21 June 2021
Intense fighting in Baghouz now
Video of heavy clashes between SDF and Daesh in Al Baghuz
Kurdish-led SDF captured armaments from IS in Baghouz
Video from the Baghouz camp as battle continues
Syria's Democratic Forces: Large numbers of Da'ash fighters and their families surrender in Baguoz
ISIS officially claims killing and injuring at least 20 Philippine soldiers in Lanao del Sur, Mindanao
ISIS claims killing 5 SDF and injuring 5 others in Baghuz with guided missile yesterday
2 year ago
Afghan commander orders officers not to bring Taliban, IS fighters alive
"The operation is over, or as good as over, but requires a little more time to be completed practically," SDF spokesman Kino Gabriel told al-Hadath re ISIS in Baghuz
Battle for Baghuz basically over-just needs a bit more time to finish off ISIS on the ground, SDF spokesman tells al-Hadath TV
Violent clashes on all the axis through the night with a number of ISIS killed, a number of ISIS vehicles destroyed and 3 defensive posts destroyed in the Baghouz camp by SDF
A festival will be held today at the Municipal Stadium in Manbij for the second anniversary of the founding of the Democratic Civil Administration in Manbij and its countryside.
SDF control several points from Daesh
Syriac Military Council, MFS fighters in Baghouz for last assault on ISIS and clear area from Daesh
More than 38 ISIS fighters confirmed killed in this last operation. 3 SDF fighters also lost their lives, and 10 were wounded. Over 20 airstrikes have destroyed military vehicles, defensive fortifications, ammunition dumps and a command post.
Ammunition depot exploded by SDF last week inside Baghouz You can also see the trenches for civilians
Inside Baghouz near the frontline
Some ISIS mortar shells discovered in Baghouz
Inside ISIS tent city in Baghouz License plate belongs to Ambar province in Iraq
Wilayat Khurasan-IS militants claim attack on and resulting gun battle with Pakistani intelligence using automatic weapons resulting in dead and wounded in Lahore2 year ago
Wilayat Khurasan-IS militants claim attack on and resulting gun battle with Pakistani intelligence using automatic weapons resulting in "dead and wounded" in Lahore
Kurdish female fighters fighting against ISIS in their last stronghold in Baghouz
New Daesh video takes place entirely within the Baghuz tent city. In the introduction, we see the Hisbah (religious police) still making the rounds, organized prayer and Qur'an readings, and drone footage showing the full extent of the camp.
Video by @RonahiTV showing the situation in Baghouz
ISIS Wilayat Barakah (southern Deir ez-Zor) has released a new video, "The Meaning of Stability", their first since the fall of Hajin and the start of the battle for Baghuz.
It's old informationImage with truck - from Yemen
While SDF forces continue their assault on remaining ISIS elements in Baghouz, Deir ez Zor, today MFS forces discovered immense tunnel with vehicles and significant amount of armaments
HTS displays dump of weapons, IEDs and other equipment it seized from ISIS militants in Idlib last week.
Clashes between SDF and Daesh continue in Baguz pocket, eastern Deir-ez-Zur
Violent clashes continue between SDF and Daesh on the outskirts of the Al-Bagouz refugee camp in the eastern countryside of Deir Ez-Zor
ISIS support groups claim that 3 YPG-SDF troops were killed 3km south of Raqqa town by Daesh - locals confirm unidentified masked men attacking YPG unit in the area
Battle for Baghuz: SDF reporting continuous clashes with ISIS, which is fighting back with suicide bombers and damage an SDF minesweeper. Coalition airstrikes destroying ISIS storage facilities, vehicles At least 4 SDF wounded, 1 killled, per SDF spox @mustefabali
SDF says its forces have killed dozens of Daesh militants in the Baguoz
SDF wants to complete operation against ISIS in eastern Syria with minimal losses so advances are slow - SDF official
Baghouz in Deir Ez-Zor now
Northern Democratic Brigade (FSA Unit) on front in Baghuz Fawqani.
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