21 June 2021
Peter Cherif, key player in the French jihadist scene and alleged mastermind of the Charlie Hebdo attack, reportedly arrested in Djibouti
More than 150 trucks loaded with logistical equipment from the International Coalition to the SDF
Egypt - Amaq report on ISIS IED attack targeting military bulldozer near Rafah, North Sinai
Three members of the pro-Assad forces were killed and others were injured following an attack by ISIS on their positions on the outskirts of the city of Albuqmal east of Deir al-Zour
Egypt- latest ISIS al-Naba newsletter (161) with compilation of attacks in North Sinai, including a new photo from the December 17 complex ambush near Jabel al-Maghara, Central Sinai2 year ago
Egypt- latest ISIS al-Naba newsletter (161) with compilation of attacks in North Sinai, including a new photo from the December 17 complex ambush near Jabel al-Maghara, Central Sinai
ISIS's new edition of al-Naba just has no comments on Trump's decision to withdraw from Syria, although it features it in the news roundup at the end of the pages: The magazine features the attack in France; and calls on followers to attack during the holiday season.
2 year ago
SDF is advancing inside of Abu Al-Khatir and with clashes at Al-Susah and Al-Baghuz Fawqani and Abu Hasan
Sen. Lindsey Graham says decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria is "a big gift" to Iran, ISIS: "The only reason they're not dancing in the aisles in Tehran and ISIS camps is they don't believe in dancing."
YPG seized a would-be IS up-armored SVBIED in the workshop in Hajin where it was supposed to be overhauled in, two days ago. Rear bed of the 4x4 has been detached in preparation for eventual mounting of rear payload. Arabic logo in front says "Islamic State"
[email protected] reaction to US pullout from Syria - "We have taken note of the US decision," NATO official tells @VOANews ".including the White House's statement that the United States will continue to work with allies to deny ISIS territory, funding and support"
U.S. officials have told @Reuters that the U.S. will be ceasing the air campaign in Syria entirely.
SOHR: after the US decision to withdraw. SDF leadership and the Syrian government are holding a high-level meeting to discuss the handover of the oil fields in the east of the Euphrates
Trump says US troops leaving Syria 'no surprise', says 'Russia, Iran, Syria and others - the local enemy of ISIS'
2 year ago
Putin: I agree with Trump that ISIS has been defeated in Syria.
Egyptian security announced the liquidation of 8 people and the arrest of others on charges of preparation of attacks on Christmas
SDF has captured Al-Qal'aa neighborhood in Hajin town,after failed ISIS attack
SDF: withdrawal of the international coalition will create a state of instability, and will create a political and military vacuum
SDF says "battle against ISIS is in decisive phase that requires more support, not withdrawal", adding that this step will "have dangerous implications on regional, international stability"
2 year ago
Indian intelligence arrests seven ISIS-linked individuals in a major raid in Tamil Nadu
2 year ago
London confirms that the ISIS has not yet been defeated in Syria
Morocco police confirms arrests of three other suspects in killing of Danish, Norwegian women
France to stay in Syria after US troops ordered home: minister
The French defense minister: ISIS has not yet been completely defeated
SOHR: SDF leadership is considering the release of ISIS detainees, which they are about 3,200 prisoners.
Heavy clashes in Hajin town between SDF and ISIS continues in eastern Deir Ez-Zor. SDF seized large parts including southern al-Qal'a neighborhood
Britain on @POTUS' Syria-ISIS decision:  The Global Coalition against Daesh has made huge progress per UK spox Important advances have been made in recent days in the last area of eastern Syria which Daesh has occupied.  But much remains to be done.2 year ago
Britain on @POTUS' Syria-ISIS decision: "The Global Coalition against Daesh has made huge progress" per UK spox "Important advances have been made in recent days in the last area of eastern Syria which Daesh has occupied." "But much remains to be done."
US administration official: We reject the comparison between Trump's decision to withdraw from Syria and Obama's decision to withdraw from Iraq
A roadside bomb exploded during a patrol of the YPG militia in Qamishli
SDF: US withdrawal from Syria is betrayal and stab in the back.
@VP is at the Pentagon this morning for a meeting with Secretary Mattis. Neither Pence, Mattis or @DepSecDef Shanahan would answer reporter questions about Syria.
2 year ago
UK's Gavin Williamson: I strongly disagree with Trump over ISIS elimination in Syria.
Social Media Image of Dagestani ISIS militants in the Hajin Pocket yesterday. Fighter on the left is notably young and carries a Steyr AUG with Dedal thermal scope, wearing a Gorka jacket too.
US: All American diplomats will leave Syria within 24 hours, all soldiers will leave within 60-100 days
2 year ago
Amaq reports about clashes Khurasan with Taliban in Nangarhar although they claimed that ISKP killed Taliban fighter. Second ISKP claim regards assassination of NDS operative in Kabul
All US state department personnel are being evacuated from Syria within 24 hours: US official to Reuters
WH press Sec: we have started returning US troops home as we transition to the next phase of the campaign
The White House: Victory over the organization of ISIS in Syria does not mean the end of the international coalition or its campaign
Deir-ez-Zur: French ground forces enter the city of the Hajin
IS claimed an attack in Raqqa
Coalition forces are bombing ISIS targets on Mount Qarachogh, in Makhmour
2 year ago
ISIS claims targeted assassination on an Afghan Army officer in Kabul. Local sources confirm IS killer was disguised in Afghan military uniform
Artillery shelling on Al Baghuz Faqani
Deir ez-Zur: Heavy explosion heard in Al Mayadin city from desert side
Several suspected ISIS fighters were killed in shootout with Russian security forces in Stavropol
Inherent Resolve:Between Dec. 9 and Dec. 15, CJTF-OIR conducted 208 strikes consisting of 378 engagements in Syria.
Islamic State kills 700 prisoners in east Syria: Syrian Observatory
Deir ez-Zur Eastern countryside: International coalition aircraft launched several air raids on the town of Al-Bagouz Fawqani, resulting in explosions that rocked the area.
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