Map. History of ISIS conflict

15 Tebax 2018
25 Russian women with their children transferred from Mosul to Baghdad's women's prison in preparation for court trials as suspected ISIS members. They were held in Mosul by Iraqi PMU (Hashd).
5 month ago
ISIS attack repulsed in North of Afghanistan, 9 militants killed, 13 wounded
5 month ago
A judge at the Old Bailey has increased convicted terrorist Munir Mohammed's jail sentence for plotting a bomb or ricin attack to a minimum of 21 years from 14 years
5 month ago
Afghan MOD Bahrami says a recent airstrike in Warduj district in Badakhshan resulted in the death of 17 foreign fighters. He says to date 1,500 Daesh militants have been killed in Afghanistan
5 month ago
Afghan minister of defense Tariq Shah Bahrami says operations have been conducted around the country against Taliban, Daesh and other insurgent groups in the hope of bringing stability to provinces
Iraqi PMU (Hashd) Commander: we have killed 8 ISIS hiding in village in south Kirkuk province.
Quetta: Two police personnel killed in firing incident
ISIS reports that it destroyed two SAA tanks in the Al-Suwayah area in the south-east of Al-Bukamal in the governorate of DeirEzzor
Islamic State claims the explosion of a Shiite pilgrim bus and the execution of the driver in Quetta Pakistan
Explosion near a shopping mall in central Kirkuk (Quds Street). Bomb came in the form of a rigged motorcycle. No injuries being reported from the blast.
Multiple Da'ish hideouts and HQs were struck by Iraq's Air Force in northern Kirkuk province today. Air raids concentrated on the Al-Toon Kobri and Dibis areas
Deir ez-Zur Eastern countryside: At approximately 02:00 local time, helicopters of the international coalition forces targeted the perimeter of the Badia al-'Alouni camp in the eastern desert of Deir al-Zour, which led to panic and panic among the camp residents.
Deir ez-Zur Eastern countryside: A number of ISIS elements were killed as a result of air strikes by the International Coalition near the oil well Al Mleh as they tried to sneak into the town of Shafa.
Deir ez-Zur Eastern countryside: ISIS is conducting a fierce attack on al-Jaabi area in the town of al-Bahra this morning.
Suicide Bombing in Kirkuk city reported
The Commanding General of @CJTFOIR, @IIICorps_CG visited SDF-held northern Syria again.
Active shooter in Russia's Kazan, several injured – police
5 month ago
US citizen from California has been arrested overseas on charges of providing material support to militants; individual was arrested trying to travel to Libya to join ISIS
Egypt- Amaq report on 2 ISIS IED attacks destroying M60 MBT and a crane vehicle (?) south of Sheikh Zuweid, North Sinai
5 month ago
Also concerns about growing divisions in Syria: "As the caliphate goes away and the threat of ISIS is removed we will begin to see more of a return to the underlying challenges that really gave birth to this problem and the problems in the country" per Gen Votel
"The Syrian government itself has proved unwilling and unable to address this particular threat" per @CENTCOM's Votel "They have taken the pressure off of ISIS and created more problems for the coalition in dealing with this"
"The principle reason we are in Syria is to defeat ISIS and that remains our sole and single task" per @CENTCOM's Gen Votel
"Turkey has been absolutely vital throughout the entire [anti-ISIS] campaign," per @CENTCOM's Gen Votel, acknowledging Ankara's concerns about PKK militants, tensions on the ground with US partners
Hundreds of ISIS fighters held by US partners in Iraq Syria, per @CENTCOM's Gen Votel - working with @StateDept and @TheJusticeDept
"These fighters that are able to depart these war zones are able to take with them experiences and tactics that could potentially be applied other places" per @CENTCOM's Votel "They have to the ability to bring others on board"
Concerns about ISIS foreignFighters - Most killed/captured but, "There are some that have gotten away," per @CENTCOM's Gen Votel
"Russia has placed this progress [vs ISIS] at risk with their activities which are not focused on defeating ISIS but rather on preserving its own influence and control over the outcome" per Gen Votel
[email protected] designates seven ISIS-affiliated groups and two senior leaders
ISIS stones man for adultery at Wazir Tangi Nangarhar5 month ago
ISIS stones man for adultery at Wazir Tangi #Nangarhar
Army forces released 1,447 suspects from those who were arrested since the start of the military operation Sinai2018 .
Footage From the raids in Rafah city areas . Temsah 2 Egyptian-made Mraps / Nimar Ajban 4×4 APCs / RG-33 Mraps, appear with the army Forces
Sources: There were violent clashes during the day between the army forces and ISIS elements on the perimeter of the international road Arish - Rafah and was heard then heavy artillery shelling.
Military Spokesman: Statement No. 12 of the General Command of the Armed Forces on the Comprehensive Sinai Process 2018
Egypt army kills 11 militants and destroys of 375 hideouts
5 month ago
There is no physical infrastructure of ISIS in Kashmir says Home Ministry in response to reports of the group being responsible for the killing of a cop in Srinagar
Clashes happened last night in tikrit after swat opened fire on an unknown car Refuse to stop to the order
5 month ago
ISIS attacks Iraqi forces, Hashid al-Shaabi south and west of Kirkuk
Jordanian security forces arrest an ISIS cells that planned to attack Israeli businessmen visiting Jordan, American embassy in Amman
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