SDG birlikleri IŞİD kontrolündeki Susah kasabasının %90\'ını ele geçirdi

Map. History of ISIS conflict

20 Nisan 2019
Iraq Army 16th Division, 75th Brigade, ERD 2nd governmentnt, and Nineveh SWAT launched an operation in direction of Jazeera Desert as retaliation for yesterday's terror attack.
OIR Spokesman: ISIS continues to launch attacks from mosques. They have no regard for innocent lives and protected sites. The Coalition conducted a strike today on an ISIS fighting position in As Susa mosque. The MERV will be captured soon by SDF
5 ay önce
Egypt- ISIS claim+Amaq report on killing of soldier in sniper attack near al-Arish Airport and Amaq report on ISIS assassination by gunfire of 4 soldiers in al-Arish, North Sinai (both attacks occurred on October 22)
5 ay önce
SDG birlikleri IŞİD kontrolündeki Susah kasabasının %90'ını ele geçirdi
5 ay önce
SDG örgütü Marashidah kasabasının önemli bir kısmını IŞİD'den aldı
Islamic State Khurasan (ISK): IED Destroys Hummer in Manaw village, Jarbarhar District Nangarhar
IŞİD üyeleri Ebu Kemal kentinde birçok evi bastılar ve çok sayıda sivili Rejim güçleri ile görüştükleri iddiasıyla gözaltına aldılar.
11 militants killed in clashes with Egyptian police in the desert region adjacent to Assiut Governorate
SDG ve özyönetim IŞİD ile birlikte çalışan fakat ölüm veya infazlarla ilgisi olmayan 102 tutukluyu serbest bıraktı.
IŞİD kontrolündeki Hajin'den ABD'nin MQ-9 Reaner İHA ve F-15E donanımlarını gösteren fotoğraflar
Uluslararası Koalisyon güçleri Rakka'da IŞİD'e ait silah deposu buldu
Somalia: ISIS claims targeted assassination of two Policemen in Mogadishu
IS claims to have sniped a AQAP member "Jalajil" #Qayfah
IŞİD bugün SDG'ye ait MaxxPro Mrap aracının Fagot Tanksavar ile vurulduğu görüntüleri ortaya çıkardı
IŞİD Suriye'deki operasyonlarından görüntüler paylaştı ve Başdadi'nin 22 Ağustos'daki konuşmasından parçaları videoda kullandı
5 ay önce
SDG birlikleri Susah kasabasının %70'ini ele geçirdiler ve Marashidah kasabası kuşatma altına alındı
Al-Hassakeh Demonstrations in Al-Arishah camp yesterday before the camp administration because of the deterioration of the health and living conditions, demanding new tents and blankets to protect them from the cold winter, southern Hasakeh.
Al Tanf: The top US commander for the Middle East Army Gen. Joseph Votel made an unannounced visit Monday (October 22) to a key military outpost in southern Syria, pressing the need for a continued US presence there to root out remaining Islamic State fighters and serve as leverage against growing Iranian activity in the region.
5 ay önce
SDF forces have took control over Hawi al-Al Susah village in Eastern Deir-ez-Zur countryside. Operation continues to seize control over all Al Susah town
5 ay önce
Islamic State Khurasan (ISK) claims explosive device destroyed a Hummer and injured 3 Afghan soldiers in Khogyani district, Nangarhar
Iraq: Devasting initial moments of the effects of a car bomb explosion parked in the area of ​​Qayyara south of Mosul
About 80% of Susah town was cleared from Daesh by SDF
High-ranking officials of the Russian region of Dagestan issued health insurance to ISIS militants before they being sent to Syria - region chairman Vasiliev
6 people (including two soldiers) killed and 40 wounded in a car bomb attack that targeted a public market in al-Qithara sub-district southern Mosul city.
Iraq Local sources confirm death and injured caused by an huge explosion in the center of the area of Qayyarah South. These sources say probably ISIS attack
Indiana: 31-year-old Marlonn Hicks discussed planning terror attacks with an FBI source he believed was a supporter of the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), a designated foreign terrorist organization
Cashes on the Tadef front
6 ay önce
Amaq report on ISIS IED attack near al-Arish that destroyed an M60 MBT, and a separate IED attack that destroyed a Humvee near al-Arish Airport, North Sinai
Continuing the trend of an increasing militant presence to the west of North Sinai's capital city, unidentified armed men set up a temporary roadblock on the Arish-Qantara International Road in the early hours of Sunday
6 ay önce
South Syria: ISIS gave a list of ~90 detainees to free from Damascus jails in exchange for liberation of abductees from E. Suweida. 2nd part (3 in total) of deal about to be implemented
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