Paris suspect Abdeslam: 'I am not afraid of you, I put my trust in Allah'

Map. History of ISIS conflict

22 February 2018
Today fighters from SDF killed an old man at AlShuhail town (for no reason), the tribal fighters in the town detained 7 Kurdish fighters from SDF. SDF has retreat from the town, the tribes want SDF to deliver the killers and SDF offers a financial ransom to free the 7 Kurdish fighters.
Egypt Army forces start the work in establishing the safe zone around Arish airport south of the city today ,it will be about 5 km from all directions arround the airport except northern dircetion that will be for a distance about 1.5 km
Amaq report on ISIS IED attacks near al-Arish, North Sinai, destroying a bulldozer, killing and wounding police officers
[email protected]: "The Coalition will tailor our forces in consultation with our Iraqi partners in order to ensure the lasting defeat of Daesh (ISIS)Our enduring presence as invited guests in Iraq will shift to focus more on policing, border control and military capacity building"
US soldiers in Tal Abyad
2 week ago
Boko Haram kill six in northern Cameroon, two in northeast Nigeria - attack coincides with new claim by Nigeria military that jihadists have been defeated
ISIS *claims* destruction of 5 government tanks and 3 BMPs E. of Sinjar (SE. Idlib).
Army spox : The elimination of a very serious Terrorist member and the seizure of (6) other suspects and legal proceedings are being taken against them. - Detecting and destroying a number (2) a four-wheel drive and the number of (6) motorcycle special elements Terrorist, in addition to the destruction of (2) store contains motorcycle parts and the number of 51 explosive devices. - The discovery and destruction of a large number of Tends used by the Terrorist elements in hiding and storing the administrative needs, communication devices, ammunition and materials used in manufacturing IEDs
DeirEzzor: ISIS members attacked a checkpoint of government forces near of al-Sukriah town
@obretix: Russian makeshift pontoon bridge in Deir Ezzor didn't last long (21 Jan 2018)
Islamic State threatens Iran from 'Tora Bora' borderlands
NE. Hama-SE. Idlib: fierce clashes on several fronts between government and ISIS. 1st one took back few locations including Abu Khanadiq (pics).
A spokesman for the Iraqi government confirms the start of the withdrawal of part of the US forces from Iraq after a ISIS defeat
Paris suspect Abdeslam: 'I am not afraid of you, I put my trust in Allah'
Paris suspect Abdeslam: 'Silence doesn't make me a criminal'
Syrian Army control Buyd Safaf - Abu Khair - Meisrana in Hama from ISIS
The Syrian army and its allies continue their operations in the northeastern countryside of Hama and gained control of the villages of Maasran - Biwad Safaf, Abu al-Khair from ISIS
Belgium is on high alert as the last surviving suspect in the 2015 Paris attacks, Salah Abdeslam, is to stand trial in Brussels
Western contractors at coalition base: American troops start drawdown in Iraq following defeat of Islamic State group.
Qamishli a few minutes ago. A trucks with various loads coming from the Simalaka Fich khabour border.
ISIS claimed 5 SDF fighters were killed in clashes at Al Bahra village in East Deir-ez-Zur
The Syrian army and its allies continue their operations in the north-eastern Hama villages and control the villages of Al Judayda, Umm Khurayzah, Samiriyah
Military spokesman: The law enforcement forces of the Third Field Army in central Sinai discovered and destroyed a store containing a large quantity of ammunition, as well as the destruction of a number of 16 used by the terrosrist elements in hiding and storage of administrative and medical needs
ISIS claims More than 38 killed including 20 woman and 7 kids during the American artillery and aircraft attacks on Al-Bahra village today north west of Al-Haijn city Deir Ezzor CS
Egypt: Two soldiers killed and six wounded (conscripts) following IED detonation that struck a troop transport truck south of El-Arish, North Sinai this morning
Islamic State has started using it's armed drones in Idlib.2 week ago
Islamic State has started using it's armed drones in Idlib.
Government took over 3 more villages from ISIS in NE. Hama countryside, still progressing from West As-Saan axis.
From January 26-February 1 the US-led coalition conducted 41 strikes against ISIS targets in Syria (40 near Abu Kamal) and no strikes in Iraq
At least three security personnel killed in Swat suicide attack: Pakistan Army
ISPR says a suicide bomber carried out an attack on Army unit sports area at Kabal, Swat. 3 security officials embarrass Shahadat while 7 other injured