Map. History of ISIS conflict

21 February 2018
OIR Spokesman: [email protected] Condemns ISIS Attack near Hawijah. @CJTFOIR also expresses condolences to families of PMF killed. The fight vs. Daesh continues, remnants and cells remain. @Coalition will cont. to support Iraq in achieving the lasting defeat of Daesh.
OIR Spokesman: Raqqa Internal Sec. Force members participate in @CJTFOIR basic counter improvised explosive device course in eastern Syria; training addresses the scores of booby traps implanted by ISIS with goal to cont. to kill and harm innocent civilians.
Damascus: The clashes continue today for the seventh consecutive day between HTS and ISIS on the Abu Fuaad bakery axis west of Yarmouk camp, and that happened after ISIS took control of Hefa/Haifa street and the Al-Wasim mosque block, and completing control of 15th ST
A service member with Combined Joint Task Force - Operation Inherent Resolve died Feb. 19, 2018 in a non-combat-related incident
Reports about a deal that dictates evacuation of 160 wounded sick from towns of Kafraya and Fua under the care of the red crescent in northern Idlib by the protection of HTS in return of the evacuation of HTS fighters from Yarmouk camp in southern Damascus towards Idlib
France makes three arrests linked to August 2017 Barcelona attacks investigation - Spanish ministry
Infographic for The results of the military operation Sinai 2018 to date
16 hour ago
Lavrov: US and NATO military are trying to deny facts about the presence of ISIS in Afghanistan.
16 hour ago
Lavrov: we must prevent the infiltration of ISIS fighters from Afghanistan into Central Asia and Russia
Hassaka security forces identified and defused a car equipped with a suicide bomber
20 hour ago
Britain and U.S. in talks over captured British Islamic State fighters: UK minister
Defeats in Middle East driving Islamic State fighters to Philippines - separatist
Governor of Kirkuk: There are terrorist cells south and west of Kirkuk
3 civilians were killed and 2 wounded in Jalalabad city blast
An explosion in Jalalabad city, casualties fears
At least 3 people killed in Jalalabad explosion, eyewitnesses claim
Substantial damage was caused to shops in PD2 in Jalalabad after an explosion rocked the area. Officials have not yet released details on casualties
ISF clashed with ISIS elements near Daquq roughly 2 hours ago. No new updates yet. The most recent activity in that region was the seizure of a SVBIED after the driver was killed several days ago.
Iraqi Army Aviation targeted several ISIS dens near the Tigris today.
ISIS sleeper cells and sympathizers ambushed a PMU convoy that was on a reconnaissance mission in Hawija. 27 PMU were killed 17 of them were from Basrah south Iraq
The shadowy, grey,unmarked S92 helo spotted leaving SDF controlled Central Prison in Hasaka today. Activists long suspected part of prison to have become "black site" where Islamic State key captives are interrogated
More details. PMF and Federal Police also apprehended 5 ISIS who were complicit in last night's ambush. The militants had disguised themselves as Federal Police then proceeded to set up a fake checkpoint near Saadouniyah village.
SDF is controlling parts of Bahra town after heavy clashes against Daesh
Heavy clashes between SDF and Daesh around Bahra town in Eastern DeirEzzor
Egypt's MOD releases in the 10th Statement video For Sinai2018 op, Footage For the live clashes Between army Forces and the terrorist elements in Rafah city, Northern Sinai .
Sirte Crime Department discovered some old weapons and UXOs (at least some likely used by ISIS), including an SA-7b MANPADS without a grip stock and thermal battery, and generally in very rough condition
Iraq's military spokesman says Iraqi forces are searching the Al Saadounya area, southwest of Kirkuk, where the attack took place
Egypt: 3 Soldiers, 4 Militants Killed in Sinai Campaign
Map: Militants groups and International Operations in Sahel area.1 day ago
Map: Militants groups and International Operations in Sahel area.
ISKP shows (and slaughters) two alleged spies. One of them is the Taliban's one and the second one belongs to Afghan government intelligence agency