21 October 2021
A military convoy of the American army carrying technical military logistics entered the city from the west of Hesekê city.11 month ago
A military convoy of the American army carrying technical military logistics entered the city from the west of Hesekê city.
Deir Ezzor Dhiban: a commander of the Asayiş forces in the town of Dhiban Ahmad Al-Ghanem was killed Friday morning by masked men who shot him and fled. The eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor is witnessing security incidents targeting the SDF members and their affiliates, behind which the agents of the Assad government and ISIS cells stand
ISIS ambushed Egyptian soldiers near the village of Barth in the Sinai peninsula and seized their weapons
Egypt's Military Spokesperson announced that there had been a limited explosion of the gas pipeline in western Al-Arish city, North Sinai, saying that investigations are ongoing to know the causes of the explosion
United States Military has sent a Military Convoy to Al-Conico Base
ISIS in Sinai claims responsibility for blowing up a gas pipeline between Egypt and Israel earlier this evening, near Arish in northern Sinai
11 month ago
Unless global leaders find way to repatriate those displaced in camps, "we are buying ourselves a strategic problem 10 yrs down the road when these children grow up radicalized. If we don't address this now, we're never really going to defeat ISIS " says @CENTCOM chief
11 month ago
Greek media: the arrest of a Syrian refugee belonging to ISIS who participated in the killing
11 month ago
Greek media: a Syrian refugee arrested on charges of belonging to ISIS
SDF arrest the journalist "Muhammad Hajj Al-Rahim" after they raided his home in the city of Al-Raqqa
ISIS has claimed two attacks in Aleppo today, after nothing over the weekend. They claimed the killing of an FSP officer in al-Bab in broad daylight, and another attack on an SNA patrol on the road between Amarna village and Jarablus
A joint US-SDF raid in Tel Hamis last night resulted in two Daesh militants getting arrested with their equipment being seized
Airwars: Following several years of patient engagement with the US-led Coalition @CJTFOIR in Iraq and Syria, Airwars has obtained the close locations of 99% of all officially confirmed or 'Credible' civilian harm events. It's a major transparency breakthrough
Shelling with heavy artillery from the pro-Assad forces on the desert of Deir Ezzor
East Syria: today ISIS killed Brig. General Bashir Ismail during an ambush near Mayadin in the Deir ez-Zur province. Commander of 137th regimenthe was from Tartus province
11 month ago
A mine exploded at a military vehicle belonging to Syrian government forces near the town of Rusafa, southwest of Raqqa
Islamic State (ISKP) claimed assassination in Jalalabad, Nangarhar
11 month ago
More than 30 people have been killed in eastern DR Congo, with local officials and experts blaming the ADF militia
"Afghanistan risks becoming once again a platform for international militants to plan and organize attacks on our homelands" warns @NATO's @jensstoltenberg "And ISIS could rebuild in Afghanistan the terror caliphate it lost in Syria and Iraq"
ISIS announced that it targeted an Afghan Special Forces spy with a silencing gun in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. However, he did not say he was dead
11 month ago
Iraqi Intelligence: 3 suicide bombers were arrested in Nineveh Governorate
11 month ago
The Iraqi army: an airstrike against ISIS sites in Khanaqin, Diyala Governorate
11 month ago
Largest batch of Syrians leave al-Hol camp in northeast Syria
McConnell on Afghanistan: "The consequences of a premature American exit would likely be even worse than President Obama's withdrawal from Iraq in 2011, which fueled the rise of ISIS and a new round of global terrorism
Deir ez-Zur Internal Security Forces defused a bomb planned to be detonated from a distance in the town of Hamar Al-Ali11 month ago
Deir ez-Zur Internal Security Forces defused a bomb planned to be detonated from a distance in the town of Hamar Al-Ali
"US-led coalition forces routinely move about NE Syria in patrols and resupply convoys. Troop levels in OIR are always conditions based," said Colonel Wayne Morotto
An explosive device exploded in a SDF military vehicle in the town of Al-Sha`fah in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor
Iraq executes 21 people convicted of "terrorism" at Nasiriyah prison - AFP
11 month ago
#Egypt- a very interesting and unique claim by #ISIS: sniper fire destroying a thermal camera on a tower at a checkpoint along the coast near Sheikh Zuweid, North #Sinai
Deir Ezzor: masked men targeted a car with a number of members of the Supervision and Inspection Committee of the Autonomous Administration near the headquarters of the Deir Ezzor Civil Council near the Salhiya auction in the 7 km north of Deir Ezzor - Al Maamel Roundabout
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