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20 9月 2018

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Egypt- army claims foiling large scale ISIS attack on post near al-Qosimah, killing 14 militants, after 4 militants initially detonated suicide vests killing 8 soldiers and wounding 15. This makes the 2nd attack in al-Qosimah in April after a long lull:
The US defense secretary says Assad's government will be punished as well as ISIS
The Islamic State notebook also includes a hand-drawn map of territorial control in Syria, which appears to have been drawn somewhere between February and March 2016: it has lost Shaddadi to the SDF (Feb 19), but the group is still in control of Palmyra (lost to SAA on Mar 27).
A pro-ISIS hacking group calling itself "Inghimasat dawlawiya team" posts infographics detailing "six months of operations", claims to have created and hacked several hundred Facebook and Twitter accounts
[email protected]: Between April 6 and April 12, US-led Coalition military forces conducted 15 strikes targeting ISIS, 10 strikes in Syria and 5 in Iraq
Islamic State Releases Pictures Showing Targeting Of SAA Bulldozer On The Outskirts Of AbuKamal.
ISIS attacks Iraqi Army checkpoint in north Diyala province. 1 soldier injured.
IS cells south of Qaryatayn and near rebel-held E Qalamoun pocket launch attack on SAA positions in Mahasaah region in E Homs countryside.
Islamic State claims to have killed and wounded 4 Hashd Al-Shaabi militiamen #PMU during an attack wirh the explosive device east of #TalAfar
Islamic State claims to have damaged a Hummer and killed / wounded several Iraqi #ISF soldiers during an attack east of #Ruthba in Anbar Province
At least 16 dead in Iraq attack at funeral of anti-IS fighters: official
10 killed, 14 injured in bombing in Shirqat Iraq
"We have dramatically reduced ISIS' physical caliphate, using a coordinated, whole-of-government approach that works "by, with, and through" our allies and partners to crush ISIS' claim of invincibility" SecDef says in opening remarks
Iraqi local police arrest 6 ISIS members in Wahda neighborhood of West Mosul.
In Rashad area in southwest Kirkuk province, Iraq, ISIS attacks Fed Police patrol and injures 4. ISIS kills man in front of his family for cooperating with security forces. ISIS destroys 2 homes and burns 3 others.
A bomb blast took place near a peace advocacy tent in the capital of southeastern Khost province on Thursday, but caused no casualties5 月 前
A bomb blast took place near a peace advocacy tent in the capital of southeastern Khost province on Thursday, but caused no casualties
A bomb exploded in Azaz city north of Aleppo. A civilian was injured
Regiment 11 and Ninth Brigade with the help of Iraqi Air Force repelled Two isis attacks on East of Ad Dawr and Albu Ajil Valley
5 月 前
Four Daesh militants, including a key commander, have been killed by their own bomb in the Chapa Dara district of eastern Kunar province
Clashes between the government forces and ISIS in the Yarmouk camp in Damascus
DeirEzzor: Sounds of explosions are clearly heard in different parts of the eastern countryside in the area controlled by government forces
2 suicide bombers were ambushed by Iraq's army after intelligence indicated that they were about to target processions of Shi'a pilgrims in northern Baghdad. Ambush set up in Tarmiyah, outside the house they were staying in. Both killed
It's propaganda
ISIS-linked media groups rallying for attacks on 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia by the recurring playbook: incitement artwork, suggesting which types of attacks to perform, targets to aim for, etc.
Islamic State says it blown up a house of a Hashd Al-Shaabi militiaman #PMU in #Tarmiya north of #Baghdad #Irak
5 月 前
Correction: USAF's KC-135Rs from 351st ARS, 100th ARW are dragging a combination of six A-10Cs from 163rd Fighter Squadron, 122nd Fighter Wing and twelve F-16Cs of 31st Fighter Wing from NAS Sigonella and Aviano Air Bases to Incrilik AB to take part in Operation Inherent Resolve.
Islamic State announces that it damaged a SUV and killed / wounded several Hashd Al-Shaabi #PMU militiamen during a tense ambush east of #Tikrit in #Salahaddin #Irak province
Iraqi forces arrest 13 suspected ISIS in East Mosul one day after arresting 15 in West Mosul.
Iraqi local police capture ISIS official responsible for tribal affairs south of Mosul.
5 月 前
ISIS attempting to expand foothold in Parwan province of Afghanistan
5 月 前
At least 40 armed insurgents were killed during Afghan Security Forces (ANSF) operations in the past 24 hours in different parts of the country, the Ministry of Defense said
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