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21 օգոստոս 2018

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8 month ago
SOHR: Hayyaat Tahrir Al-Sham restores an area it lost to the "Islamic State" organization in the countryside of Hama
8 month ago
A man wanted for his alleged relationship with jihadists has crossed the border into northern Catalonia. After one hour in Spanish territory he has returned to France
Spanish police are searching for a presumed jihadist in Barcelona in imminent 'lone wolf' would attack; his name: Abdel Hakim El Ouakili (37) (source: @gaceta_es)
Deir ez-Zur Eastern countryside: The forces of the government and its militias backed by Iraqi popular militias control the river strip in the countryside of Bu Kamal and the clashes stopped in part and calm the area
US-led Coalition tells Rudaw about 1,000 ISIS are estimated to remain in Iraq as of December 21
8 month ago
"There will continue to be adjustments to the type of support jusy given the way the campaign is proceeding" says McGurk "That was always part of the plan"
8 month ago
"We will continue to remain in Syria and continue to work with local hold forces, the Raqqa internal security forceand continue to work with the Syria|n Democratic Forces" per @brett_mcgurk
8 month ago
"I think they'll retain a fairly significant presence" @StateDept's @brett_mcgurk says of Russia military in Syria
8 month ago
Territory retaken from ISIS with US and coalition help has not fallen back into ISIS' hands, per @brett_mcgurk "The Russia|ns can't say that"
8 month ago
"We're staying in SyriaISIS is not totally defeated in Syria" per @brett_mcgurk "That's very clear"
8 month ago
Global plan vs #ISIS still requires denying terror group sanctuary so it can attracr #foreignfighters per McGurk
New ISIS map released by @StateDept.
ISIS "It used to be a very well-connected organization, run out of Raqqa" per @brett_mcgurk with direct communication to Libya Sinai Nigeria Afghanistan "We've pretty much severed a lot of that"
8 month ago
"We think there, in some of these areas where they still are, about 3,000 or so" ISIS fighters in Iraq Syria, per @StateDept's @brett_mcgurk "There's not been a significant exodus of foreignfighters"
8 month ago
"The deconfliction line, overall, has held" with Russia in Syria, per @StateDept's McGurk, though defers to @DeptofDefense "This is really, really serious business"
IS released a video that shows them directly striking a helicopter of Minister of Defence Sedky Sobhi and Minister of Interior Magdy Abdel-Ghaffar by using an ATGM
8 month ago
"It takes focus and attention and prioritization from the top and that what we got from day 1," @StateDept's @brett_mcgurk says of @POTUS efforts on anti ISIS "Those decisions were made"
8 month ago
"We had to do a lot to get the foundation for a campaign [vs ISIS] set" per @brett_mcgurk when asked why progress in past year and not in previous administration
8 month ago
ISIS "still finds ways to move money around" warns @brett_mcgurk
8 month ago
"We've completely decimated ISIS's financing" per @brett_mcgurk "They really have no ability to raise significant revenue from what used to be their state-like holdings"
8 month ago
ISIS' self-delcared caliphate "was the calling card, what held the organization together" per @StateDept's @brett_mcgurk, but says counter messaging still needed
8 month ago
"Months of operations left" vs ISIS in Syria, says @StateDept's McGurk, also faced with many ISIS fighters trying to flee
8 month ago
"There's still some very significant fighting going on" vs ISIS in Iraq Syria, per @brett_mcgurk "Nobody who works on these problems will tell you we're popping champagne corks or anything. This is not over"
8 month ago
"We are not engaged in nation-building exercises or long-term reconstruction" @StateDept's @brett_mcgurk says of US role in Syria
8 month ago
"We do believe the outlying neighborhoods of Raqqa, which are fairly well intact, we will see significant returns" per @brett_mcgurk
8 month ago
"Every single standing structure in Raqqa has an IED in it" from ISIS per @StateDept's @brett_mcgurk
8 month ago
"Syria situation still totally unacceptable" per @StateDept's @brett_mcgurk "attributable to Bashar al Assad and his government"
8 month ago
2.7 million Iraq|is returned to their homes, 1.4 million in past year, per @brett_mcgurk
8 month ago
ISIS has lost 98% of the territory it once held, with 50% of those losses coming since January 2017, per @brett_mcgurk (areas is green as ISIS losses)
8 month ago
"They [ISIS] were aspiring to major 9-11 type of attacks" per @brett_mcgurk
8 month ago
When @POTUS elected, "We faced real critical challenges as far as major plotting attacks against us and against our partner homelands" per Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS @brett_mcgurk on D-ISIS camapign
8 month ago
Daesh announces 25 dead in a motorcycle explosion in Herat, Afghanistan
The start of the payment of 200,000 pounds to the families of the martyrs of the kindergarten incident and 50,000 pounds to the wounded
Syria: ISIS fighters with a HMG on a motorbike in Abu Hamam.
A security crackdown in Karam Abu Najila neighborhood in the city of Arish, and security forces are removing and demolishing the house of a terrorist
Syrian government and ISIS simultaneously attack SDF in Deir ez-Zor
8 month ago
1600 Islamic State Khorasan Province fighters killed in past 9 months says Afghan MOD, among them 300 commanders.
YPG: Recent developments in Deir Al-Zor show a new temporary deal between IS and Syrian government. Not surprising, it is normal when it comes to blocking Kurds
Police in Melbourne say a 24-year-old man who was arrested close to the scene of the crash was discovered to have a bag containing knives after he was seen filming the incident
Belgian teenager responsible for 25% of all French ISIS-propaganda on Telegram
Victoria police: Police will remain on the scene at Flinders Street well into the evening and tomorrow morning. We ask the community to continue to avoid the highlighted area. We will provide an update once the crime scene has been cleared.
