Map. History of ISIS conflict

20 September 2020
Iraqi Security Media Cell: a joint force of commandos from Samarra Operations Command & Saraya Salam militia kills 4 ISIS leaders in Samarra district. 2 were wearing suicide belts
1 week ago
4 ISIS leaders were killed in a security operation in Samarra, Iraq
1 week ago
ISIS ambushed Al Quds brigade convoy in western Deir ez-Zur. Up to 11 pickups destroyed
1 week ago
A column of the Russian-backed Al Quds Brigade militia went out to comb the desert of the western Deir ez-Zur countryside and searched for the remnants of the militants in the area were surprised by an ambush of militants affiliated with ISIS in the Badia equipped with anti-aircraft missiles, rocket launchers and full military equipment.
A young man from Deir Ezzor was killed under torture in the prisons of the Syrian Democratic Forces in the city of Raqqa, on charges of dealing with the fighting factions
1 week ago
Unidentified aircraft targeted, with several air strikes, the Rusafa desert, southwest of Raqqa
US-India Joint Statement on Counter Terrorism Joint Working Group & Designations Dialogue. Denounced use of terrorist proxies & strongly condemned cross-border terrorism in all its forms. Need for concerted action against al-Qa'ida, ISIS/Daesh, Lashkar, Jaish & Hizbul
1 week ago
Ukrainian authorities have announced that they have detained the assistant of Ahmed Chatayev in Kyiv (name not disclosed). Chatayev is understood to have planned the ISIS-perpetrated attack in Istanbul Atatürk Airport in June 2016 which killed 45 people
Deir Ezzor, a new inspection campaign carried out by groups affiliated with the SDF in cooperation with the forces of the International Coalition in the town of Jadid Akidat, east of Deir Ezzor. It is noteworthy that the town witnessed an attack by ISIS elements on a Qasd military post, which led to the summoning of military reinforcements and the imposition of a curfew yesterday evening.
1 week ago
Operations by pro-government forces in Deir ez Zor have once again failed to displace Daesh cells. More and more we will see the Deir ez Zor - Bukamal stretch be targeted. Specifically IED attacks
Deir ez-Zur: Two militia members of the NDF were killed in the desert of the city of El Mayadin in the eastern countryside of the city
ISIS members are trying to break walls and flee. disobedience inside a prison in Hasakah, Syria
Islamic State is extremely active in Iraq currently. The number of news updates from IS own news agency about operations in Iraq in recent months is staggering. Like this one on an attack against vehicle in ديالى محافظة /Diyala region east of Baghdad
A demonstration takes place in the town of Al-Baghouz in front of the civil council in the town, in protest against the practices of the SDF members during their birth, the arrests led by Hagal Angel, which took place yesterday night in Al-Baghouz, and the threats directed against the head of the Al-Baghouz Council, Salem Al-Khalaf
CENTCOM commander in Baghdad: "The United States has decided to reduce our troop presence in Iraq from about 5,200 to 3,000 troops during the month of September," Gen. Frank McKenzie announces a few hours ago
International coalition raids Daesh sites in Kirkuk: Iraqi forces
Mayor of Samarra city, "Mahmoud Khalaf", survived an assassination attempt after being targeted by a sniper near the general hospital.
A curfew declared in the villages of Jadid Akidat, Bakara and Jadid Akidat, which are under the control of the SDF from eight in the evening until six in the morning. Quiet in the village of Jadid Okidat and the spread of SDF patrols in the village, preparing to search the village for ISIS cells
SyAF Mig-23 crashed in Deir ez-Zur
Extensive security operations in Diyala & Kirkuk after multiple attacks by ISIS militants on civilians Units from Hashd Brigades: 1st, 4th, 20th, 23rd, 28th & 110th and Iraqi Army conducted the ops
Deir ez-Zur: Clear information from local and military sources: SDF fighters have no loss. Some gunmen were detained in the ongoing operation
Unidentified persons targeted one of the SDF militia points in the town of Akidat, east of Deir Al-Zour with automatic weapons, killing 4 militia members and others wounded
The attack came after the SDF, in cooperation with the International Coalition Forces, raided a number of homes of the Al-Rafdan family, resulting in the arrest of a former ISIS fighter. The sources indicate that the attackers of the SDF points in Jadid Eskidat are cells of the ISIS organization, after the attack, they fled towards the areas of the government and the Iranian militias
Deir Ezzor: Unidentified persons target one of the SDF points in the town of Jadid Akidat, east of Deir Ezzor, which is under the control of the SDF, with automatic and medium weapons.
Jordan official agency: an infiltration attempt from Syrian territory into Jordan foiled
Weapons caches discovered by Afghan security forces in Achin and Dur Baba districts of Nangarhar. One arrest.
Afghan security forces claim to have discovered a hideout of Islamic State (ISKP) in Kabul.1 week ago
Afghan security forces claim to have discovered a hideout of Islamic State (ISKP) in Kabul.
Iraqi News Agency: Two security men were injured after a suicide bomber blew himself up after being besieged in Kirkuk
Iraqi Security Forces: Finding 50 rockets and 300 projectiles of various kinds, south of Kirkuk
Military campaigns by SDF groups, in cooperation with the International Coalition, on the water crossings in Dhiban Al-Latwa and the closure of smuggling to the areas controlled by pro-Assad forces
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