Map. History of ISIS conflict

19 September 2018
14 hour ago
IED explosion targeted a patrol of #SDF near of Bustan Park in the city of #Raqqa. No updates about damages or victims.
IS attacked village in Diyala's Khanaqin dist in northeast burned homes occupied town for short period
SDF is slowing its advance against ISIS at the Hajin Pocket,due to minefields and ISIS tunnels
17 hour ago
Today, bombings in General Santos and Midsayap took place injuring 7 people.
SDF announced that ISIS member Ebu Hacir El-Şami has been captured alive at Baghouz front of Deir ez-Zor where clashes intensify. Daesh member is reported to be an important figure of ISIS in the region and originally comes from Al-Bıza district of Al-Bab.
17 hour ago
SDF has captured the Baghuz-Bukamal bridge from ISIS
Deir ez-Zur: Iraqi helicopters were involved in providing air support to SDF militia, which was able to move towards in alBaghooz Fokani village in alBokamal countryside and reached the wooden bridge.
Iraqi PMF (Hashd) 29th Brigade prevents ISIS from infiltrating into village west of Mosul.
SDF fighters open a safe corridor to evacuate civilians from areas occupied by IS militants in the Jazeera Storm campaign
Turkish security forces have arrested Abdulkhaliq al-Kurdi, former ISIS commander in Sinjar and Talafar and his son Mahdi al-Kurdi in a raid on their home in the Turkish city of Kayseri.18 hour ago
Turkish security forces have arrested Abdulkhaliq al-Kurdi, former ISIS commander in Sinjar and Talafar and his son Mahdi al-Kurdi in a raid on their home in the Turkish city of Kayseri.
SAA overruns ISIS and establishes control over Al Rishwaniya, Al Taraym and Al Nayariya in Deir ez-Zur province.
Two killed and 14 injured, mostly members of the federal police, by a roadside bomb on the Kirkuk-Baghdad road, police said.
Terrorist Elements Detonated Number of IEDs in Water Pipes and Two Electricity Towers in Sebika area west of Arish city on Saturday which lead to the disconnection of The Electrical current in most of Northern Sinai cities and areas.
SDF Sniper Patrol monitors the areas under the ISIS in Baghuz Fawqani
There are 2 Syrian army operations continue after Daraa and Quneitra - siege on Al-Safa and operations against Daesh cells in east desert - photo of Daesh vehicles and fighters captured by army in Palmyra desert
22 hour ago
22-year old Dagestani woman who spent 3 years in ISIS received 5 years suspended sentence. She was released in the courtroom to reunite with her family. Her infant son remains in IS, kept by force by his father
23 hour ago
Afghan special forces arrested 26 member of ISIS in Kabul
1 day ago
#Phillipines Clashes between the IS and the army at #Patikul #Sulu and #Zamboanga #Mindanao, 17 and 9 dead according to the ISIS press releases
1 day ago
ISIS claims to have killed police officer in #Bosasso town
SDF released short video from the operations around Baghouz in SE Deir ez-Zur
IS claims an ambush on SDF patrol on the road between Diban and Tayyani villages SE Deir ez-Zur
SDF is attempting to advance towards Al-Susah village
The US-led military coalition has ramped up strikes in support of the new Syrian Democratic Forces' push on ISIS' last Syrian redoubt near Hajin. From Sept. 10-16 coalition forces carried out 64 strikes targeting ISIS tactical units, weapons, vehicles and command and control centers
E. Syria: Baghouz front on Euphrates on 6th day of SDF/YPG and US-led Coalition Offensive vs ISIS.
1 day ago
Deir ez-Zur: Coalition targeted Hajin city by many air strikes, coinciding with an attempt by SDF militia to move towards al-Soussah town.
In Iraq, unknown armed group kills village chief and injures his wife near Samarra in Salah ad-Din Province.
YPJ commander: "We as YPJ fighters are taking part in the JazeeraStorm campaign to avenge all women, those from Shengal in the 1st place, that were sold as slaves, tortured and massacred by ISIS." "Our target after Deir ez-Zor is Afrin."
SDF troops are advancing inside AL- Baguoz
Isis claims to have killed 8 SDF members in al-Hasakah with an IED.
South Syria: this week witnessed fierce clashes on Safa front with government advancing during the day and ISIS counter-attacking by night, reversing most gains. 7 SAA, 14 NDF (ambush) and at least 13 IS snipers were killed (official death toll).
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