22 April 2021
YPG celebrate victory over ISIS 'caliphate' in Qamshli
International coalition: We don't know where Baghdadi is yet.
International coalition: ISIS remains a threat in Syria and Iraq
International coalition: We are still at an early stage of completely eradicating ISIS
SANA's agency said nine civilians were killed and three wounded in a landmine explosion in the town of Tal Jabin in the northern suburb of Aleppo
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeu: Terrorist threat of ISIS still exists in the Middle East
Preparing for a military parade for YPG on the occasion of the victory over ISIS in Kamishly Northern Syria
YPJ celebrate the victory over ISIS
2 year ago
Egypt- Amaq report on ISIS RPG attack targeting a bulldozer near Rafah, North Sinai
2 year ago
Egypt- Amaq report on ISIS shooting attack killing a soldier near Bir Gifgafa, Central Sinai. Conflicting local reports state that 15~ civilians working on a construction project were the target of the attack and were killed
2 year ago
At least 10 killed in two attacks on Boko Haram in eastern Niger
2 year ago
COBRA special police force in Vienna, Austria, arrest a suspect with links to IS group wanted in connection with sabotage attacks on the ICE high speed train network in Germany between Nürnberg and Munich, and in Dortmund back in October of 2018.
2 year ago
Vienna: Terrorist who reportedly tried to derail a train in Germany last year using a wire rope has been arrested by EKO Cobra. A Saddam-era officer and supporter, he came to Europe 20 years ago. Demanded that Europe stops fight against ISIS, otherwise threatens more attacks.
2 year ago
Baghdad: Grad rocket fell on the area of Al Maeamil east of the capital
IS claims 3 attacks in Deir ez-Zur province: near Kasrah (yesterday) and in Suwaydan and Hawayij today
Yemen: IS claims, via Aamaq, the taking of the Humayda area in the governorate of Qurayshiyya, located in the province of al-Bayda, after fighting against the jihadists of #AQPA, who held this position.
E. Syria: new government fatalities in Deir ez-Zur province (Mayadin area) killed in battle (vs ISIS).2 year ago
E. Syria: new government fatalities in Deir ez-Zur province (Mayadin area) "killed in battle" (vs ISIS).
IS after major attack targeting barracks and AQAP HQ, claims to have taken AQPA's position at al-Hammaydah Qayfah
Security forces arrested 2 suspects for involvement in the Feb. 28 car bombing in Mosul which left 14 casualties.
#ISIS sleeper cells attack an #SDF vehicle in Thiban town in the eastern countryside.
Deir Ezzor: international coalition air raids on the vicinity of Jabal al-Baagoz in the eastern countryside
Islamic State linked Moata media claims that the groups fighters used an IEDs to hit police / military vehicle killing 1, wounding 5 in Rebaidah village in Daquq region in the south of Kirkuk, Iraq
US/coalition launched 193 airstrikes vs ISIS in Syria March 10-23, when Baghuz fell Strikes destroyed: 104 vehicles, 63 supply routes, 39 fighting positions, 31 VBIEDs, 9 tactical vehicles, 6 tankers, 4 weapons caches, 2 commandandcontrol nodes and one tunnel, per @CJTFOIR
Islamic State claims attack on SDF checkpoint in Manbij yesterday night
Militants belong to the Sinai province ISIS affiliated terrorist group attacked development projects cravens near Bir Gifgafa village in central Sinai.
Attack on Manbij Military Council kills 7 at checkpoint in Manbij
2 year ago
Deir ez-Zur: Iranian militia convoy coming from Iraq got into ambush in the desert, contact lost with them
2 year ago
Military convoy was the target of an ambush, attacked by Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) resulting in a shooting near Mount Halal, Central Sinai, Egypt
Commander of the SDF writes: "President Trump's decision to leave some US forces in Syria is very crucial for the next phase of the fight against ISIS.the threat ISIS poses is far from being completely killed." He singles out @CENTCOM's Gen. Votel and @brett_mcgurk for thanks
Looks like to be an operation in Hawaij village: clashes reported.
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