21 June 2021
Brigade 110 foiled an infiltration attempt at Asakrah village near Saadiyah outskirts. Two of the militants were wounded before fleeing.
It's propaganda
Pro Islamic State media group warns anti-ISIS coalition increasing efforts to track down supporters of the terror group. Moata news agency cautions supporters against downloading media files from unknown sources and advises them to scan for malware
2 year ago
Today's morning the EAF F-16s Fighter jets and UAVs conducted several airstrikes in northern Sinai.
Egyptian Interior Ministry: Two security officers killed and 3 wounded during chasing of terrorist, who blew himself up in Al-Gamaliya district in central Cairo
Security source: Egyptian authorities imposed a security cordon and combed the area of the suicide bombing
Al-Arabiya correspondent: Egyptian policeman killed by suicide bombing behind Al-Azhar Mosque
Egyptian media: the injury of a security man when a bomb exploded behind the mosque of Al-Azhar
2 year ago
A terrorist blew himself up during his pursuit by the Egyptian security services in the district of Gamaliya in central Cairo
Egypt- ISIS claim sniper attack targeting a checkpoint near Sheikh Zuweid, North Sinai, killing a soldier and wounding another
ISKP claims killing an Afghan security member in Kabul.2 year ago
ISKP claims killing an Afghan security member in Kabul.
Italian journalist Gabriele Micelizzi who got wounded in an ISIS attack in Baghuz is recovering.2 year ago
Italian journalist Gabriele Micelizzi who got wounded in an ISIS attack in Baghuz is recovering.
A civilian was shot dead by unknown assailants in the city of Raqqa
Netanyahu: We foiled 40 terrorist attacks last year, including the bombing of a plane Abu Dhabi - Sydney
2 year ago
According to Activist Sources,ISIS Prisoners under SDF Detention are saying that Al-Baghdadi was in the Hajin Pocket up until June 2018,where then he fled with high ISIS commanders,during ISIS brief takeover of villages West of the Euphrates from the government
General Votel informs SDF that the stay of US troops in Syria is not on the table
General Votel: US forces are carrying out the order to withdraw from Syria
General Joseph Votel head of Central Command just finished a day long announced visit to Syria. Met with head of SDF
High Rep @FedericaMog says EU foreign ministers discussed the "invitation" of @realdonaldtrump to take back their foreign fighters from Syria. She says there's "no decision to be taken at EU level" but EU is offering help to member states in dealing with this difficult issue.
Death toll of twin explosion in Idlib: 16 killed, 79 wounded
A man and his wife were killed when the pro-Assad forces targeted the outskirts of the town of Al-Bagouz east of Deir Ez-Zor with machine guns
Kurdish official: Kurdish authorities can not take responsibility alone, and we do not have enough prisons for all ISIS gunmen
Kurdish official: 800 ISIS operatives in captivity and 1500 of their children and 700 of their wives represent a time bomb and can escape in any attack
Syria's democratic forces: Number of ISIS operatives and their families in our captivity increase on dozens daily
Video: The moment of a second car bomb explosion in Al-Qusour Street in Idlib city during the ambulance of the victims of the first explosion
Ten people were killed and 30 injured when two car bombs exploded on Al-Qusour Street in Idlib city
Dead and wounded as result of 2 car bomb explosions at Al Qusur street in Idlib city
A second powerful explosion shook the center of Idlib
A new unknown explosion shakes the city of Idlib
2 year ago
German Ministry of Interior: All ISIS militants who have German citizenship have the right to return home
IS supporter Shamima Begum admits to @BBCNews she was a poster girl for IS recruitment, apologises to Britain for joining IS and says she is ready to face prison if she's allowed to return.
Syrian Kurds demand an international force on the Syrian-Turkish border
French justice minister: we will not respond to Trump's demands for the return of the French fighters of Daesh detained in Syria
2 year ago
Two children die as a result of the fire of their tents in Al-Hul camp in the eastern Al-Hasakah
Two people were arrested during an international coalition landing operation near Hadaj village in rural Raqqa
SDF says will focus on liberation of Afrin, sleeper cells after ISIS defeat
Another column, in Baguz village, of US Forces Cougar 4x4 TOW, Oshkosh and Humvees. Photo: Fadel SENNA / AFP
French Nexter Aravis in Syrian village of Baghuz. Photo: Fadel SENNA / AFP
PMU foils the attack of Daesh targeted a checkpoint on the outskirts of Khanaqin, Diyala province
Iraqi security forces killed on Sunday four suicide bombers, who planned to carry out separate terrorist attacks in Mosul city
A carbomb exploded near Hazima roundabout in Raqqa before the break of dawn. Not causing any human victims but 5 cars went up in flames.
Al-Raqqa: reports of casualties in the explosion of a car bomb near the Alhazidah roundabout inside the city of Raqqa
2 year ago
Nigeria: claimed attack on army in Gajiganna Borno
A member of SDF was shot by unknown assailants in al-Husan village in the western countryside of Deir al-Zour.
A child killed and 3 other wounded in IED explosion near Haditha west of Anbar province.
More than 1,000 ISIS fighters have likely fled into the remote mountains and deserts of western Iraq from Syria in the last 6 months and may have up to $200 million in cash with them, a US military official familiar with the latest assessment tells @barbarastarrcnn
IS took responsibility for attack in Shuhayl, eastern Deir ez-Zur province
A Kurdish SDF fighter took some photos with the rescued SDF prisoners. Their health is in good condition.
SDF General Military Council meeting started in presence of prominent commanders The meeting of the General Military Council of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) started in the city of al-Hasaka in the presence of the members of the council of the commanders of SDF.
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