Map. History of ISIS conflict

20 سبتمبر 2019
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برلمان إقليم كردستان العراق يصادق على اعتبار 3 أغسطس عام 2014 يوم إبادة جماعية بحق الأزيديين
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ديرالزور: تنظيم الدولة يشن هجوماً على تجمعات لقوات الأسد في بادية قرية الزباري بالريف الشرقي
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مليشيا "ب ي د" تفرض طوقا أمنيا حول حي الصناعة شرق مركز مدينة الرقة، ومنعت الدخول والخروج من الحي، لأسباب غير معروفة حتى اللحظة
Hasake: Syrian democratic forces anti-terror units and Asayiş internal security forces accompanied by International Coalition aircrafts carried out a new compaign targeting ISIS cells in Al-Nashwa neighborhood in the north-eastern Hasake tonight.
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طيران التحالف_الدولي يحلق في سماء مدينة الرقة وريفها الشمالي
There's been a grenade attack in Qamishli. But no reports of injuries
Hasakah: Asayiş internal security force released more pictures of the confiscated weapons and explosive devices confiscated from ISIS cells in Hasakah city
Deir Ez Zor: SDF raid in the village al-Farj, Deir Ez-Zor province. Shooting can be heard in the village
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ميليشيا الوحدات الكردية تلقي القبض على عدد من عناصر من تنظيم الدولة في منطقة الحمة في بلدة الكبر غرب دير_الزور
تنظيم داعش يتبنى مسؤولية الهجوم الانتحاري الذي استهدف مركزا للشرطة في مدينة عدن اليمنية أمس الخميس
ISIS claims SVBIED attack against Police station in Aden causing dozens killed and injured among policemen and Yemeni soldiers yesterday
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Russian FSB in Ryazan region foiled "terror attack attempt" on military unit in Vladimir region. 20y.o head of cell and others were detained
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Baga Battle: 25 Nigerian Soldiers, 47 ISWAP Militants Killed
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An explosion was heard near Salam hospital in Raqqa city. No injuries
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Violent clashes between a regional force and IS fighters in Baga near Lake Chad killed 25 and at least 40 jihadists killed, two military sources and a militia leader said
Trump on ISIS prisoners in Syria: "We have thousands of ISIS fighters that we want Europe to take, and let's see if they take 'em and if they don't take 'em-we'll probably have to release them to Europe."
US Air Force F-22 Raptors over an "undisclosed location" in the Middle East earlier this week
ISKP claimed the killing of 5 Taliban militants in Kunar, Afghanistan1 الشهر منذ
ISKP claimed the killing of 5 Taliban militants in Kunar, Afghanistan
Hasakah: During the campaign in Geweren neighborhood, over 20 ISIS cell militants of Iraqi origin were captured. Huge number of weapons and explosive devices were confiscated in their possession. The operation were carried out by Hasaka military council
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Justice Department: Texas man charged with traveling to Syria and Iraq to fight for ISIS. Omer Kuzu, 23, detained by U.S.-backed forces transferred to FBI sent back to Dallas: statement
About 15,000 ISIS fighters still at large in Iraq Syria per @StateDept's Amb Jeffrey, "with a standard deviation of thousands in either direction" "These ppl, we know, travel back and forth south of the Euphrates"
[email protected] counter terrorism coordinator Amb. Sales: "In Africa, ISIS-linked groups are on the rise. ISIS branches and networks span the African continent from east to west and north to south, they've increased the lethality of their attacks, they've expanded into new areas"
قوات النظام تشن حملة تفتيش و اعتقالات في مدينة العشارة شرق ديرالزور
"We will stop our stabilization funding" in Syria "We will turn to our partners" per Amb Jeffrey, though eh says US is continuing with humanitarian aid
ISIS "still a threat" in Iraq, Syria and globally, per @StateDept's Amb James Jeffrey In Syria, SDF going after remnants of ISIS cells, but terror group still has presence in areas like Idlib
"We need to deny ISIS the ability to radicalize the next generation of fighters" per @StateDept's Sales
ISIS-Khorasan has become "one of the deadliest" ISIS branches in the world, per @StateDept's Sales
Jeffrey: "But that's only where we are. ISIS elements are still very active to the south of the Euphrates, where the government, the Assad government does not have control and in Idlib which is a major terrorist concern, not just for ISIS."
[email protected] says working to revive its counterterror efforts with Sri Lanka, following ISIS-inspired Easter Sunday attack
US Special Envoy for the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS Amb. Jeffrey on the defeat of ISIS' last territorial bastion: "this removed one important element of ISIS' threat to the international community but not the only one, it is still a threat in this core area of Iraq and Syria"
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