Map. History of ISIS conflict

22 sentyabr 2018
Ninawa police released a photo gallery in early morning today showing a huge weapon contraband, caught on its way to the al-Quds neighborhood in Mosul. Islamic State has been certainly planning something
International Red Cross praises Iraqi government for giving it access to detained ISIS family members in Iraq to provide humanitarian assistance and facilitate communications with home countries. Most from Turkey, France, Germany and former Soviet Union.
6 month ago
Libya- Rada (SDF/Kara) release video confession of 5-member ISIS cell (including 1 from Sudan), arrested due to initial discovery in Gasr Garabulli (Castelverde) ~30 km east of Tripoli with suicide vest, AK, IEDs
From yesterday Black Tigris and the Tribal Crowd of Sheikh Hamad village killed 2 ISIS in vicinity of the Tigris River.
Iraqi PMU (Hashd) kills tens of ISIS during ISIS attack in Sinjar area west of Mosul.
3 killed 16 wounded in Jalalabad suicide attack
At least 4 killed and 6 wounded as a result of a car bomb explosion near the police checkpoint in the city of Jarablus.
Nangarhar Hajj and Religious Affairs Head Maulvi Haqqani among 2 killed and 11 wounded in Jalalabad suicide attack
Nangarhar Hajj and Religious Affairs Head Maulvi Haqqani killed in suicide attack، 9 others wounded
Early reports indicate the provincial head of Hajj and Religious Affairs department was targeted in the explosion. Source says the official was wounded in the explosion
Suicide bomber targeted Nangarhar religious dept director, casualties fears
An explosion reported in Jalalabad city, no casualties reported yet
ISIS in US by numbers6 month ago
ISIS in US by numbers
Philippines frees Egyptian after flaws found in firearms case
6 month ago
At least 13 ISIS suspects have been detained in Turkey's Adana as part of an investigation into an alleged terror attack plot on the US embassy in Ankara
The Pentagon says offensive operations against Islamic State fighters in eastern Syria have been paused because Kurdish soldiers have shifted to a separate fight in Afrin; despite the "operational pause", airstrikes against IS holdouts are continuing.
Islamic State IS claims to have killed / wounded 10 Egyptian Army soldiers east of #Arish in #Sinai
6 month ago
4 ISIS militants killed in US drone strikes in Kunar and Nangarhar
6 month ago
The @UNCoISyria says coalition offensives to beat ISIS came "at an extremely high cost to civilians." Refers specifically to a coalition airstrike on school where IDPs where sheltering in al-Mansoura on 20th March last yr which it says "killed at least 150" including women and kids
Members of ISIS recruiters cell were detained in Dagestan
NATO Secretary-General: We are working to strengthen the training of Iraqi forces to combat terrorism and ensure that there ISIS won't return
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Tomorrow SDF Command Officials will announce the suspension of "Operation Jazirah Storm". The reasoning: the operation had slowed down for some time, but since Afrin came under attack, they decided it is not beneficial to continue the operation.
Pentagon: Operations against ISIS in eastern Syria 'paused'
Islamic State claims assassination of intelligence officer at #Afgooye
Islamic State announces that it killed a rebel fighter with the sniper rifle in #Yalda in the southern suburb of Damascus
Islamic State claims assassination of a cadre of a #PMU popular mobilization militia in the Al-Shat area of ​​#Tarmiyah north of #Baghdad #Iraq
Two dead and four wounded from the Egyptian army during the clashes south of Al-Arish in Sinai
6 month ago
US Embassy in Turkish capital Ankara will remain closed for a second day tomorrow due to security reasons
Niger Attack Video Released By IS Shows Group's 'depravity': Pentagon
6 month ago
Turkey detains 4 Iraqis planning US embassy attack: report
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