[email protected] "In Raqqa, the Raqqa Civil Council have made enough progress on improving conditions for the city's residents that we have determined that they will no longer need coalition assistance in their sanitation efforts"

Map. History of ISIS conflict

18 August 2018
2 week ago
Taliban says defeats Islamic State fighters in north Afghanistan Jawzjan
Egypt- Amaq report on ISIS IED attack targeting a military bulldozer near Rafah, North Sinai
2 week ago
Senior Daesh Commander Surrenders To Security Forces in Jawzjan Afghanistan
Unknown gunmen kill 6 members of a family including 3 children in Baghdad.
2 week ago
Mawlawi Habiburrahman, a Daesh leader in northern Afghanistan, his deputy and 152 of their fighters surrendered to the security forces in Jawzjan province, 209 Shaheen Military Corps confirmed on Wednesday
2 week ago
Senior Daesh leader Mulavi Habib Rahman along with 200 rebels joined Afghan security forces in the north of Afghanistan.
[email protected] "planning is ongoing for operations to clear the last remaining pocket of ISIS-held territory east of the Euphrates River in Hajin, in the vicinity of Abu Kamal. This final stage of Op Roundup is likely to be a challenging fight, as it is a densely populated area."
[email protected] "In Raqqa, the Raqqa Civil Council have made enough progress on improving conditions for the city's residents that we have determined that they will no longer need coalition assistance in their sanitation efforts"
Explosion in the Wasit neighborhood in Kirkuk. Initial report: 1 killed, two injured
ISIS claimed assassination of 3 SAA officers in Eastern Damascus
ISIS has released a picture of the alleged Moroccan suicide bomber who killed over a dozen Filipino soldiers in Basilan Philippines.
A suicide bomb and gun attack by militants on an Afghan government building in Jalalabad has killed at least 15 people, some "burned beyond recognition" according to officials, in the latest in a series of assaults on the city
Islamic State provides a picture of the Moroccan jihadi responsible for today's SVBIED on Basilan Philippines
15 civilians killed as attack on Nangarhar refugees' dept ends
Batch of ISIS fighters leaving Yarmouk Basin Tafas as part of deal to release abductees from Suweida. South Syria.
Jalalabad officials confirm 9 dead and 14 wounded in complex attack on directorate of migrant and refugees compound that lasted over 6 hours. Governor's spokesman confirms attack started with car bomb followed by two gunmen storming the compound. All attackers dead
South Syria: government took complete control over Yarmouk Basin this PM after 11 days of battle with ISIS which involved significant number of ex-"local" Rebels. Valley on border with Jordan reached.
In his Astana presser, Assad's representative to the UN accuses the USA of backing the ISIS militants who carried out suicide bombing and attacks that took place in Syria southern province of Suwayda, killing over 255 Druzes
SDF spox Mustafa Bali with Alexanda Kotey and El Shafee Elsheikh members of "the beatles" a Daesh terror cell YPG
Multiple sources and witnesses reporting 100s of ISIS fighters left Yarmouk Basin amidst deal to release abductees in East Suweida.
South Syria: ex-Rebels fighting along government executed 10s of ISIS fighters in Yarmouk Basin.
Paramilitary, civilians among 11 killed in Basilan blast
Militant attack on eastern Afghanistan govt building ends, 14 wounded, both attackers killed: official
Syrian army captured last Daesh points in Western Daraa (Yarmouk pocket)
Pro-ISIS Tech Group Announces Weekly QandA To Be Held On Encrypted Decentralized Chat App "riot im" For ISIS Supporters
In official Islamic State Central claim of Tajikistan attack, Abu Khathir al-Maghrebi is named to be the suicide bomber
The Council of Ministers of Saudi Arabia has condemned the suicide attack by DAESH on a polling station on 25 July 2018 in Quetta which claimed precious lives of 31 innocent Pakistanis
Special forces have blocked off the area around the department of migrants and refugees in Jalalabad which has been under attack for the past 5 hours. At least one attacker gunned down, but another is still holed up in the building, police confirm
11 people wounded in a suicide attack on Refugees dept of Nangarhar province
Islamic State has just delivered a proof of their involvement in Tajikistan attack. 5 Tajiks responsible for yesterday's attack in Tajikistan pledge an alliegiance to Baghdadi in the new video
Islamic State officialy claims responsibility for their first SVBIED in the Philippines. The numbers are close to those released by AFP
South Syria: photo taken moments ago showing artillery targeting ISIS leaving Yarmouk Basin as area is almost under full government control.
SAA continues to attack Daesh in Suwaida desert
One of the attackers detonated a suicide bomb close to the entrance of the department of migrants and refugees and that at least 2 other attackers stormed the building in Jalalabad. The attack was launched at about 11.30am – report
South Syria: Moataz Bardan an ex-commander of FSA Jaish Thawra/Moataz Billah was killed fighting ISIS in Shajarah. Several ex-Rebel fighters from Tafas also died on same front. Yarmouk Basin - Daraa.
Jalalabad attack on department of migrants and refugees is still ongoing, Nangarhar officials have confirmed. Governor's spokesman says attack was launched during a department meeting, and a number of staff members are still trapped inside the building
The gunmen attack on Refugees Department in Nangarhar province still continues, three explosions were heard in the area, gunfire still continues in Jalalabad. 10 people who were wounded during the fighting are taken to the regional hospital, according to health officials
Provincial governor's spokesman Attaullah Khogyani said that at least 8 people have been wounded in ongoing attack in Jalalabad city
2 week ago
Former British soldier James Matthews who was accused of a terror offence after joining Kurdish militia fighting against Islamic State in Syria has had the charge dropped at the Old Bailey
Philippines: 10 killed in car bomb attack in southern Philippines. Local sources say this attack probably carried out by ISIS
Plumes of black smoke can be seen coming from the department of migrants and refugees in Jalalabad where an ongoing attack is underway. The attack started at about 11.30am. Sporadic gunfire can also be heard coming from the scene
Armed men attack Nangarhar office of migrants and refugees in Police district 3 of Jalal Abad capital city at 12:00 PM on tuesday, said Attaullah Khogyani spokesperson for the governor. he added that head of the department and some employees of the office have been rescued.
Provincial governor's spokesman Attaullah Khogyani has confirmed an attack on the department of migrants and refugees in PD 3 in Jalalabad is underway. No further details were released
Gunfire is ongoing close to the provincial hospital in PD 3 in Jalalabad city as plumes of black smoke can be seen rising from the area
Photo: Complex attack on Nangarhar refugees department in Jalalabad, casualties fears
South Syria: 1st evidence from Shajarah following its capture from ISIS. Yarmouk Basin - Daraa. Video:
South Syria: 1st evidence from Shajarah following its capture from ISIS. Yarmouk Basin - Daraa. Video:
The refugees' department in Jalalabad city, Nangarhar province is under complex attack. Couple explosions heard in the area.
Explosion heard close to the Provincial Central Hospital and department of migrants and refugees in Jalalabad. Gunfire also heard, local residents confirm but officials have yet said anything
A bomb in a car exploded in the neighborhood of Mualla in the province of Aden
Pro-government media releases video of Shajarah, captured yesterday from the ISIS-linked Jaish Khalid Ibn Walid Syria
2 week ago
Remains of 45 Syrian soldiers from the Brigade 93 battle in August of 2014 have been transported to a hospital in Aleppo. The IDing process begins
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