Abd al-A'ati Ashtaiwy, a prominent commander of the Islamic State in Sirte, and 3 others were killed last night by a drone strike in a desert area to the east of Libya's Bani Walid.

Map. History of ISIS conflict

19 September 2018
Syria|n Democratic Forces "critical to destroying the physical caliphate-the operations that are goinf on right and it's critical to preventing the rise of ISIS 2.0" per @DeptofDefense Sec Mattis
"We will no simply cast that organization aside" SecDef Mattis says of SDF "It is critical to defeating the ISIS caliphate now-because it is still not defeated"
SecDef praises deal with Turkey on Manbij, but US will not abandon SDF "We have got to find a way to work with Turkey's legitimate interests" per Mattis "At the same time, the SDF was the only organization at the time that was able to throw ISIS off track and defeat them in the field"
Offensive to root out remnants of ISIS in Syria "going well so far" SecDef James Mattis tells reporters en route to Brussels for @NATO talks "There's been progress made" says Mattis "Frankly, I anticipated more defenses and they have not been able to hold up"
Libya- photos from LNA video showing improvised detention facility they discovered in area captured in Derna. Unclear if the facility was used in the past by ISIS or MSCD
200 Arab fighters graduated from training and joined the ranks of SDF in al-Shaddadi.
OIR Spokesman: Clarification to previous tweet: We misstated the nature of the cooperation between Iraq and Turkey regarding military ops in Iraq. @CJTFOIR is not privy to political discussions between two nations and ask that queries regarding the issue be directed to the respective governments
Heavy Clashes between SDF and ISIS at Al-Jabour and Al-BoHassoun villages near Dashishah
SDF has advanced 8 Kms after taking Al-Fakka village
More international coalition support to SDF in Northern Syria .
Iraqi 5th Division and local police begin large operation in Hamrien region of north Diyala province to pursue ISIS cells. Currently no security forces in area and ISIS uses it as base to launch attacks against security and civilian targets.
Iraqi Forces begin large operation to pursue ISIS remnants southwest of Kirkuk city.
Iraqi Federal Police clash with ISIS in village in Hawija district of Kirkuk province. 1 ISIS killed, 3 captured and 3 tunnels destroyed.
SDF are advancing towards the town of al-Dushisha in the southern countryside of Hasakah.
Footage from SDF's Operation JazeeraStorm where al-Fakkah village was captured amid fierce fighting against ISIS.
Abd al-A'ati Ashtaiwy, a prominent commander of the Islamic State in Sirte, and 3 others were killed last night by a drone strike in a desert area to the east of Libya's Bani Walid.
Negotiations between southern FSA and Khalid ibn al-Walid Army/ISIS in Tsil town about ceasefire
PMF, Iraq Army 8th Division, and the Border Guards launched a series of rocket attacks targeting and killing ISIS attempting to infiltrate from direction of Baghouz. Episode took place last night and lasted until morning.
OIR Spokesman: Iraq Air Force strikes in Syria in support of #OperationROUNDUP, reflecting advanced Iraqi aviation and planning capability that continues to get better every day.
SDF is attacking ISIS from three fronts in Southeast Hasakah countryside
According to Sources,there are American,French,Italian ground forces participating in the SDF offensive against ISIS in Southeast Hasakah Governorate
SDF captures village of "al-Facka" from Daesh in Deir al-Zawr
SDF has advanced 4 kilometres since the Operation resumed. #DeirEzzor
3 month ago
Suicide bombers kill 10 in attack on mosque in southeastern Niger
SOHR: South Hasakah Operation continues with the participation of Italian, French and American Forces, leaving 26 casualties including an important ISIS commander
Syrian Observatory: #ISIS kills 45 pro-regime fighters in east #Syria attack
DeirEzzor: ISIS attacked DeirEzzor military airport and stopped flights on it
1 Paris Attacks suspect, Yassine Atar, has been transferred from Belgium to France
SOHR: ISIS strikes again and closes the road of DeirEzzor – Mayadin for hours and kills at least 9 members of the government forces and allies
SDF fighters prepare to launch offensive on Dashisha City as part of the Jazeera Storm operation
SDF issues statement on opp to capture Dashisha town
Four PMU fighters killed in clashes with ISIS near Samarra
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