Map. History of ISIS conflict

18 August 2018
91st Brigade from the Iraq Army (presumably 16th Division) and Jund Al-Imam's (Brigade 6) Shammar governmentnt foiled an attack by ISIS near Shirqat. Militants were coming from the direction of Umm Gharba village.
Iraq announces full control of border with Syria after installing fence, thermal cameras
Three explosions near the ballot boxes warehouse in Kikruk, as manual vote recount to start on Tuesday. Several people are reportedly wounded.
At 0545a local time criminal elements attacked the site of the ballots on the west side of Kirkuk city followed by a RPG attack on Anti-Terror and ISF units. 14 wounded (4 CTS, 10 security personnel). 1 civilian has died and the ballot boxes are intact. IED in central Kirkuk.
HTS raided an ISIS hideout in Sarmin. Among a few 14.5mm guns and ATGMs is the flag of Liwa Dawoud (لواء داوود). The group was based in Sarmin until they joined ISIS in early July 2014.
Pro-ISIS hacking group United Cyber Caliphate UCC issued a statement indicating that being inactive recently is merely "the calm before the storm," adding that there are current divisiveness among the pro-ISIS cyber community and that it seeks to (re)unite these voices.
Mali: Katibat (Brigade) Salah Eddine pledged allegiance to IS and joined ISGS earlier this year released short video supposedly during clashes with MSA and GATIA. Sahel
Iraqi Joint Operations Command preparing to conduct large operations to pursue ISIS cells in captured areas, especially cities.
Yesterday evening, ISIS launched a series of attacks on the positions of the Assad forces in the districts of Subeikhan and al-Duweir in the eastern countryside of Deir-ez-Zur
Tahrir Al Sham announced control over all ISIS sites in Sarmin city in Idlib
An IS tunnel was found in Dashisha, southern Heseke countryside
Residents of Iraqi Kurdish village in Rashad district in southwest Kirkuk Province resist ISIS attack of not less than 15. Reinforcements from Fed Police and PMF (Hashd) arrive.
Clashes between the ISIS and the government forces on the outskirts of the AlDoir and Sabikhan east Deir Ez-zur
Iraqi Army and PMU (Hashd) artillery bombard ISIS positions in south Kirkuk Province. In recent days, ISIS has kidnapped and killed close to 40 Iraqis in Diyala, Kirkuk, Saladin and Ninawa Provinces.
Iraqi forces have foiled an ISIS attack in Adhaim, Diyalah province. At least 4 ISF member killed.
DeirEzzor: ISIS attacked Lebanese Hezbollah headquarters in alSayaal town in eastern countryside
Yesterday the SAA launched 2 SS-21 missiles from the T4 AB against ISIS in Homs pocket
SDF and mine clearance organizations are clearing up leftover ISIS IEDs in the newly captured Dishisha town. So far hundreds of IEDs have been dug out.
Iraq executed 13 "Islamic State" (IS) prisoners convicted on terror charges.
2 Iraqi farmers killed by improvised explosive device in Hawija district, Kirkuk Province.
ISIS kidnaps 3 civilians digging a well east of Rutba district in west Anbar Province, Iraq.
With intelligence provided by Counter Terrorism, airstrikes were carried out on Hamrin range which eliminated a group of ISIS and 3 tunnels. Took place on the lower section near the Diyala-Kirkuk-Salahuddin triangle.
Iraqi court sentences three convicts to death over joining Islamic State
Recent satellite image of Iraqi and US artillery position set up in support of Operation Roundup at Umm Jaris border crossing, west of Sinjar
Deir ez-Zur Eastern countryside: SDF launched a raid this morning in the town of Thiban in search of wanted persons on charges of belonging to the ISIS
International coalition targeted Baguz Fawqani in Easter Deir-ez-Zur with several airstrikes
East Syria: government officially declared today it took over the last ISIS pocket in Deir Ezzor desert (~5,800 km²).
Bodies of 6 civilians kidnapped by ISIS on Kirkuk-Baghdad road few days ago were found dead near Qaratapa sub-district in Diyala province. Iraq
SDF fighter showing a newly captured ISIS SVBIED (car bomb) workshop
Governor calls on Abadi to deploy more troops to Kirkuk
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