21 October 2021
Al-Shehail: the sounds of clashes inside the town of Al-Zer, with the sounds of anti-aircraft guns, and additional column of the SDF entered the area
One suspected militant killed in counter-terrorism operation in Nazran
2 SDF killed in clashes with armed tribes in eastern Syria: commander
1 year ago
Syria: last night again clashes erupted in the E. Salamiyah countryside (E. Hama) when a group, believed to belong to ISIS, attacked a NDF position in a village near Saan. No casualties documented
Three ISIS militants killed in Coalition airstrike in Hamrin Mountain
1 year ago
Shooting at Tajikistan-Kyrgyzstan border, 1 border guard wounded and reportedly 1 civilian found shot dead near by
1 year ago
#Egypt- #ISIS claim 2 separate IED attacks (both conducted on August 3) against military bulldozers near Rafah and Sheikh Zuweid, North #Sinai
1 year ago
Incident confirmed at the American base in Shaddadi. Pro-Assad groups claiming they have shelled it. The base was temporarily on fire, but it has been extinguished
1 year ago
Iraq Army 5th Division troops clashing with ISIS near Jalawla
Shaddadi: Local media: Explosions were heard near US military base in Shaddadi, south of Hasake
Iraqi Security Media Cell: International Coalition aircraft kill 4 militants in Hamrain Mountains
Coalition source tells that they are encouraging the SDF and Deir ez Zor tribes to impose stability and focus on preventing ISIS cells from causing chaos
Deir ez-Zur: Syrian democratic forces continue to move military reinforcements to the town Al-Suhayl and its outskirts
Deir ez-Zur: Large military convoy of SDF and special units has entered the town al-Suhayl and its outskirts. International coalition aircrafts are monitoring the situation
In the last hour an IED targeted DMC checkpoint near Diban and in Shahil HAT have informed shop owners of a curfew
SDF put barriers in the city of Shahil, preventing exits and entrance, also checkpoints on the way to Busayra
Demonstrations in the city of Busaira, which is under the control of SDF and burning tires, with the main streets cut by protesters, in solidarity with Al-Shaheil and Dhanan. SDF members withdrew from the public streets to their headquarters in the city in order to avoid collision with the demonstrators
SDF imposed a curfew in the town of Theban after the events that took place yesterday and the clashes that accompanied it between the SDF elements and protesters from the region, with the emergence of writings of ISIS, as the terrorist organization exploited the chaos and protests to write ISIS slogans
Brigade 17 PMU and Anti-Armor 3rd Battalion just destroyed a vehicle tonight near Akashat
Popular anger in all villages and towns of the eastern countryside of Deir_Ezzor against SDF and YPG
Massive SDF reinforcements from Rumaylan and Shaddadi are on their way to Deir Ez Zor, in response to the events at Dhiban,Al-Hawayij,Tayyana
Protesters expel the Syrian Democratic Forces from the town of Hawayj-Dhuban, east of Deir Ezzor
Deir Al-Zour: An explosive device explodes in a military vehicle belonging to the SDF at Al-Nahiya roundabout in Dheban, east of Deir Ezzor. The explosion resulted in the killing of two members of the SDF and the injury of more than 6 others.
1 year ago
The IED attack in Kunar took place in Shegal district. 2 killed and 3 wounded. Local officials said all were civilian
Demonstrations in the town of Al-Hawaij requesting to investigate and reveal the identity of the perpetrators of the murder of Sheikh Amshar Al-Havel, after which the people of Al-Hawaij burned the headquarters of SDF in Al-Hawaij and there are clashes where three civilians were injured and transferred to the "Al-Shuhail Specialist Hospital"
Demonstration in Al-Hawaij village east of Deir Al-Zour calling on the international coalition forces to uncover the perpetrators of the assassination of Sheikh Mutashar Al-Hafel and his driver
Iraq: ISIS has taken responsibility for the rocket attack today near Taji.  One rocket had landed behind Imam Ali mosque in Al-Moshahada Tarmiya & the other one had fallen inside a fish farm pond belonging to people loyal to tribal Hashd1 year ago
Iraq: ISIS has taken responsibility for the rocket attack today near Taji. One rocket had landed behind Imam Ali mosque in Al-Moshahada Tarmiya & the other one had fallen inside a fish farm pond belonging to people loyal to tribal Hashd
Raids on Albukamal at the Iraqi-Syrian border
An alleged statement from Islamic State (ISKP) calls on locals in Jalalabad to avoid installing CCTV cameras at their properties and not to provide CCTV videos of attacks to security forces or publish them on social media, or else they will face "consequences". Afghanistan
1 year ago
Acting Minister of Interior @andarabi said new IS-K leader, Shahab Al Muhajir, is a Haqqani Network member. "Haqqani & Taliban carry out terrorism on daily basis across Afg & when their terrorist activities does not suit them politically they rebrand it under IS-K"
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