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18 يونيو 2019
مقتل ثلاثة عناصر من قوات سوريا الديمقراطية في انفجار دراجة نارية مفخخة قرب دوار مدينة "الصور" بريف دير الزور الشمالي
ديرالزور: تنظيم الدولة يعلن مقتل وإصابة 32 عنصرا للمليشيا الكردية في 11 هجوما بريف ديرالزور خلال أسبوع
Last night an explosion in al-busayrah market also a SDF car was targeted on the road between Al-Shuhail and Hawaij, some sources say by RPG.
Motorcycle bomb in as-Suwar this morning.
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قائد الجيش السريلانكي: احتواء خطر المتشددين الإسلاميين وتفكيك جزء كبير من شبكة المفجرين. سريلانكا
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2nd round of US airstrikes vs ISIS in Somalia @USAfricaCommand says it targeted another encampment in the Golis Mountains on May 9, killing 4 fighters It's the 2nd strike in as many days - 4th since April 14 - to counter ISIS training and recruiting in Puntland
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IS claims an attack in Indian-administered Kashmir, assigning it for the first time to a new branch: "Wilayah of Hind" (India branch). Previously, IS assigned attacks in Kashmir to its so-called Khorasan Province branch.
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الحسكة: الأمم المتحدة تطالب قوات سوريا الديمقراطية بالسماح للمنظمات الإنسانية الدولية الوصول إلى مخيم الهول ومن ثم مراكز الاحتجاز بداخله
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In Iraq, former governor of Ninawa Province says government's decision to arm 50 villages in Jazira area against militants is a good idea but more needed. Quick reaction force, air support, training and intelligence needed to support effort.
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Ishfaq Sofi, a senior militant affiliated with Islamic State's Kashmir Unit - ISJK or Jundul Khilafah - who had also featured in group's Al Risala magazine a few months ago, has been killed in a shootout with Indian government troops in southern Shopian district.
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اشتباكات عنيفة بين قوات النظام و مجهولين يعتقد أنهم عناصر من تنظيم داعش جنوب مدينة ديرالزور
An unidentified aircraft targeted the Assad's forces positions on the outskirts of Buqruss town east of Deir ez-Zur.
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A counter terror operation has just occurred in Tabqa city with the assistance of the Coalition.
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A suicide bomber attacked a market #Baghdad's Sadr city: At least 7 killed in Baghdad explosion, in an apparent ISIS attack. A long time since the last attack in Iraq capital
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The US military conducted an airstrike targeting an ISIS-Somalia encampment in the Golis Mountains, Wednesday, killing 13 ISIS fighters according to @USAfricaCommand. It's the 35th US airstrike in Somalia of 2019 and the 3rd targeting ISIS, previous ISIS strikes were 14 and 26 April
Tensions in Al-Shuhail between locals and SDF
Iraq: ISIS tries to strengthen ties with Iraqi Sunni population and announces its participation to tribal manifestations in Sharqat
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Gunmen kill five members of a family near Mosul
الريف الشمالي : مقتل أحد عناصر " قسد " برصاص مجهولين بالقرب من بلدة الحريجية بريف دير الزور الشمالي .
ISIS claimed the Al-Jurdi attack says targeted an SDF intelligence officer
تحليق مستمر للطيران الحربي والمروحي في سماء مدينة الشحيل بريف ديرالزور الشرقي .
An attack on the road linking Diban and Tayyani by gunman (ISIS cell very likely) and last night a SDF was reportedly killed after prayer in Al-Jurdi.
NPA: SDF hands over Kazakhstan daesh to their country. In total 231 of them: 16 fighters, 61 daesh women and 154 children.
فرات_بوست دير_الزور الريف الشرقي : صور تظهر حرق أبناء مدينة الشحيل مقرات عسكرية تابعة " لقسد " على خلفية المجزرة التي ارتكبتها " قسد " فجر اليوم في المدينة و التي راح ضحيتها 6 مدنيين .
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ISIS claimed to have attacked houses of LNA members in Ghadduwa
Protest now in Shuhil after suspected ISIS members killed in over night raid
SDF: 6 ISIS were killed in Shahil in an operation that started at midnight and ended at dawn after a 3-hour battle which included Coalition landing operation with YAT and SDF and large armoured vehicles
The Iraqi ministry of interior declared that federal police discovered an ISIS hideout in Kirkuk's southern village of Khzefiya which contained 42 rockets.1 الشهر منذ
The Iraqi ministry of interior declared that federal police discovered an ISIS hideout in Kirkuk's southern village of Khzefiya which contained 42 rockets.
YPG anti-terror forces conducted an operation in the town of Shuhil and arrested Abu Bara al-Diri, who financed the terrorist cells of ISIS and was responsible for purchasing weapons and explosives.
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مصدر محلي: محلة غدوة تتعرض لهجوم إرهابي يسفر عن قتل عدد من المواطنين وحرق بعض المنازل
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