Map. History of ISIS conflict

24 Rujan 2018
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Armed people attacked a Radio station office @Shebaradio in Kabul and wounded in of its guards
Bodies of 39 Indian workers found near Mosul. They were killed by ISIS in 2014 and found in a mound of dirt.
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Iraqi Dijla Operations Command announces start of large military operation to pursue ISIS cells in Hamrain Lake area in northeast Diyala province.
Deir ez-Zur Western countryside: The intelligence service of the SDF militia in the town of Mohaimida arrests five former ISIS members after the arrest of a former organizer of the organization.
Islamic State reports about taking control over the majority of Al-Qadam neigborhod in Damascus, killing over 20 SAA soldiers + capturing alive. Executions are said to have been conducted in Al-Qadam (as visible below).
Pro-govt page claiming 100 KIA in Qadem and criticizing lack of media attention - only 11 KIA were reported here through 3/18, incl a Major, 2 Captains and a 1st Lt. Reinforcement incl 58th and 91st Brigades arrived on 3/17. ISIS pics have shown dozens of bodies in the last 72 hours.
Footage of the airdrop mission conducted by Iraq's special forces deep inside the western Anbar desert. 2 senior Da'ish figures were among those arrested in the operation which was conducted with 10 Iraqi army aviation helicopters
South DeirEzzor : SAA repel a Daesh offensive on T2 Pumping station and its positions on the west bank of the Euphrates
Rare IS report from Mogadishu, usually their claims come from Puntland and Afgooye
And ISKP just claimed responsibility for Jalalabad, saying that their motorcycle exploded killing at least 4
Ismail Saleh Ibrahim was killed in the town of Bahra by IED planted by ISIS
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Kent Police says 21-year-old Mohammed Abdul has been charged with attempted murder after a car was driven into a crowd outside Blake's nightclub in Gravesend on Saturday
The 10th Mountain Division, based out of Fort Drum in New York, takes over command of the land component of the US-led coalition against ISIS in Iraq from 1st Armored Division. Part of draw-down of US Troops in Iraq
4 killed and 11 wounded in a blast in Jalalabad city of Nangarhar province
Soldiers of 20th Division dismantled a Sleeper Cell planning to carry out attacks south of Mosul.
An explosion was reported in Jalalabad city shortly after 1pm on Monday, killing at least three people, officials confirmed
Death toll rises to three in Jalalabad explosion
8 wounded in Jalalabad city explosion
At least one dead, five wounded in Jalalabad explosion
Explosion reported in Jalalabad city in Nangarhar. Early reports indicate at least five people wounded
More PG-7 warheads, previously identified as possibly from North Korea by @MSchroeder77, discovered in North Sinai during Operation #Sinai2018
E. Syria: ISIS released pics showing 2 Konkurs strikes vs couple of 130 mm field guns N. of AbuKemal.
Egypt's military said four troops and 36 militants have died in the past five days of fighting in the restive Sinai Peninsula
S. Damascus: ISIS launched an attack vs government in Qadam district and killed several fighters and also destroyed an up-armoured T-72.
ISIS has launched an attack on government Forces at the T2 Pumping station
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US Airstrikes Kill 37 Daesh Fighters In Jawzjan
Nearly 40 ISILs, including foreigners, were killed in the northern Jowzjan region6 mjesec pre
Nearly 40 ISILs, including foreigners, were killed in the northern Jowzjan region
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Car bomb rocks Kabul, multiple casualties: official
The movements of military and police personnel through ops areas in North and central Sinai are always supposed to be carried out by heavy protection . As they move in convoys of Mraps and armored trucks (Ural vehicles) .
[email protected]: Between March 9-March 15, Coalition military forces conducted 23 strikes targeting ISIS in Iraq and Syria, 14 strikes in Iraq and 9 in Syria, first time in a while the number of strikes in Iraq was higher than in Syria
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