28 July 2021
Extremely crowded Baghuz Fawqani on 26 Jan 2018
IS anti-tank missile shot probably of the 9K115-2 MetisM
Baghouz: images of IS fights SDF
Look at what short-wave infrared (SWIR) imagery can give you. On February 4, sometime between 7:00-16:00, a US airstrike hit an ISIS building in Shaykh Hamad village, Baghouz town, Syria. Fire and smoke are visible in the satellite image.
Number of SDF fighters were killed as Daesh targeted their positions with rocket launchers near Baghuz Al Fawqani
This is the last 1km2 small pocket that ISIS controls, and where the last ISIS militants are holed up in and fighting until death. They declined surrender earlier this week.
In an attack, IS militants in Diyala, Iraq claim targeting a Shi'a village al-Ma'adan with mortar shells
ISIS spreads a video of clashes between ISIS fighters and US-backed forces/SDF in Baghuz yesterday. ISIS continues to use civilians as shields to limit Coalition airstrikes and shelling
Jihadist source tells IS families not to trust Western media. In a Telegram post al-Tawhid Awalan Da'iman, accuses western journalists, who interviewed female family members of IS fighters, of exploiting their stories to turn the public opinion against them.
The SDF controls the Baghuz Bukhamal bridge.
Egypt- ISIS claim another sniper attack targeting a checkpoint near Rafah, North Sinai, killing 1 soldier
SDF is slowly advancing in the Hawijah Al-Khanafirah Pocket,this is due that the Coalition wants to capture the remaining ISIS fighters and command alive
SDF commander says the ISIS caliphate - once close to the size of Britain - is down to its last two square kilometres. Battle expected to last several days yet, a stage is being built at the al-Omar oil field military base for the formal announcement.
Aftermath of the (S)VBIED attack in Al Rai
Somalia's Puntland says its forces have captured a group of men, whom it says were trying to join into Islamic State group. The group operating around Galgal mountains in north of Bosaso town Somalia2 year ago
Somalia's Puntland says its forces have captured a group of men, whom it says were trying to join into Islamic State group. The group operating around Galgal mountains in north of Bosaso town Somalia
The Coalition confirmed the destruction of a mosque in Baghuz yesterday that was being used as a fighting position.
2 year ago
Russia says U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan won't create a power vacuum and the Taliban can be a potential ally in the fight against Islamic State there.
An artillery shelling targeting the village of Safafneh in the eastern countryside of Deir Ez-Zor
SDF command confirm ISIS down to the last square kilometre in Al-Baghouz as strong clashes continue and Daesh families exit
The International coalition aircrafts targeted with several raids the Sheikh Hamad neighborhood in the town of Al-Bagouz east of Deir Al-Zour.
2 year ago
A civilian was injured in a landmine explosion east of al-Sa'an district in the eastern suburb of Hama, Syria
ISIS claim sniper attack targeting checkpoint near Rafah, North Sinai, causing 3 casualties
More than 200 members of a Da'ish terror network in Ramadi have been detained by Iraq's intelligence apparatus in one of the biggest anti-terror operations carried out in recent memory. This is a massive blow to Da'ish and its long-term revival in Anbar province.
Raqqa - a big explosion shaking the western side of the city and ambulances are moving towards the place.
SOHR reporting that the US-led coalition has killed at least 16 civilians in the Islamic State's final pocket of territory, Baghouz. A lot of the remaining civilians are believed to be linked to the militants in some way - SOHR says at least half the dead are children.
Somalia: IS claims assassination of "finance assistants" from Holwadaag Beledweyne District
Number of SDF fighters were killed in clashes against Daeash in Al Baghuz Fawqani in Eastern Deir ez-Zur
Video showing foreign ISIS also who surrendered to SDF in Al-Baghouz, some dressed as women
Egypt: IS claimed dual-IED attack near al Arish, North Sinaï
Dozens of USA air strikes on Baghuz. Fierce fighting for the town. SDF is attacking from Marashidah and Nazl al Khawal directions IS is using ATGM's and suicide bombers SE Deir ez-Zur
United Nations: Daesh leaders planning international terrorist operations
Weather, determined enemy playing a role in the fight to oust ISIS from its last sliver of territory in Syria SDF "continue to slowly and methodically advance despite poor weather conditions against an entrenched enemy" per @OIRSpox
2 year ago
United Nations: ISIS still poses threat and has about 3,000 foreign fighters
2 year ago
PMF repelled an attack by ISIS in vicinity of Ba'aj
The United Nations: ISIS has significant financial and investment reserves
A session of the Security Council on the threat posed by ISIS in Syria and Iraq
The Syrian Democratic Forces are witnessing a massive exodus from the enclave of Deir al-Zour, and the ISIS fighters are trying to escape. They are hiding among civilians. According to information from the Front, 11 people were arrested, including two French women, six Turkish and three Ukrainian.
Daesh claims killing an Interior Ministry official and 2 of his guards about 20km north of Rutbah, in Anbar province. US special forces were seen by locals coming into the area, probably tracking Daesh fighters.
ISIS fiercly resisting against Kurdish-led SDF as the battle rages on in al-Baghouz. They are sending multiple suicide bombers and car bombs.
Daesh: Coalition forces shelled the village of Al-Baguz in the eastern Deir Al-Zour with more than 100 raids and dozens of missiles since yesterday
2 year ago
Two suspected ISIS members got 15 years jail terms for preparation of terror attacks in Moscow
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