1 December 2023
US State Department: ISIS continues its attempts to destabilize the region
US @StateDept condemns ISIS attack, attempted prison break in Hasakah, NE Syria "Attacking the detention facility was a top ISIS priority for more than a year" per @StateDeptSpox Ned Price, praising SDF for limiting "the severity of this one [attack]"
North Press quoted security source: 6 ISIS militants who tried to escape al-Sina'a prison in Syria's Hasakah were arrested
Air raid by Global Coalition warplanes targeted a building of al-Sina'a prison in Guweiran neighborhood in Syria's Hasakah
1 year ago
Iraq Army and PMF artillery targeted ISIS movements on the Salahuddin-Diyala provincial line
1 year ago
Enemy activity 10 ISIS spotted coming from Hamrin mountains to Mubaddad area in Salahuddin. Reports of 1 person being kidnapped
A raid of the Global @coalition warplanes targeted a gathering of ISIS militants in the vicinity of al-Sina'a prison in Syria's Hasakah
ISIS via Amaq published two videos about the attack Sina'a prison, Hasakah on Thursday. First video features "Islamic State fighters storming" the prison, showing gunmen inside the facility and fires blazing in the vicinity
North Press correspondent: SDF brings in military reinforcements and imposes a security cordon around al-Kum prison in Shaddadi town, south of Hasakah which contains thousands of ISIS members
Al-Hasakah: Clashes continue between ISIS and the Syrian Democratic Forces in the vicinity of Al-Sina'a Prison, Ghweran and Al-Zohour neighborhoods in the city of Al-Hasakah
Speaking of attacks on Christians in the Chibok area, ISWAP also published a photo report from Kautikari (just a couple of kilometers northeast of Pemi), pretty much confirming what it had claimed initially1 year ago
Speaking of attacks on Christians in the Chibok area, ISWAP also published a photo report from Kautikari (just a couple of kilometers northeast of Pemi), pretty much confirming what it had claimed initially
1 year ago
Radio Ndarason reported the death of a vigilante and the abduction of 16 girls in the village of Pemi, near Chibok, on Thursday
The Americans have brought Bradley IFVs to support the SDF in clashes against Daesh cells and escaped inmates at al Sina'a prison in Hasakah
Cautious calm looms in Guweiran neighborhood on Syria's Hasakah peppered with firing sometimes
In total the SDF claim killing 22 Daesh fighters so far today
IMAGE from today's clashes in vicinity of the Gweiran (al-Sinaa prison), Al Zouhur neighborhood
Exclusive Rudaw footage of the vicinity of Ghweran prison in Hasaka where clashes between the SDF and ISIS continue
Islamic State claimed the attack against Iraqi Army in Diyala and also released a photoset from the attack.
North Press correspondent: The area surrounding of al-Sina'a prison in Syria's Hasakah witnesses an increase of clashes with explosions heard in the site
Rudaw reporter on the ground says a large number of SDF forces have been deployed to Hasaka where a prison break attempt by ISIS members late Thursday has resulted in intense fighting between ISIS cells and the SDF since then.
Hasake: International coalition warplanes bombed a ISIS point in the in the vicinity Ghweran neighborhood
The killing of the director of the industry prison in Ghweran neighborhood, the leader Jamal Kobani, in the clashes taking place between SDF forces and ISIS elements in the vicinity of the industrial prison. Al-Hasakah
Since 5:30 shooting again heard in Hasakah near al Sina'a prison. With helicopters also heard
In Iraq, observers criticize the Defense Minister after ISIS kills 11 soldiers as they slept in Azim district in Diyala Province. What is the role of the Defense Minister
Large amounts of attacks by Daesh cells against SDF targets across Deir ez Zor in an attempt to distract away from the ongoing crisis in Hasakah. Several checkpoints attacked. SDF headquarters in Busayrah was shot at with an RPG and machine guns. Home of a commander in Dhiban hit
More 4 attacks targeted SDF locations in AlBussira, Muaijel, Ushaiteh, and on Conoco road in DeirEzzour countryside
Hasakah: Also in this video is an American Apache firing it's 30mm cannon
Statement by US Embassy in Baghdad on the deadly ISIS attack on Iraqi forces in Diyala
Mazloum Abdi: We reiterate that our fight against ISIS continues and we will not stop until all criminal elements are put behind bars
The first official acknowledgement of the Hasakah prison break from ISIS media, doesn't tell anything we don't yet know - but their reporting on the matter has begun
American drone strike earlier on the al Zuhour neighborhood of Hasakah targeting Daesh held up in a building
Coalition official confirms coalition aircraft are flying in support of the SDF operations in Hasakah in NE Syria following an attempted prison break by ISIS sleeper cells and inmates
SDF: Our forces Thwarted a mass escape attempt by Daesh members in Al Gweran prison / Hasakha city , and managed to capture 89 in the vicinity of the prison . Clashes are ongoing in the vicinity of the prison . SDF media center 12:20PM 21 January 2022
A circulating video of the displacement of people from some residential neighborhoods towards the security square of the Pro-Assad forces forces in the city of Al-Hasakah as a result of the ongoing clashes in Ghweran neighborhood
The situation following massive ISIS attack on al-Sinaa prison in Hasakah is still ongoing
New statement by SDF Press Office says that ISIS sleeper cells are using civilians in the neighborhood Zihur and areas northern of the al-Sina prison as human shields. There are even reports about civilians who have been killed by ISIS militants
SDF: Our forces arrested 89 ISIS detainees who tried to escape al-Sina'a prison in Hasakah city, NE Syria
In light of the ongoing clashes between SDF and ISIS militants in Syria's Hasakah, several neighborhoods witness mass exodus
Violent clashes continue between Kurdish forces and ISIS militants inside Ghweran prison in Al-Hasakah
Iraqi President Barham Salih: The terrorist attack in Diyala is a despicable and failed attempt to target our security
The Syrian Observatory: The death toll from ISIS' attempt to storm Al-Hasakah prison has risen to 25
An ISIS attack in the Diyala Province killed 11 Iraqi soldiers