Map. History of ISIS conflict

20 يونيو 2019
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مصادر العربية: إرسال تعزيزات إلى جنوب شرق الموصل بعد وقوع "الحشد" في كمين لداعش
ISIS ambushes Hashd al-Shaabi convoy near Makhmour. At least 5 fighters killed and more than 10 others wounded. Iraq3 الشهر منذ
ISIS ambushes Hashd al-Shaabi convoy near Makhmour. At least 5 fighters killed and more than 10 others wounded. Iraq
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IS Khurasan took responsibility for Jalalabad attack this morning.
قوات الأسد تستهدف بقذائف المدفعية الثقيلة مخيم الباغوز شرق ديرالزور.
YPG media shared these images of the Daesh tent city in Baghouz today.
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[email protected] say 4000 people arrived at al-Hol displacement camp today, most of them women and children. "Many of the arrivals are in a very weak condition or have life-changing injuries"
قوات سوريا الديموقراطية: استسلام المئات من مسلحي داعش في الباغوز اليوم
SDF freed 4 Shia kids of Talafar
A video of the surrendering Daesh and their families.
Among those released from ISIS-held Baghuz Wednesday, 12 boys — 10 Yazidi and 2 Iraqi
Photos: Daesh fighters surrendering to SDF in Baghuz
العثور على ثلاث جثث بالقرب من جبل البشري جنوب مدينة ديرالزور.
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Pro-Assad forces continue sweeping operation against Daesh in Deir-ez-Zur Badia, advancing further
IS militants surrendered to Kurdish-led SDF in Baghouz.
SDF: Today in Baghouz 3.500 people were evacuated from Daesh-held territory. 500 of them are Daesh militants who surrendered to coalition forces. 5 SDF fighter who had been held hostage were captured.
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There are currently approximately 1,000 ISIS "foreign terrorist fighters" from some 50 countries in the custody of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces according to the Pentagon
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سانا مراسل سانا: استشهاد مواطن واصابة ثلاثة عشر آخرين نتيجة انفجار لغم من مخلفات المجموعات في قرية تلعرن بريف حلب الشرقي.
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Idlib- Clashes within The city's districts ( Al-Qosor and Moalemen) between HTS members and ISIL sleeper net in the city. One of IS has detonated himself after being circled by HTS. Clashes remain (heard slightly) ongoing.
Islamic State says it killed 10 Nigerian soldiers -Amaq3 الشهر منذ
Islamic State says it killed 10 Nigerian soldiers -Amaq
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French inmate who attacked Condé-sur-Sarthe prison guards pledges allegiance to ISIS.
مقتل ستة عناصر من قسد جراء إطلاق الرصاص عليهم من قبل مجهولين بالقرب من سوق مدينة البصيرة بريف ديرالزور الشرقي.
وسائل إعلام كردية: القبض على الداعشي السويدي مايكل سكرامو في الباغوز
A fighter of SDF leads a number of foreign isis fighters near the Baghouz
Kurdish-led SDF stopped a child ISIS suicide bomber and defused his explosives.
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5 civilians were killed, other wounded as result of UXO/mine remnants explosion in Khanasir, Eastern Aleppo
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A radicalized inmate stabbed two prison guards at the Condé-sur-Sarthe Prison in Paris, the two prison guards are seriously wounded. The radicalized inmate yelled "Allah Akbar" before stabbing the guards.
French jihadist Jean-Michel Clain's wife confirms @AFP that her husband was killed in Syria, two days after her brother Fabien
In an WhatsApp group made up of ISIS members in Syria, a Kazakh member in Baghuz asked for Du'ā for ISIS fighters entrenched in Baghuz. Chats reveals there have been more than 2500 deaths of ISIS hardened fighters by coalition Airstrikes and bombings in the last three days.
An image from inside the Al-Baghouz camp after ISIS refused to surrender
Image provided by MFS media team shows early morning intense clashes continue by SDF forces against ISIS in Baghouz to fully capture area with @coalition.
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Iraqi Security Source: US is providing money and vehicles to a Tribal PMF Command in Kirkuk Province to create a force in Hawija that takes orders from US and not Iraqi government. It is 1500 strong and operates under pretense it is part of Tribal PMF.
Drone footage from Baghouz. Drone flying over IS last territory known as "IS tent city".
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