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20 9월 2018

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Iraqi local police arrest 3 ISIS in Simah neighborhood of East Mosul.
Islamic State- Night time raid conducted on Iraqi police barracks kills or injures 7 officers in Jalawla Diyala, Iraq
Deir Ezzor: Coalition targeted Hajeen city by many airstrikes
Syria: Jaish Al Islam  to ISIS positions in Yarmouk Valley in western Daraa province4 개월 전
Syria: Jaish Al Islam to ISIS positions in Yarmouk Valley in western Daraa province
S. Damascus: footage showing T-72s Adra storming center of Hajr Aswad.
IS just claimed assassination of Dr. farouq Aljuburi in Al Qayara-Nineveh
4 개월 전
Reports of an explosion near to Share Naw Park of Kabul city, please avoid the area.
SDF is 4 Kms away from the village of Al-Baghuz at the East Bank of the Euphrates River
4 개월 전
Afghanistan: The Islamic State has grown up in Jowzjan as it's squeezed in its stronghold in Nangarhar. 3,000 recruits have been added since a propaganda video in March called on IS loyalists to go to Afghanistan and elsewhere.
PM Al-Abadi orders the Air Force to strike Daesh leadership near Al-Dashisha in Syrian territory
Iraqi PMU (Hashd) prevents ISIS infiltration attempt into Iraq from Syria near Tall Safuk border crossing. ISIS was attempting to exploit poor weather conditions and rains. PMU fires artillery into ISIS assembly area on Iraq-Syria border.
S. Damascus: visual confirmation pro-Assad forces took from ISIS the Power Station in heart of Hajr Aswad.
4 개월 전
At least 24 fighters of #Assad forces killed due traffic accident on the Raqqa-Athriya road S #Tabqa
SAA is in control of the southern part of the district of AL Hajar al Aswad in south Damascus, offensive continues
Iraqi PMU (Hashd) and ISIS clash for half hour in 2 villages in northeast Tuz district in Saladin province. Clash followed by PMU artillery bombardment of ISIS positions. No losses to PMU.
4 개월 전
US Pentagon: there are about 5000 US troops in Iraq. We have been reducing our numbers in Iraq since December's victory over ISIS announcement.
Russia detains five Islamic State members planning attack: news agencies
[email protected]: Between April 27-May 3, US-led Coalition military forces conducted 27 strikes targeting ISIS in Iraq and Syria. 22 of the strikes took place in Syria near Abu Kamal, Deir Ezzor, and al Shaddadi, targeting ISIS tactical units, vehicles and headquarters buildings
5 suspected ISIS members were detained in Yaroslavl'. Attacks foiled - FSB
4 개월 전
Terrorist acts plotted in Russia were coordinated from abroad - FSB
SAA T-62M, ZSU-23-4 Shika with BMP-2 passing and an AGS-17 grenade launcher.
S. Damascus: very violent battles ongoing. ISIS claims destruction of 2 tanks. A relative of General Zahreddine from Rep. Guard has also been killed there yesterday.
S. Damascus: fierce clashes and bombardment ongoing on 16th day of Offensive. Some positions captured in Hajr Aswad and Iraq|i fighter killed by ISIS.
FSB claims they killed "extremists who prepared attacks in Nevinnomyssk"
3 May 2018: The SDF claim to advance just under five miles along the Baghuz axis in Deir Ezzor, against the final pocket of IS-held territory in Syria.
4 개월 전
Hekmatyar says Iran helps "infiltration of Daesh in Afghanistan". He says three types of Daesh are operating in Afghanistan and that the group enters Afghanistan from Iran
SAA unit heading to Bukamal This Morning
Reports that SDF has captured the train station at Abu Al-Hasan village
4 개월 전
The USS Harry S Truman aircraft carrier and its accompanying strike group join the fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria as the US backed Syrian Democratic Forces announce a new push against the remnants of ISIS
SAA T-55MV, ZSU-23-4 Shilka, and BMP-2s in Southern Damascus.
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