One of The names of leaders who support the planners of the terrorist operations in Sinai Suleiman Duhbeh Abu Malhous 33 years and (known as Abu Omar), he is the second man in the group, and the deputy commander-in-chief, and permanent mobility from one village to another in Sheikh Zuwaid because of air strikes.
Army forces drop 14 terrorists between dead and wounded in violent clashes taking place today .. One day after trying to target the Minister of Defense and Interior
Hama: ISIS recaptured Rasm Ḩammām village (Many positions were recaptured by HTS last week)
Both suspects in custody. Suspects appear to be of Middle Eastern appearance. Eyewitness accounts state that bystanders apprehended the suspects before Police arrived. Police have not ruled out terrorism as the motivation. Images - @FairfaxMedia
5 ISIS sleeper cells arrested in Mithaq area of East Mosul, Iraq.
[email protected] has warned that the defeat of ISIS does not guarantee the safety of journalists in Iraq and Syria as militias see a rise in power and influence
The Bayside Shopping Centre at Frankston has been evacuated. "There were three loud bangs. There were flames. People were running everywhere."
Reported gas bottle explosion at shopping center in Frankston outside Melbourne
Australian police: 19 injured after an accident in Melbourne, driver arrested
A four-wheel drive has mowed down pedestrians outside Melbourne's main train station on Flinders street, injuring 12 people including a young child
Melbourne: A driver of a car has been arrested after a car hit pedestrians on Flinders Street. Photo Credit: 7 News viewer Cameron Von Borstel. - 7News
Reports that a vehicle has hit pedestrians in Melbourne - Near the corner of Flinders and Elizabeth Streets. - 7News
From this CENTCOM news release on Yemen: 1) multiple US ground operations 2) ISIS there has doubled in size.
[email protected]: The US military has "conducted multiple ground operations and more than 120 strikes" in Yemen since the start of 2017, targeting al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and ISIS-Yemen
IS claims attack on army at #Afgooye
Germany Karlsruhe - Man suspected of planning attack as IS member
Man from Suffolk to spend 20 years in prison for trying to help ISIS
VBIED explosion at Attal area in Sheheel town and updates about many civilians wounded and killed.
At least one child and two civilians wounded due cluster bomb explosion in Janina village West Deir Ezzor. Area was hard bombed by SyAF/RuAF raids.
SDF transferred prisoners, probably fighters of ISIS, from Tal Abyad to Ayn Arab for unknown reasons.
Major Wael Mohammed Kamal from the 103rd Battalion, killed during a raid on the terrorist elements involved in launching a shell on Al-Arish airport south of the city of Al-Arish in Sinai
8 month ago
Huge explosion hits armored vehicle near Bosaso town. US troops were among soldiers targeted in the bomb blast - Media reports Somalia
Reuters: ISIS announces responsibility for attack on Arish airport in the north of Sinai
4 children killed in car bomb explosion in Al Shahal in Eastern Deir-ez-Zur
Attack on Al Arish airport: IS is claiming now that it struck an Apache with the visiting delegation using a guided missile
Coalition: A service member with Combined Joint Task Force - Operation Inherent Resolve died Dec. 20 in what appears to be a non-combat-related incident.
OIR Spokesman: Raqqah Internal Security Force troops help one other adjust protective vests and fit helmets during the 2nd week of Quick Reaction Force training. The 3K-strong RISF are responsible for securing Raqqah, Tabqah and surrounding areas from any ISIS resurgence
Brett McGurk: As major combat ops conclude in Iraq, our @Coalition is increasing non-military stabilization contributions to return the displaced. 2.7M Iraqis already home in areas once held by ISIS. Grateful for new $14M contribution from key partner Netherlands.
5 gunmen killed during violent clashes with security forces in the vicinity of Arish airport in northern Sinai
Unprecedented spread of North Caucasus terrorism threat as schools evacuated in capital of Karachay-Cherkessia. Five militants were killed in a shootout in the republic last week in the first armed clashes there in years.
Egypt: ISIS/Sinai claimed sniping an EG soldier at the "Abu Attiyah" checkpoint south of Sheikh Zuweid
Up to 11,000 civilians died in the battle to retake Mosul, records show; at least 3,200 deaths attributable to Iraqi or coalition forces: AP
"AP also obtained a list of 9,606 names of people killed during the operation from Mosul's morgue. Hundreds of dead civilians are believed to still be buried in the rubble." 9,000-plus died in battle with Islamic State group for Mosul
Wadi Thumayl and Wadi Houran. ISIS setting up shop again
Somalia: Islamic State Claims Killing A Soldier In Afgooye City In Lower Shebelle Region.
Egypt- "missile" (kind and type unspecified) hit al-Arish Airport, North Sinai, killing an officer, wounding 2 others and damaging a helicopter in proximity to a visit by the ministers of defense and interior
[email protected]: "Assad has not demonstrated long-term ability to prevent ISIS from resurgence or threatening us or our partners There is legitimacy for the @Coalition being in Iraq and in Syria, and for remaining there until some kind of process - political process takes ground."
"There have been reports of up to 8,000 IEDs and booby traps that have been left behind in Raqqa The former Raqqa Internal Security Force commander was killed when he was going through one of his relatives' houses." - @OIRSpox
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