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18 يونيو 2019
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ديرالزور استمرار الاشتباكات في محيط بلدة الباغوز وقرية أبو الحسن في ريف ديرالزور.
Inherent Resolve:[email protected] forces conducted a precision strike today on an ISIS held command center in a mosque in southeast Hajin.
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دير_الزور : قوات التحالف المتمركزة بحقل العمر النفطي تقصف مناطق تنظيم الدولة بالريف الشرقي بالصواريخ
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الرقة : قتلى وجرحى للمليشيا الكردية بانفجار عبوة ناسفة استهدفت دورية قرب مدرسة ابن خلدون بالمدينة
Baghuz Tahtani is mostly under control of ISIS/Daesh militants Heavy clashes ongoing on in the village since SDF took Jabal Baghuz a few days ago Deir ez-Zur Syria6 الشهر منذ
Baghuz Tahtani is mostly under control of ISIS/Daesh militants Heavy clashes ongoing on in the village since SDF took Jabal Baghuz a few days ago Deir ez-Zur Syria
At least one Daesh fighter was captured in Hajin after being surrounded.
قتلى و جرحى في صفوف عناصر قسد جراء قيام مجهولين بحرق سيارة لـ قسد في بلدة سويدان بريف ديرالزور الشرقي
SDF fighters captured a large quantity of weapons in Hajin city
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The Islamic State claimed an assassination of a tax official in Afgooye in southern Somalia today.
SDF fighters had also seized a large quantity of ammunition during their operations in Hajin region. Heavy clashes between SDF and ISIS are ongoing.
Reports of attempted ISIS counter-attack on Hajin, after SDF cleared Hajin ANHA: A military source from Hajin area in Deir ez-Zor said neighborhoods northeast of Hajin town were witnessing a street war between the Syrian Democratic Forces and ISIS
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Violent clashes between Daesh organization and SDF on the outskirts of Al Bukhater town in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, in conjunction with an aerial bombing of the International Coalition targeting the town.
فرات_بوست دير_الزور الريف الشرقي : شنَّ طيران التحالف الدولي عدة غارات جوية استهدفت بلدة الشعفة الواقعة تحت سيطرة تنظيم الدولة قبل قليل .
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12 Daesh suspects arrested in Istanbul
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[email protected]: "The Coalition mission in northeast Syria remains unchanged. We continue our normal operations, including observation posts in the border region to address the security concerns of our NATO ally Turkey.any reports indicating a change to the US position is false"
تنظيم داعش يستهدف بقذائف الهاون بلدتي الجلدء و السويعية شرق ديرالزور.
YPG/J units within the SDF force currently fighting ISIS in Hajin were ordered to get prepared to withdraw from the front at any moment to counter Turkish threats and a possible incursion into Northern Syria
Very intense clashes between Manbij Military Council fighters and ISIS militants around Hajin Deir ez-Zur
IS mortar attack on SDF points inside Hajin SE Deir ez-Zur
مراسل جُرف_نيوز: غارة لطيران التحالف تستهدف مجموعة عناصر من تنظيم داعش قرب كازية القلعة في مدينة هجين شرق ديرالزور
The Road between Abu Hasan and Al-Susah is cut
Remote controlled machine guns of ISIS captured today in Hajin. They point it to a certain place where fighters or vehicles would probably pass by and fire it when they see movement at that location the cameras they place earlier.
ISIS SVBIED (car bomb) captured by the Kurdish-led SDF in Hajin town.
Heavy clashes continue in Hajin
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A court in Moscow has ruled to arrest six out of seven natives from Northern Caucasus, suspected of financing militants. A woman-detainee was placed under house arrest.
تنظيم داعش يستهدف بقذائف الهاون أحياء عدّة في مدينة البوكمال شرق ديرالزور.
SDF official says Hajin liberation campaign continues until finishing the mission, claims other reports nothing but a Turkish propaganda
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تنظيم_الدولة يهاجم بسيارات ملغمة مواقع المليشيات الكردية في الباغوز بريف البوكمال
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IS claim of Strasbourg attack 'completely opportunistic': French minister
Daesh is counterattacking Hajin. Very heavy clashes as they try to reenter the town proper.
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