Map. History of ISIS conflict

19 Îlon 2018
1 month ago
Syrian Army capturde Ard Al-Kura SW of Al-Safa with this advance, Al-Safa surrounded from west-southwest and south
Jordanian Interior: An explosive device was behind the bombing that targeted a patrol yesterday and killed a policeman
Swaida: The units of the Syrian Arab Army in the Eastern Axis advance 60 kms in the eastern desert of Suweida and control the Zulf Dam, the Old Citadel, Tal Al Qantara, Sawah Al-Anamah, Dhahra Rashid and Al-Karaa Land Area.
Salahaddin Isis attack on the Bajari area in Baiji district, after cutting off electricity and killing and wounding 12 members of the tribal crowd in an initial outcome..
Coalition aircraft dropped leaflets over the town of Sousse in the eastern Deir Ez-Ezur, calling on civilians to leave the areas under control of the Daesh
OIR Spokesman: The ISF located and destroyed a cache in Anbar for explosives that Daesh used to target civilians. While Daesh continues their fruitless attempt to regain influence, the ISF is protecting Iraq from militants
The Maghawir al-Thowra captured 5 ISIS fighters in the 55km area near al-Tanf, August 9.
Syrian forces in Sweida desert killed 13 militants from an ISIS in Bir Hassan area.
1 month ago
Activists: Assad forces begin withdrawing from the entire area of Al Lajah in Daraa. #Syria
SyAAF MiG-23 over Sweida.
IS posts photos of Fuqaha attack #in Jufra
1 month ago
SAA Operations toward Al-Safa
SAA Operations toward Al-Safa
IEDs, small arms and grenades seized by HTS in raid on suspected IS cell in Nayrab countryside, Idlib
Kurdish-led SDF and Deir-Ez-Zor Miliary Council secure oil wells in the countryside of DeirEzzor after years of control under ISIS.
Libya- ISIS release photos showing a Wilayat Barqa-manned checkpoint along the Ajdabiya-Jalu road
AL-Tarmah groups - Al Haydar regiment Tiger Forces get instructions for a new mission.
Coalition convoy entering Jordanian airspace for InherentResolve ops 1406z: RRR9922 ZZ330 KC2 RRR9994 ZK371 Typhoon NAF41 T235 KDC10 GAF101 54+11 A400M
1 month ago
Herat – Explosion reported in PD1 of Herat city this evening. Herat police say the explosion has left 2 people dead, 10 wounded.
According to the US Department of Defense, 4,000 to 6,000 IS fighters are still present in North-East Syria and 13,100 to 14,500 in the rest of Syria (Report of the DOD General Inspection to the Congress on the Inherent Resolve operation @CJTFOIR)
Zakaryia Abdin, 19, of Ladson, South Carolina, pleaded guilty today to attempting to provide material support to the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), a designated foreign terrorist organization.
Deir-ez-Zur A SDF member was killed by US marines after he shot a marines after a verbal dispute
1 month ago
South Syria: a second captive (taken by ISIS in E. Suweida on 25th July) died due to "bad health conditions". Several reports suggest negotiations for release of ~30 ppl abducted fell apart.
SAA advanced 30kms against Daesh in Eastern Suweida
Swaida: units of the Syrian army advancing in the areas of Rizema East and Ramiya and direction of Mahra Rashid and Tal Salim Al-Luf and Tall Al Safa and destroy cars, warehouses, and Daesh field hospitals
Government forces and SSNP are advancing in eastern Sweida desert backed by air and artillery bombardment. Daesh left the controlled areas to avoid direct clashes with SAA and allies
Armaments captured from ISIS by Kurdish-led SDF in DeirEzzor.
Daesh launched an attack on the positions of the Assad forces in the town of Hamdan near the city of Al-Bokamal east of Deir ez-Zur
HTS continues crackdown and arrests in villages southeast of Idlib on charges of "planning for reconciliation with the Assad regime" and Daesh cells
Yesterday, IS claimed to have conducted two major attacks on security forces, one East of Tikrit, second in Mashahada district of North Baghdad, killing and wounding 55 Iraqi soldiers. Besides these ones, rides in Kirkuk, Anbar, Ramadi and Makmour.
Egypt- Amaq report on ISIS sniper attack south of al-Arish, North Sinai, which killed a soldier
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