Map. History of ISIS conflict

17 March 2018
ISIS sleeper cells and sympathizers ambushed a PMU convoy that was on a reconnaissance mission in Hawija. 27 PMU were killed 17 of them were from Basrah south Iraq
The shadowy, grey,unmarked S92 helo spotted leaving SDF controlled Central Prison in Hasaka today. Activists long suspected part of prison to have become "black site" where Islamic State key captives are interrogated
More details. PMF and Federal Police also apprehended 5 ISIS who were complicit in last night's ambush. The militants had disguised themselves as Federal Police then proceeded to set up a fake checkpoint near Saadouniyah village.
SDF is controlling parts of Bahra town after heavy clashes against Daesh
Heavy clashes between SDF and Daesh around Bahra town in Eastern DeirEzzor
Egypt's MOD releases in the 10th Statement video For Sinai2018 op, Footage For the live clashes Between army Forces and the terrorist elements in Rafah city, Northern Sinai .
Sirte Crime Department discovered some old weapons and UXOs (at least some likely used by ISIS), including an SA-7b MANPADS without a grip stock and thermal battery, and generally in very rough condition
Iraq's military spokesman says Iraqi forces are searching the Al Saadounya area, southwest of Kirkuk, where the attack took place
Egypt: 3 Soldiers, 4 Militants Killed in Sinai Campaign
Map: Militants groups and International Operations in Sahel area.3 week ago
Map: Militants groups and International Operations in Sahel area.
ISKP shows (and slaughters) two alleged spies. One of them is the Taliban's one and the second one belongs to Afghan government intelligence agency
Iraq's Hashd al-Shaabi: Militants disguised in army uniforms ambush paramilitary troops north of Baghdad, killing 27.
Iraq has sentenced 17yr old female German convert to 6 years in prison for joining ISIS. Two other female foreign fighters, another German and one from Turkey have been sentenced to death by hanging.
IS claims yesterday's massacre of PMU forces south-west of Kirkuk, killing over 20 Iraqis and burning 5 vehicles
At least 20 ISF Iraqi soldiers killed and 5 vehicles destroyed in Al-Riyadh area during ISIS ambush
Philippines says suspect Islamist militant recruiter arrested
Egypt says three soldiers killed in campaign against militants
3 week ago
Tribal elders in Nangarhar province said on Monday the bodies of at least 12 local residents were found in Kot district
Niger-Mali: Sultan Ould Bady's Katiba Salah Eddine, a group of JNIM members and AnsarDine members (Kouffa's Toleebe) pledge allegiance to Amir al-Mu'mineen wa Khalifat al-Muslimeen (Al-Baghdadi)/ISIS3 week ago
Niger-Mali: Sultan Ould Bady's Katiba Salah Eddine, a group of JNIM members and AnsarDine members ("Kouffa's Toleebe") pledge allegiance to "Amir al-Mu'mineen wa Khalifat al-Muslimeen" (Al-Baghdadi)/ISIS
Deir ez-Zur Eastern countryside: Sjord Hager of Dutch nationality, a member of the foreign SDF militia, was killed as a result of the battles against ISIS elements in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor.
3 week ago
Some 22 people, including 14 foreign nationals, were taken into custody by police in an operation against ISIS in Istanbul,Turkey
Kizlyar attack: another video, as ISIS claimed responsibility
3 week ago
Russian Patriarch Kirill called a provocation shooting near the church in Dagestan
Dagestan: In Kizlyar Church attack IS didn't have the exclusive of the video where the shooter Khalil Dagestani pledges allegiance to Baghdadi. The video has been released only by some Russian media
According to Caucasian network, Khalil Dagestani (IS militant) left a video bayyah to Baghdadi that Russian media started circulating on Youtube. Last attacks in Russia had similar video statements released by IS Central.
At least 27 PMF militants killed in an ISIS ambush southern Kirkuk.
ISIS claims shooting attack in Dagestan, Russia
Fierce clashes ongoing between PMF militias and ISIS and Saduniya village, Riyadh southern Kirkuk.
Translation of recent Al Naba infographic related to ISWA activites in Niger/Nigeria/Chad.3 week ago
Translation of recent Al Naba infographic related to ISWA activites in Niger/Nigeria/Chad.
Iraqi court sentences 12 ISIL widows to death, life in prison
Car explosion in the western district of the city of Qamishli
2 bomb blasted in Baghdad, Iraq
Yemen: IS increases its attacks against Houthis. Claims killing 5 Houthis fighters
Shooting happened as people celebrated Maslenitsa "Butter Week" at Orthodox church in Kizlyar
Arab League: "Extremist groups are no longer the problem. They have been defeated, or are in the process of being defeated." #msc18
Amaq footage showing IS attacking AQ HTS in Yarmouk Camp Sth of Damascus yesterday
Sinai: ISIS claims that 2 Egyptian soldier were killed by snipers near al-Arish.
For the fifth day, clashes ongoing and increasing in intensity between ISIS and AQ (aka Nusra aka HTS) at al-Yarmouk camp, where ISIS is trying to reach Falastin hospital Damascus Syria.
ISIS official responsible for intelligence in Kirkuk province, Iraq, arrested by security forces.
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