Map. History of ISIS conflict

23 April 2018
A new audio statement by ISIS spokesman Abu al-Hassan al-Muhajir titled "By their example, be guided"
Video from a short while ago : 4th Division / Fourth Division Ghaith Forces Rocket Targeting ISIS Positions
Syrian Army continue to progress in Daesh held areas in Hajar Al-Aswad
13 hour ago
Death toll in Kabul bombing rises to 48; ISIS claims responsibility.
Islamic State Khorasan Province claims Kabul bombing that targeted electoral center in Dasht-e-Barch16 hour ago
Islamic State Khorasan Province claims Kabul bombing that targeted electoral center in Dasht-e-Barch
17 hour ago
Afghan Ministry of public health spokesman Wahid Majroh confirms death toll has risen to 31 and over 50 wounded in Sunday's deadly suicide bombing at an ID distribution and voter registration center in Kabul
2 SAA Tos-1As were sent to Al Hajar AlAswad front yesterday.
At least six killed in a suicide attack in a ID distribution center in Kabul: Afghanistan interior ministry19 hour ago
At least six killed in a suicide attack in a ID distribution center in Kabul: Afghanistan interior ministry
Islamic State Claims Repelling SAA Attack In Southern Damascus.
Deir ez-Zur Eastern countryside: Increased arrests of civilians in the ISIS control areas of Bu Kamal, due to the resurgence of the "security" work of the people of the region.
The explosions in Damascus- rockets launched from Yarmouk. They fell upon civilian buildings
Three people killed, wounded in bomb blast, southwest of Kirkuk
S. Damascus: intense airstrikes on S. part of Yarmouk Camp near Palestine Mosque.
1 day ago
Daesh, or so called Islamic State (IS), rebels have banned telecom services in four districts of eastern Kunar province
Malaysia Police says the Palestinian engineer, who was also an imam in a local mosque, was shot by two gunmen on bike. They shot 10 bullets on him. The police chief says that all the motives are investigated, suggests it might be ISIS (sounds odd)
Kuala Lumpur police chief says closed-circuit television footage (CCTV) showed the victim - who was also the second imam of Surau Medan Idaman, had clearly been targetted by the assasins
Assassins gunned down Palestinian lecturer in Malaysia waited for 20-minutes on a motorcycle for him to appear
Islamic State announces it has repelled an offensive of the Syrian Army #SAA and its allies on the southern district of #Qadam and executed 3 soldiers / militiamen
Islamic State claims the killing of an Iraqi army soldier (#ISF) through an improvised explosive device in Al-Asiyoud near #Muqdadiyah northeast of #Baquba in the province of #Diyala #Iraq
Islamic State claims to have killed and wounded several Iraqi #ISF federal police officers during fighting in Al-Khadrah village in western Al-Qaraj in #Makhmur district in the province of #Erbil #Iraq
Afghanistan: An ISKP outpost near Darzab district, Jawzjan province.
ISIS militants attack Iraqi army in Hawija, Khanaqin
BMP-1 with a ZPU-2 AA gun mounted on top, in use with Jaish Khalid Ibn al-Walid in their Daraa enclave
Battery of heavy rocket launchers "Golan" used to bomb S. Damascus districts.
Damascus: Isis claims to have repelled a SAA assault in Yarmouk, killed 3 SAA soldiers and captured some weapons.
S. Damascus: urban warfare started on 2nd day of government offensive vs ISIS but also HTS-held areas. Photos from Yarmouk Camp.
Damascus: Isis claims to have killed 10 SAA soldiers in Yarmouk. Other reports say that 30 Assad soldiers were killed today.
War correspondent Ayhab Balan was killed in South Damascus during his coverage of the ongoing Military Operation against ISIS in Yarmouk Camp and Hajar al-Aswad and Qadam. His last Message "Victory is Coming"
ISIS wounds four people including two Iraqi police in Khanaqin Iraq
Hezbollah-affiliated channel released pics from battle vs ISIS in S. Damascus.
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