Map. History of ISIS conflict

24 Rujan 2018
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Uruzgan: 3 women from Chora district join Daesh
Egyptian Army raid kills Nasser AbuZukol the head of Sinai Province's Central Sinai cadre.
Iraq - Australia confirms Australian detained in Iraq
OIR Spokesman: Syrian Democratic Forces continue securing captured areas in north and eastern Syria. Containing ISIS in 2 places: near Hajin along Euphrates, and Dashisha near border with Iraq. SDF and @CJTFOIR finding opportunities to exploit ISIS weaknesses / conduct strikes.
Yemen: Isis releases some pics of the distribution of the Al-Naba magazine in Bayda governatorate.
"ISIS is beginning to conduct more attacks on the west side of the Euphrates River, outside of Abu Kamal, against pro-government forceswith success" per Colonel Dillon, also reports they are retaking neighborhoods west of Damascus
"There's not been a let up" says @OIRSpox Colonel Dillon re air support in anti-ISIS efforts "What's you've actually seenan increase in the amount of strikes that the coalition is proving, particularly in Syria" since Jan/Feb
Bomb hidden in ambulance wounds five in Kirkuk province Iraq
The FSB published a video of the detentions of ISIS militants in the Rostov region
IS claims: "Three Syrian soldiers, one of them an officer, are sniped and killed in the Yarmouk Camp and in the neighborhood of Tadamon in southern Damascus"
Improvised explosive device injures 5 Iraqi soldiers south of Baqubah in Diyala province. 2 in serious condition.
The head of a terrorist cell linked with ISIS who has planned attacks in Russia's Rostov region was killed himself by using an improvised explosive device blast during attempted arrest Russian security service (FSB)
Iraqi Anbar Operations Command begins operation on 7 axes to pursue ISIS north of Ramadi in Anbar province. 10th Division, Anbar Police Emergency Response unit, PMU and Tribal PMU. Supported by Coalition air.
In Rostov-on-Don, Russia, FSB security service held a counter terrorism operation (CTO) killing 1 and detaining 3 alleged Islamic State militants
Suspected ISIS suicide bomber killed as result of explosion during FSB operation in Rostov
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Daesh (Islamic State) rebels on Tuesday beheaded a 12-year-old boy for supplying food to police in northern Jawzjan province
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Afghan National Defense and Security Forces personnel have arrested a senior ISIS leader who is believed to be in charge of Amar bil Maruf section of the terror
ISIS wages attack on Anbar province, clashes with Iraqi army — local sources.
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Nigerien authorities *may* have arrested Doundoun Cheffou, the ISIS-linked militant whom US troops were chasing in Niger on the day they got ambushed and four soldiers were killed.
Two senators are set to unveil an updated war authorization that would allow the president to extend the war on terror in places such as Afghanistan, Somalia and Yemen where the U.S. is fighting terrorism groups.
Iraqi forces launch an operation against ISIS sleep cells in western Baiji
Isis militants destroy another SAA outpost near Abu Kamal.
Yarmouk Camp hit by a land based Rocket moments ago
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ISIS hideout targeted in latest US drone strike in Nangarhar
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Turkey makes essential contributions to NATO operations and the fight against Daesh. Our AWACS surveillance aircraft fly from Konya in support of the Global @Coalition - @jensstoltenberg
A child was killed and 15 others injured by an bomb explosion in Raqqa
NATO Secretary-General: Turkey is under great threat from terrorist organizations
The French president: We will always make sure that our war on ISIS will not affect civilians
Explosion in middle of Kirkuk city, Iraq, kills 1 civilian and injures 5. Turkmon leader was target of attack but escaped.
S. Damascus: dozens of armours and vehicles gathered N. of Yarmouk Camp for upcoming Offensive vs ISIS-held areas. Both sides exchanged artillery fire.
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