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19 9月 2018

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11 homes were burned in Maqam village by ISIS near Hawija
Syrian Army, Liwa Quds cleaned some desert areas SW of Mayaden DeirezZor
Footage of a joint Afghan and U.S. Forces night operation against Daesh militants in Jawzjan released on Wednesday by Pentagon.5 月 前
Footage of a joint Afghan and U.S. Forces night operation against Daesh militants in Jawzjan released on Wednesday by Pentagon.
5 月 前
This morning, @poliziadistato arrested 5 people in Rome and Latina: they had ties with Anis Amri, the Berlin terrorist (Isis) killed in Sesto San Giovanni (near Milan) on December 23rd 2018.
ISKP shows spoils from their encounters with the Taliban.5 月 前
ISKP shows spoils from their encounters with the Taliban.
[email protected] reports 14 additional civilian deaths in counter-ISIS operations in Iraq and Syria. At least 855 civilians have been killed by US-led coalition strikes since the start of ops in August 2014.
23 government forces killed in battle with ISIS in outskirts of AbuKamal Among them a Brigade General and a Colonel
5 月 前
Three Uzbekistani ISIS militants were killed in Nangarhar province in a Drone attack
5 月 前
A district police chief was killed in attack on funeral prayer ceremony in eastern Nangarhar pvoince
5 月 前
ISIS Khurasan claims to have repelled #Taliban's assault in #Chaparhar district and killed 4 of their fighters #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
In air landing assault in Anbar province, Iraqi Counter-terrorism service arrests ISIS commander of the desert and his assistant.
This morning, @poliziadistato arrested in Torino Elmahdi Halili, a 23 years old Italo-Moroccan man. He had already been arrested in 2015 for terrorism, when he translated in Italian some Isis messages: that's why he is considered the Italian Isis ideologue.
Abdel Rahman, the 58 years old Egypt|ian man arrested in Foggia yesterday, taught children "to cut the throat of the kuffar [infidels]". Then, he showed them some Isis videos.
Iraqi PMU (Hashd) conducting security operations in Riyadh subdistrict of Hawija, Kirkuk province, finds ISIS cache of 1000 German landmines. Other PMU kill 14 ISIS in area between Ninawa and Saladin provinces.
5 月 前
Brigade 88 found a mass grave during operations on Hamrin Mountains.
Operation took place in vicinity of Husseiniya village near Zab town. Brigade 56's Zab regiment, Brigade 36's Black Tigris regiment, and the 6th Brigade of Federal Police were the units responsible for the elimination of 6 militants.
Counter Terror arrested the terrorist responsible for the Baghdad-Kirkuk attacks. The man known as Abu Suleiman al-Afri and 10 of his cohorts were taken in, based on Intelligence.He had maps and other info or planning future attacks.
ISIS jihadists killed several soldiers and set fire to 11 Iraqi army barracks #ISF during a raid west of #Kirkuk #Irak
Explosion hits central Kirkuk. Casualties unknown.
ISIS remnants in Syria from DeirEzzor down the river valley to alQaim by Iraq border, per Mattis
5 月 前
There are less than 2000 ISIS fighters in Afghanistan, says @ashrafghani adding that 1,300 are already killed
5 月 前
Local officials on Tuesday said four members of a family were killed and four others wounded by unidentified armed men in Chaparhar district of eastern Nangarhar province
IS Adan-Abyan continues to release photosets related to assasinations of UAE related military stuff. Again, loud and visible.
Deir ez-Zur: Video One of the raids that targeted Iranian Revolutionary Guard positions yesterday near the city of Al As Shuyra
Iraq Diyala - Suspected IS militants kill two Iraqi mayors
Iraqi PM urges citizens to stand together to confront challenges to avoid another military collapse as happened in 2014. Asks why false stories are published about the killing of soldiers in Anbar; false news helps ISIS.
Raqqa: SDF Intelligence member Saleh al-Muhimd has been assassinated by unknown gunmen near the town of Mansoura in western Raqqa. Body dumped on the side of the road.
Coalition also partook in operations along the Tigris. AH-64D.
Some footage from operations today in Shirqat
Tunnel discovered by soldiers of the ISF during operations near Shirqat today
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