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25 April 2018
Islamic State claims to have destroyed 2 bulldozers and killed 6 Syrian #SAA soldiers during fighting in #HajarAlAswad #Damascus #Syria
While pro-Assad forces claim advances SE. of Hajr Aswad, important reinforcements reached S. Damascus today. ISIS claims destruction of a BMP, 2 bulldozers and 30 KIA.7 Stunde zuvor
While pro-Assad forces claim advances SE. of Hajr Aswad, important reinforcements reached S. Damascus today. ISIS claims destruction of a BMP, 2 bulldozers and 30 KIA.
8 Stunde zuvor
One Hashd al-Shaabi fighter killed, five others wounded in an ISIS attack southwest of Kirkuk Province.
Syrian Army enter Joura district in Al-Qadam and control several ruling buildings
9 Stunde zuvor
Concerns about ISIS resurgence remain on West side of Euphrates River, "areas we are not supporting the SDF," per @OIRSpox "Primarily areas that have been captured by the pro-government forces backed by their Russia|n counterparts"
France's @EmmanuelMacron says US, France and @CJTFOIR must remain in Syria vs ISIS "until victory" "In the long run we need to win peace," per Macron
Trump mentions "ISIS killers in Syria," says a major topic during his talks with Macron was. [checks notes].. getting Middle Eastern countries to increase military spending
9 Stunde zuvor
Also, some SDF returning to Middle Euphrates River Valley, resuming fight vs ISIS, per Col Dillon
Trump: After ISIS expelled from Syria, we must increase our efforts to stop Iran from supporting terrorism
Iran cannot be allowed to profit from the anti-ISIS effort, says @POTUS.
9 Stunde zuvor
In areas supported by @CJTFOIR, ISIS only holding some ground in Dashisha, along Iraq-Syria border and town north of AbuKamal, per Colonel Dillon
12 Stunde zuvor
Three suicide attacks rock city of Quetta, killing six, wounding 15: Pakistani officials
12 Stunde zuvor
Libanon Zgharta - IS-Kommandeur wurde im Libanon nach der Überquerung aus Syrien inhaftiert
13 Stunde zuvor
Two suicide bombers killed in Quetta: Pakistani army
13 Stunde zuvor
3 suicide bombers launch two separate attacks in Pakistani city of Quetta. Two killed by security forces trying to target FC post - a third bomber targeted a police van as a result of which 5 policemen were killed and 7 injured
13 Stunde zuvor
Follow up on the house explosion in Nabeul, Tunisia on 13 April. Per the MOI, the home owner had been preparing an IED and planned to target security forces in the area. At least 8 other individuals are reported to have been involved.
14 Stunde zuvor
Der Artilleriebeschuss von pro-Assad Kräfte auf Baghoz und Sousa in den östlichen ländlichen Gebieten von DeirEzzor.
14 Stunde zuvor
SDF wird die Militäroperationen im Osten von Deir-Ez-Zor gegen ISIS-Kämpfers fortsetzen.
Man setzt den Beschuss auf Süden Damaskus Bereichen unter ISIS Kontroll fort.
Hubschrauber der syrischen Armee wirft Flugblätter über Süden-Damaskus ab und drängen ISIS-Kämpfers, sich zu ergeben
NATO and Australia stand side-by-side in the fight against terrorism: in Afghanistan and as part of the Global @Coalition to Defeat ISIS - @jensstoltenberg
Indonesien untersucht Berichte von Anhängers des Islamischen Staates, dass der höchste südostasiatische Kommandeur der militanten Gruppe letzte Woche von Luftschlägen der US-Armee in Ostsyrien getötet wurde
23 Stunde zuvor
Insurgency grows bolder in west Anbar and across northern Iraq. ISIS moving freely among villages, shopping for supplies, and using threats to enforce local compliance. In many areas, there's simply a complete lack of capable security.
Tunnel found by Iraqi Forces near Qa'im. It was destroyed shortly after.
Mattis bat darum, die Kommentare des französischen Präsidenten Macron zu @FoxNewsSunday zu kommentieren, dass Syrien den Iranern übergeben könnte, wenn die USA zu schnell abziehen würden. "Wir setzen den Kampf gegen ISIS fort" mit einer 70-Nationen-Niederlage ISIS 'Koalition, sagt Mattis
Süden Damaskus: Die Szene eines (gescheiterten) Versuchs, Rüstungen zu entfernen, die an der Nordfront des Yarmouk Lager(1. Verteidigungslinie von HTS) abgetragen wurden, wurde teilweise gefilmt. Es endete in der Zerstörung von T-72, BREM herausgenommen, während das Schicksal von T-72 Shafrah (im Feld) unklar war.
Süden Damaskus: Das kleines Video zeigt ISIS Zerstörung von T-72, Shafrah .
US, Pentagon "strongly condemn" bombing on voter registration center claimed by ISIS in Afghanistan, says DoD spox Colonel Rob Manning. "The UnitedStates along with our int'l partners are committed to destroying ISIS in Afghanistan" added Manning
"This attack (in Kabul) on this polling station reaffirms our commitment, reaffirms our commitment to our Afghan partners" says US Col Manning "reaffirms the reason we have to focus on rooting out violent extremism"
Death toll from Kabul attack soars to 691 Tag zuvor
Death toll from Kabul attack soars to 69
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