Map. History of ISIS conflict

19 September 2018
7 month ago
Ambulances stream in through the Emergency Hospital entrance gate in Kabul as they transfer the wounded to the facility following Saturday's deadly bombing
Iraq command says "armed group" stricken by coalition jets in Anbar
Deir ez-Zur Eastern countryside: The exit of a military convoy belonging to the SDF consisting of about 60 vehicles from the oil field coming from the Syrian-Iraqi border towards the city of Manbij
SDF control the Maadan district of Granig town after clashes with ISIS elements.
Deir-ez-Zur Eastern countryside: government forces reinforcements to the city of Al-Ashara and the town of Sabikhan and regain all the areas from which they withdrew this morning
So far most of pro-Assad fatalities in ISIS attacks are from Russian-trained Fifth Corps. Fierce clashes continue on several fronts for 2nd day.
Hospital officials say 10 wounded including 4 security forces and 6 civilians were taken to Mirwais Hospital following explosion in Kandahar City
4 reported killed and 10 wounded in a suicide attack in Kandahar city
Explosion reported in Aino Mina Township in Kandahar province. Initial reports indicate four people were killed in the blast
3 killed and 5 wounded in a blast in Kandahar city
ISIS ATGM strike on SDF 23mm gun pickup truck in eastern DeirEzZor, near Abu Hasan village
Arrested IS woman suicide bomber wanted to trigger explosion on R-Day celebrations in J&K7 month ago
Arrested IS woman suicide bomber wanted to trigger explosion on R-Day celebrations in J&K
SAA find new weapons and ammunitions in al-Hasrat, Al-Siyal, Al-Jalaa, north of Abu Kamal
Taliban, Islamic State use crude oil as financial resources in Sar-e-Pul: Official
National Security Service have foiled a terrorist attempt to attack Al-Hajij village (20km North Tikrit) Suicide vest and Weapons have been found
7 month ago
Twenty-six militants have been killed and 29 others wounded in a string of security operations in the past 24 hours, the Ministry of Defence said
OIR Spokesman: Reports of two US-Coalition members killed in Afrin are FALSE. Completely UNTRUE. @CJTFOIR efforts focused on supporting our SDF partners aggressively hunt remaining ISIS pockets east of Euphrates near Abu Kamal
ISIS attack backed by several ATGM strikes vs tanks and fortified positions. Pro-government forces sustained dozens (acknowledged) fatalities amidst fierce clashes esp. in Salhiyah, Ramadi and Ashaer. So far no claim about area(s) taken back.
7 month ago
President of the Philippines Duterte the made remark after a report from an Indian news outfit reported Duterte was being targeted by ISIS here. Duterte says ISIS' ideology is "totally bankrupt, empty and the come-on is that if you die a martyr, you go to heaven with 42 virgins waiting for you." It should be 72
7 month ago
J&K Police detain Pune-based girl, alleged to be ISIS suicide bomber, from south Kashmir: Police
Allegedly ISIS members in Sinai executed a Russian member who joined the group after he got bored of their behaviors, they sent him to Al-Arish then executed him, claims his surname was "Abu Mariam Al-Rusi"
The allegedly ex-member of ISIS in Sinai claims his group of 7 tried to escape but the attempt was foiled by the group, Also saying almost 40 in Al-Arish escaped during a month and a half, saying many want to defect but don't know the way, they then were tortured by the group.
Yesterday's attack at Gharib village: 25-40 ISIS being involved. A joint force from the Army and Federal Police arrived to the area today. Unfortunately, one of the wounded Brigade 56 died today. Total is 4 dead
A Brigade 51 patrol was attacked by ISIS elements near Sukniat village 5 hours ago. Incident would later end with 1 PMU KIA and 2 ISIS killed.
The @UN Security Council stands united in its condemnation of yesterday's horrific terrorist attack in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. Council's full statement:
SOHR: 38 at least were killed during attacks by ISIS on positions of the government forces and their allies at the western banks of the Euphrates River on a 32 kilometer front
ISIS damaged an Assad government tank in Salhiya northwestern of Albukamal with ATGM
OIR Spokesman: Citizens cast their votes in a local election in Raqqa, Syria this week. The representatives elected will provide leadership for rebuilding Raqqa following years of brutal ISIS occupation. Another step toward stabilization and return to normalcy through local, inclusive governance
Foiling of Abandoned smuggling of a large quantity of firearms and ammunition to the Eastern Bank of the Suez Canal, and seized 107gun , 3 Grenov, sniper rifle and 256 Treasury
Islamic State Claims Attack On Army In South Of Al-Arish In Sinai.
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