with elders' tribesmen of DeirEzzor and stated we are concerned and want to insure of the withdrawal of Iranian/ proxies and committed to Geneva proses
Reuters is confirming parts of yesterday's al-Akhbar report about US officials travelling to Syria for talks with security chief. Also says communication ongoing regading fate of Austin Tice, ISIS remnants and gov's chemical weapons stockpile
21 casualties in the blast that targeted a joint point of the Iraqi army and the PMU militias in the district of Qaim in Anbar
Local official: 8 PMU killed in a car bomb explosion in the Qaim city in western Iraq
Iraqi authorities announced a curfew in the Qaim district of Anbar province after the suicide bombing
Iraq Ninawa Police arrest 11 ISIS in Islah Zara'i neighborhood in West Mosul. Included were ISIS financial, media and livestock officials from time of ISIS occupation of Mosul. (Livestock official confiscated cattle and sheep from residents of Ninawa Plains).
Suicide bombing in the Iraqi border town of al-Qaim in Anbar province.
Egypt- eventful day in North Sinai yet again yesterday, with Amaq reporting on ISIS attack in al-Arish causing 3 casualties, an IED attack against a military vehicle, and another IED attack on a military ambulance, probably as part of a planned ambush for first responders
Islamic State East Asia claims to have killed 3 Filipino soldiers, after IED exploded in Isulan Town, Sultan Kadarat Philippines
First U.S. drone strike in Libya since June; days after French airstrike killed a top ISIS affiliate leader in northern Mali
US Special Envoy for Iran: We want to defeat ISIS and prevent its appearance again
The US military conducted an airstrike near Bani Walid, Libya on Aug. 28 "killing 1 ISIS-Libya terrorist," according to @USAfricaCommand. Strike was carried out "in coordination with the Libyan Government of National Accord." It's the first reported US strike in Libya since June 13
Iraqi Security Forces are searching for 3 men in Zab town wanted for collaborating with ISIS and giving them people to target.
"We have to destroy ISIS" before US troops can leave Syria, Mattis says. Two other 'musts' are the training of local troops and for the UN process "to start making traction" to end the war.
Mattis says US "might be reducing our troops" in Syria if local partners prove capable. America has 2,200 troops in Syria by the current estimate.
Mattis says ISIS is down to two percent of the land it once controlled in the Middle East.
Dunford outlines two priorities with 77 nation coalition anti-ISIS campaign. Syria: Enable 50,000 SDF to retake the Euphrates River Valley. Iraq: Support military missions against ISIS
Sources: Drone strike in Bani Walid (western Libya) kills an alleged Islamic State member identified as Walid Abu Hreibah.
Alnabaa sources: Bani Walid's Dahira district attacked by airstrike believed to be by foreign aircraft
A suspected US airstrike killed one ISIS fighter in Al-Dahra district in the town of Bani Walid, about 90 miles southeast of Libya's Tripoli
ISIL group claims to have shot and killed a security officer in Mogadishu
The recruiter Mustafa Ahmed Abed Rabbo from Fayoum city was killed two days ago in the terrorist attack kilo 17 in Arish. Sinai
Syria situation Aug 2018
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