Map. History of ISIS conflict

19 September 2018
S. Damascus: Iraqi Abu Fadl Abbas Brigade (part of Republican Guard's Elite Forces) involved in battle vs HTS and ISIS announced death of 16 of its fighters past 3 days.
The most recent video from Wilayat al-Furat shows ISIS attacking the Medical Directorate of the Popular Mobilization Units. The under construction base was lightly defended.
SAA and Palestinian factions advance in Baradi and Baradat neighbourhoods in Tadamoun + Ma'adhiyah neighbourhood in edges of Hajar Aswad
Army enter al-Madaniyah district as more advances on the axis of al-Asali district, south damascus
The Islamic Republic will definitely punish Israel for the air strike on the Syrian T-4 airbase near Homs, Iranian officials said on Tuesday
Footage: Assad government Mi-24 and Su-22 dropping unguided ammunitions on southern Damascus this morning
Footage: Assad government Mi-24 and Su-22 dropping unguided ammunitions on southern Damascus this morning
Syrian Golan missiles in action yesterday night on south Damascus front
Russian-speaking IS militants in Deir al-Zor claiming that this Russian-speaking IS fighter (on the left) was killed in Idlib province not too long ago (he stopped posting on his Instagram about a month ago)
More than 80 airstrikes targeted besieged Yarmouk Camp and it's surroundings neighborhoods so far today. South Damascus
S. Damascus: ISIS fortifications and tunnels taken by Al-Quds Brigade.
New Syrian Army advance in Hajar Aswad and Yalda Damascus
Anti-Material Rifle captured during Egyptian Army operations in the Sinai
Hawija Council in Kirkuk province, Iraq: lack of public services and security situation is preventing return of displaced persons to Hawija. ISIS is still active and only 40% of displaced persons have returned.
Islamic State claims to have killed / wounded several soldiers and destroyed an M-60 tank, bulldozer and damaged an Egyptian army minesweeper during a series of explosive device attacks and fights between Sheikh Zuwayd and Rafah in Sinai # Egypt
Islamic State claims to have destroyed 2 bulldozers and killed 6 Syrian #SAA soldiers during fighting in #HajarAlAswad #Damascus #Syria
While pro-Assad forces claim advances SE. of Hajr Aswad, important reinforcements reached S. Damascus today. ISIS claims destruction of a BMP, 2 bulldozers and 30 KIA.
One Hashd al-Shaabi fighter killed, five others wounded in an ISIS attack southwest of Kirkuk Province.
Syrian Army enter Joura district in Al-Qadam and control several ruling buildings
Concerns about ISIS resurgence remain on West side of Euphrates River, "areas we are not supporting the SDF," per @OIRSpox "Primarily areas that have been captured by the pro-government forces backed by their Russia|n counterparts"
France's @EmmanuelMacron says US, France and @CJTFOIR must remain in Syria vs ISIS "until victory" "In the long run we need to win peace," per Macron
Trump mentions "ISIS killers in Syria," says a major topic during his talks with Macron was. [checks notes].. getting Middle Eastern countries to increase military spending
Also, some SDF returning to Middle Euphrates River Valley, resuming fight vs ISIS, per Col Dillon
Trump: After ISIS expelled from Syria, we must increase our efforts to stop Iran from supporting terrorism
Iran cannot be allowed to profit from the anti-ISIS effort, says @POTUS.
In areas supported by @CJTFOIR, ISIS only holding some ground in Dashisha, along Iraq-Syria border and town north of AbuKamal, per Colonel Dillon
Coalition airstrike videos in Syria are back. Geolocated this 17 April 2018 U.S.-led Coalition airstrike on an alleged IS "headquarters" to Hajin: 34.688416, 40.8332795
Three suicide attacks rock city of Quetta, killing six, wounding 15: Pakistani officials
Lebanon Zgharta - IS commander detained in Lebanon after crossing from Syria
Two suicide bombers killed in Quetta: Pakistani army
3 suicide bombers launch two separate attacks in Pakistani city of Quetta. Two killed by security forces trying to target FC post - a third bomber targeted a police van as a result of which 5 policemen were killed and 7 injured
Follow up on the house explosion in Nabeul, Tunisia on 13 April. Per the MOI, the home owner had been preparing an IED and planned to target security forces in the area. At least 8 other individuals are reported to have been involved.
Artillery shelling by pro-Assad forces on Baghoz and Sousa in the eastern rural areas of DeirEzzor.
SDF will resume military operations in eastern Deir-Ez-Zor against ISIS militants.
Continuing shelling on areas in Southern Damascus under ISIS control
Syrian army helicopters dropping leaflets on Southern Damascus, urging ISIS fighters to surrender
NATO and Australia stand side-by-side in the fight against terrorism: in Afghanistan and as part of the Global @Coalition to Defeat ISIS - @jensstoltenberg
Indonesia is investigating reports from Islamic State supporters that the most senior Southeast Asian commander of the militant group was killed by U.S. air strikes in eastern Syria last week, counter-terrorism officials said
Insurgency grows bolder in west Anbar and across northern Iraq. ISIS moving freely among villages, shopping for supplies, and using threats to enforce local compliance. In many areas, there's simply a complete lack of capable security.
Tunnel found by Iraqi Forces near Qa'im. It was destroyed shortly after.
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