Islamic State claimed an IED attack targeting an oil tanker near Jalalabad

Map. History of ISIS conflict

20 September 2018
Latest ISIS propaganda Al Hayat release highlights women fighters for the Islamic State in Syria
For the first time that ISIS official video shows women in battle and praises women for fighting against Kurdish forces in Syria.
ISIS (Wilayat Sina') claim they ambushed 2 Egyptian Police vehicles, destroyed them with x2 IEDs in Al-Ahrash district in Rafah and clashed with backup forces killing and wounding many of them as they claim. Also reportedly destroyed M60 AV with an IED in Balaa, N. Rafah yesterday.
An Egyptian paper reports that the security forces foiled a plan by ISIS cell to kill Hamas leader Haniya by bombing the mosque in Gaza that he prays in
Photos from the triangle of the three countrysides of Aleppo, Hama and Idlib
"We have social pressures that we put on and these social pressures are going be seen later this year at the upcoming elections" says @ResoluteSupport's MajGen Hecker of Afghanistan efforts
7 month ago
Lavrov: The Americans simply gave up the assurances given to us about the purpose of their presence in Syria, which is ISIS defeat
7 month ago
Man who killed 2 people and injured 9 others with a knife in Finland last August saw himself as a soldier for the Daesh terror group, Finnish police say
7 month ago
#SAA Tiger Forces captured Aniz, Sheikh Muzuad, Eblat, Eblat Jadida, Rasem Wird, Dahiriyat, Rasm Qahrt, Thaniyat Sawfani in Hama
Islamic State claimed an IED attack targeting an oil tanker near Jalalabad
Intensive flight of warplanes and other Drons over the areas of Sheikh Zwaid and Rafah coincided with heavy artillery shelling south of those areas.
Syrian Army controls Abisyan, Jabal Abisyan, Rasem Kihla, Jadidat, Khaflat, Abu Hamad, Tabarat Azib, Andarin acient city, Jubb Safa, Aiblatan in Aleppo/ Hama
7 month ago
Syrian army captured more villages from Daesh
7 month ago
Syrian Army captured another dozen village in Daesh pocket
Pakistan has played an important role in defeating Al Qaeda, combating ISIS in region: US
SAA captured 15 more villages from ISIS
Yesterday ISIS claimed to have damaged a pro-government tank during clashes in the Hama pocket
Nine US tanks given to Iraq's military to fight ISIS are in the hands of Iranian-backed militants, Pentagon watchdog says
Clashes in Hamreen Mountains and Ajeel Oil field between Iraqi forces and ISIS. air strikes is been Heard in the area
Military aircraft launch raids southeast of the city of Al-Arish in Sinai
7 month ago
Three soldiers + deputy police boss injured in gun-and-bomb attack in Bosaso town
7 month ago
Syrian Army captured Umm Qarin, Samaqiata, Wahibii, Nifahata, Tifahat in Hama
7 month ago
A key ISIS leader in charge of the military commission of the terror group for Haska Mina district has been killed in eastern Nangarhar province of Afghanistan
7 month ago
Syrian Army control Umm Ajj, Ad Daqq, Salihiyah, Najm Zuhur, Halabiyah, Humah, Maslukhiyah, Rasem Kharayj, Malulah, Tal Ramman in Hama
George Washington University investigation identified 64 Americans who joined jihadists groups
Military source: Syrian Army is working to split in half the Da'esh pocket in northeast Hama.
Salah Abdeslam has told the court he will not show up to his trial on Thursday when it resumes. The judge asked him Monday why he bothered if he wasn't going to answer any questions and he said because he'd been asked. But his presence is not mandatory
Abdeslam says won't return to Brussels trial on Thursday: court
7 month ago
Main points captured by Syrian army in Daesh pocket today so far in north : Murayjib, Tarfawi, Jadwaiyah. In south: Rasm al-Tiwal, Rasm al-Tiwal, Sharqiyah, Tiwal al-Dabaghin
Iranian General Staff accuses US of transferring Daesh militants to Afghanistan
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