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22 9月 2018

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Explosion in the first district of Jalalabad city of Nangarhar Province. Eyewitnesses said two people were wounded in the incident
IS just claimed this attack - very rare attack on official in Kunar, usually Kunar activities are related to confrontations against the Taliban.5 月 前
IS just claimed this attack - very rare attack on official in Kunar, usually Kunar activities are related to confrontations against the Taliban.
5 月 前
Afghanistan Islamic State Claims Killing An Afghan Soldier In Watapur District In Kunar.
Iraqi forces launch large scale operations against ISIS and Kurdish Islamists 'White Flags' in Southern Kirkuk province to maintain pressure on sleeper cells instigating rouge attacks on highways.
"Most of these fighters are in Iraq and Syria, Libya, the Afghanistan-Pakistan theater, Somalia, Yemen," says @SethGJones "They are not always coming under the umbrella of ISIS Daesh or alQaida but they are operating with local groups"
Just 11 airstrikes vs ISIS in Iraq and Syria from March 23-29, 4 in Iraq and 7 in Syria, per @CJTFOIR
Mattis on Turkey hurting ISIS fight in Syria: "We are no longer in an offensive effort on the ground against them" defense secretary said this week
The jury in the case against Noor Salman, the widow of Pulse nightclub shooter Omar Mateen has reached a verdict. The verdict will be published in open court in approximately 30 minutes.
[email protected]: Between March 23-March 29, US-led Coalition military forces conducted 7 strikes targeting ISIS in Syria and 4 strikes in Iraq
Isis claims to have killed and wounded around 19 Haftar soldiers with a SBVIED attack in Ajdabiya, near Benghazi. Some vehicles were also damaged.
Member of Anbar Council, Iraq: PMU (Hashd) is preventing displaced residents from returning to their homes in Jazira Khaldiya area east of Ramadi. Local government and security officials want PMU out.
Mortal remains of 38 Indians in Iraq will be brought back. 39th Indian Raju Yadav's DNA testing still underway
ISIS claim assasination of an Indian officer in Jammu and kashmir5 月 前
ISIS claim assasination of an Indian officer in Jammu and kashmir
France says it does not anticipate any new military operations in northern Syria beyond international coalition activities against Daesh
Seven coalition personnel killed, injured by IED in Syria
5 月 前
ISIS commanders among 6 killed in Kunar drone strike
5 月 前
Afghan National Army forces carried out 69 special operations in the past 24 hours to secure areas under terrorists’ threats in different parts of the country,
It's propaganda
Iraq IS in al Naba 125 spreads an infographic on "Ambushes on roads in the Wilayat of Iraq during the last two weeks".
DeirEzZor Activist: Gunfire in several locations in Deir Ez Zor city, along with a large deployment of Syrian Govt Forces, and numerous roadblocks are being set up.
Libya: VBIED (possibly SVBIED) explosion not long ago at the eastern gate of Ajdabiya, 4 dead and 6 injured reported
President Trump: "We'll be coming out of Syria very soon. Let the other people take care of it nowWe're going to have 100% of the caliphate, as they call it —sometimes referred to as land. We're taking it all back."
ISIS fighters at false security checkpoint wearing Iraqi Army uniforms kill 5 Iraqi soldiers on road between Mosul and Tal Afar today.
An explosive device attack targeted an Iraqi army headquarters in the Al-Andalus district of #Ramadi #Anbar
Iraqi Counter-terrorism service kills 3 ISIS in assault operation in Badosh subdistrict in Ninawa province. 4 other ISIS arrested in Mosul.
Islamic State reports killing / wounded 5 Iraqi #ISF soldiers using an explosive device and destroyed 2 of their vehicles between Abu Sayda and Bahruz in Diyala #Iraq province
Islamic State claims to have killed 9 Syrian Army #SAA soldiers and #Hezbollah militiamen and destroyed 4 vehicles during a raid on Ayn Ali in the #DeirEzzor #Syria campaign
Islamic State claims to have killed 12 loyalist soldiers / militiamen (SAA/#Hezbollah / IRGC) and destroyed 5 military vehicles during a raid on AlBukamal east of #DeirEzzor Syria
SAA, NDF and Quds / Jerusalem Brigades start sweeping OP in southwest Mayadeen to clear ISIS remnants in BadiaSham. DeirEzZor
FSB reports that they have uncovered ISIS cell in Kranodar region
The CJTFOIR-Backed @iraqicts have captured ISIS Al-Mousl Wali and Al-Qairah Wali, while they hid between civilians n Al-Qairah district (Nineveh province), sources said the ISF also captured the head of ISIS explosive unit in the Iraqi desert, in anthr operation at Al-Anbar province.
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