IS source inside Idlib: "Brutal fights between IS and SAA and dozens of killed SAA fighters while the soldiers of the Islamic State attempt to break the siege of Eastern Hama CS."

Map. History of ISIS conflict

19 September 2018
FSA forces arrest 2 Daesh agents while they were planting explosive devices behind FSA positions on the outskirts of Tamanaa, rural south Idlib
ISIS attacked the Syrian army positions in at Al Quaraya city in Eastern Deir-ez-Zur
Sources of the Al Jazeera: lieutenant colonel and a soldier from the Egyptian army were killed during operations at Sinai
Two people from the city of Hajin were killed as a result of the explosion of a landmine belonging to the ISIS organization in the vicinity of the city as they tried to leave the organization's control areas a few days ago.
Deir ez-Zur Eastern countryside: Two members of the Afghan Fatemiyoun militia were killed as a result of the explosion of a landmine left by the ISIS organization in the town of al-Mawajdeh in the countryside of the city of AlbuKamal.
Syrian Army: The Hama and Aleppo regions are completely cleared from the ISIS
SDF advance against ISIS south east of Hajin
US Treasury adds Turkish company to sanction list as "ISIS facilitator" for providing drones to ISIS
Tiger Forces Field Commander : group of ISIS successfully sent 3 SVBIEDS to Shutayeb Village near Abu Dali and Launched an offensive against SAA Troops had to withdraw but later SAA remobilized and recaptured Shutayeb
U.S. sanctions Mohamed Mire Ali Yusuf of Somalia and his Liibaan Trading and Al Mutafaq Commercial Company for "activities supporting Islamic State in Somalia". U.S. also sanctioned two other people and their companies in alleged support for IS
Treasury targets ISIS facilitators in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Africa as part of disruptive effort to denigrate illicit revenue streams and pursue ISIS support networks of militants across the globe
Governor of North Sinai decides to stop the study at all stages of education in conjunction with the military campaign carried out by the Egyptian army against terrorist elements
Bombing at mosque in Libya's Benghazi kills two, wounds 55: medics
One dead, 62 wounded in mosque attack in Libya's Benghazi
7 month ago
Nangarhar: Four civilians killed and few others wounded in an explosion in a cricket field in Bati Kot district in Nangahar on Friday afternoon. Cricketers were playing and people gathered there to the game when the blast happened, Nangarhar governor media office confirmed
MoI announces killing 3 Hasam militants in shootout in Cairo, arresting 14 others in various Nile Delta governorates; confiscating pistols, AKs, shotguns, IEDs (and IED making materials), ammo, etc.
One killed, 37 wounded by twin mosque bombing in Libya's Benghazi
ISIS has captured Umm Khalakil, Luwaybidah, Musharifah from Syrian Opposition Forces
Kurdish official tells Telegraph ISIS Beatle Alexanda Kotey, aka Abu Salih, was caught by SDF's SWAT unit around Ain Issa Syria trying to cross into Turkey. "He had Daesh friends trying to smuggle him out, waiting on the other side of the border"
"Repel the Invaders" Op. Room shelling with heavy artillery ISIS fighters trying to reach Greater Idlib.
Air raids and artillery shelling on the villages of the vicinity of Rafah and Sheikh Zuwaid in Sinai
2nd communique from Egypt army spox - our air forces targeted some of the pits, hideouts and weapons depots used by terrorist elements as a base to target the law enforcement forces and civilian targets in North and Middle Sinai
Dead and wounded in a car bomb explosion in front of a mosque in the Libyan city of Benghazi
ISIS clashes with Pro-Assad-forces north and east of Abu Dali
Footage publish by MOD show E-2C #Hawk2000 Early warning aircraft during participation in the largest counter-terror op " Sinai 2018" .
Islamic State claims Multiple SDF killed and a vehicle destroyed by guided missile and 9 killed in IED attack in Al-Bahra- DeirEzzor, Syria
Reports that the pocket besieged by SAA in Idlib/Hama/Aleppo is fully captured after they took control of Suruj town and surroundings
Army reports about 3 IS militants that were killed on Thursday in Pantar town, just a few km north of Marawi. One of the fighters was freed by IS when they conquered the city on 23th May 2017.
Syrian government warplanes bombard Jarjanaz town in Idlib countryside
IS source inside Idlib: "Brutal fights between IS and SAA and dozens of killed SAA fighters while the soldiers of the Islamic State attempt to break the siege of Eastern Hama CS."
