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25 9月 2018

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8 月 前
U.S. commanders have launched an investigation into video footage that appears to show an American service member firing into the cab of a civilian truck as the two vehicles pass on a road in Afghanistan, an action that could have violated the military’s rules of engagement and may hamper the alliance with the Afghan government.
Greater Ali announce the beginning of the final stage for counterinsurgency operations in Hawija. High coordination between them, 9th Armored, Federal Police, and Army Aviation allowed them to purge the area NE of Hawija town all the way to Kirkuk city outskirts.
IS Claims Killing, Wounding 20 SDF in Suicide Bombing by Uzbek Fighter in Deir al-Zour
Ayaked Ullah Indicted For New York Subway Bomb Attack
It's propaganda
Egypt: ISIS claimed to have sniped two EG soldiers and executed a civilian they consider a "spy/informant" for the EG army in the area of Rafah, North Sinai
Nearly 700 fighters graduated from training and joined the ranks of SDF. The fighters are mainly Arabs from towns and villages west of Deir-Ez-Zor.
U.S. grand jury indicts man accused of Manhattan terror attack
It's propaganda
Islamic State announced just a while ago that they are fighting close to the Abu Duhur Military airport and that their fighters are active on that front, 3 SAA soldiers were killed and 5 SAA soldiers were captured alive.
A US military spokesman for @thejointstaff confirms the call took place, saying the two generals "discussed issues of mutual concern, to include Syria." The last call between Gen. Dunford and Gen. Gerasimov also focused Syria and took place on December 6th
ISIS claimed that they have killed 3 SAA soldiers and 5 captured near Abu Duhur airport in Idlib
Russia's Ministry of Defense says Russia's Chief of the General Staff, Gen. Valery Gerasimov, spoke today with his US counterpart, the Chairman of the @thejointstaff, Gen. Joseph Dunford. The two discussed Syria according to Russia's MoD
Heavy clashes between SDF and Daesh around Gharanij town East DeirEzzor
Libya- 2 vehicles manned by ISIS militants reportedly setup a fake checkpoint on the road connecting Sirte and Abugrein at a place called Nakhla, searched vehicles and confiscated food and supplies
15 militants including from Daesh and Taliban lay down arms in Nangarhar province8 月 前
15 militants including from Daesh and Taliban lay down arms in Nangarhar province
Islamic State Claims Killing 20 SDF Fighters and Capturing 4 In Clashes In Gharanij Town In Rural DeirEzzor
ISIL Daesh Khalid ibn al-Walid Army Launched a Fierce Attack by 3 AXIS'S and captured "Al bakar" and Jabiliya and Harat al Majahid around 11:50 PM. Hours Later FSA recaptured Jabiliya. Also FSA say Israel targeted ISIS with Missiles.
Video of removing an IED by DMC (DeirEzzor military council) in Gharanij town
Five killed in Quetta blast
Explosion near Balochistan Assembly in Quetta
Brigade 11 and another section of 9th Armored Division are progressing towards Riyadh with eventual goal of reaching Hamrin Mountains to begin another cleansing operation there.
Brigade 2 and 9th Armored Division cleared Marata, Qawaz Arab, Salihiya, Umm Qasir, and al-Siaha villages north of Hawija during operations today. Several weapons also seized.
Regarding ISIS, @netanyahu says it is trying to establish an alternative territorial base in the Sinai, and that Israel is contributing to preventing that in myriad ways
Egypt: ISIS militants executed a civilian yesterday in the Safa neighborhood of Rafah, North Sinai, they say the individual worked as an informant on behalf of the EG army
SDF has captured Gharanij from ISIS
8 月 前
ISIS has captured Al-Khayriyah from HTS
8 月 前
ISIS took over a dozen villages in north eastern rural Hama and entered again Aleppo province in the south
Libya- al-Rada announce arrest of 2 ISIS militants that admitted being behind failed VBIED in Edraiby District Tripoliand previous failed bombing: - Mohammed Abdullah Balah (Abu Ayoub) - Siraj Khalifa Ali Abdul Rahman al-Jahawi (Abu Huraira)
Philippines' troops urged to be prepared for another Marawi-type opt. Defense Sec confirms continued arrivals of foreign fighters in Mindanao.
Russian officials recently rejected a US/coalition request via the de-confliction hotline to strike ISIS targets just outside the 55km de-confliction zone surrounding At Tanf, Syria, a key strategic base used by US troops, an official from the coalition fighting ISIS tells CNN
Jordan allows humanitarian aid delivery into Rukban refugee camp which sits inside 55km de-confliction zone surrounding US/coalition At Tanf Garrison, on the Syria-Jordan border
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