Director of Rafah crossing to Al Jazeera: the crossing is closed because of the security situation in the Sinai
The Egyptian army announced that its aircraft launched air raids on "terrorist elements" in Sinai
All major roads between North and Central Sinai are closed until further notice
Assad government, Russia and Iran transferred ISIS fighters to Idlib. Clashes are on Umm Khalakhil and Zarzur between ISIS and Syrian rebels.
Amaq report on ISIS sniper attack killing soldier near al-Arish, North Sinai. (andwithout graphics- an IED attack killing and wounding police officers)
Egypt begins security operation against 'militants': army spokesman
Bombmakers among 23 IS militants held in northern Malaysian state of Kelantan. In Johor, 29 IS militants have been detained
The Egyptian army has declared a high alert for the implementation of a comprehensive anti-terrorism operation in Sinai and the Delta
The Egyptian army announces the launch of a comprehensive operation against terror in northern and central Sinai
Egyptian military spokesman: The military operation includes Egypt Delta and West Nile Valley
[email protected]: You might not always like @POTUS' message. I don't think you can argue that he's not incredibly effective. He's been incredibly effective on the economy. ISIS used to have 40,000 fighters.Now they're under 1,000.
For the first time since a long time IS started to use SVBIED attacks in Hama, IS confirmed a SVBIED attack targeting a gathering of SAA forces west of Rasm Al-Hamam inside the besieged pocket
NW. Daraa: traditional ISIS counter-attack (following failure of last Rebel offensive) is foiled tonight for 2nd consecutive day. Jaish Khalid tried to take Hayt but was repelled after ferocious battle. Ahrar Sham lost a commander.
Syrian Kurdish Forces on the front line, near Shaddadi in Eastern Syria.
Tighten security on SDF checkpoints in Deir al-Zour Western countryside
Deir al-Zour Eastern countryside: International coalition aircraft launched several air raids targeting the locations of ISIS in the cities of Hajin and AL Bahra
New York Times reporting that the SDF have captured British ISIS fighters Alexanda Kotey and El Shafee Elsheikh. The two remaining members of The Beatles - group responsible for execution of journalists and aid workers
French Foreign Minister says the French citizens who fought with ISIS before being arrested in Syria or Iraq will be judged by local authorities and won't be repatriated to France
Government took over Qasr Ibn Wardan in NE. Hama CS. ISIS pocked almost reduced.
7 month ago
IS announced it destroyed a SAA BMP with an ATGM missile west of Al-Sa'an town at the eastern Hama CS
Trudeau wants to reintegrate ISIS fighters into Canada.
Syrian Army also captured Abu Ajwah today in Daesh pocket
Asked about Turkey - Afrin, @ChiefPentSpox says "We're going to continue to support the SDF [Syria|n Democratic Forces] in the fight against ISIS"
"We are there [Syria] to defeat ISIS. They are on the run but there is still work to be done," adds DoD's White
The people found the body of an unidentified person in the fourth decade of age and died and shots in his body on the ground next to the district of the hero district of the third section of El Arish.
Security sources say: the security forces blew up today 3 explosive devices were detected in different areas west and south of Arish
According to security sources in northern Sinai, security forces are pursuing a terrorist group in the Egyptian coastal area of Rafah.
2 Chinooks and one Apache were spotted in one of Hawija villages (Shamlan village) at 6 AM
7 month ago
Syrian Army control Rasm Midhi, Musaytibat, Jubb Hib, Rajm Juerat, Mukhlif Shamali, Ayn Zarkah, Abu Miyal in Hama
7 month ago
Syrian militias were conducting anti-Daesh op when US jets attacked them – @mod_russia
7 month ago
Russian Defense ministry says US goal in Syria is not to fight ISIS but to capture economic assets, after a deadly attack against Assad forces
7 month ago
Syrian Army control more areas in Daesh pocket
7 month ago
Moscow: The US security zone in Syria helps the IS to hide from government troops
APCs spotted on way to Arish on the back of state of emergency measures in all hospitals in north Sinai pointing to major attacks on Islamic State
OIR Spokesman: Unexploded landmines left by Islamic State fighters cover every inch of their former Syrian capital of Raqqa, a U.N. official said on Tuesday, advising civilians against returning to their homes there.
7 month ago
Syriam Army control Musaytibah in Daesh pocket in Hama
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