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23 September 2018

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Inherent Resolve:France @armeedeterre Task Force Wagram fires Caesar howitzers at Daesh in Syria. Phase two of Operation Roundup, which began on June 3, targets the area in and around Dashisha, Syria.
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Somalia: Isis claims to have destroyed a police vehicle with an IED in Mogadisho: 4 somali policemen were killed and 1 injured.
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Yesterday, the ISF foiled an ISIS attack on Dharban village in W Kirkuk.
SDF launched a large-scale arrest campaign east of town AL-Souar . The charge: "sleeper cells"
1 fighter from Brigade 110 3rd regiment has been killed after clashes with ISIS in the valleys northeast of Baqubah.
Coalition targeted al-Sousah town in eastern Deir-ez-Zur countryside by an airstrike and killed 3 civilians and wounded many others includes children
Inherent Resolve:France @Armee_de_lair continues efforts to defeat Daesh in Syria. Phase two of OperationRoundup, which began on June 3, targets the area in and around Dashisha, Syria.
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Airstrike target ISIS weapons, munitions depot in Nangarhar, 3 militants killed
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Federal Police with support from Army Aviation launched a cleansing op from two axes between Riyadh and Rashad. 1st Axis in direction of Khirbet Aziz, Hamraniyah, and Tal Al-Abed villages. 2nd Axis in direction of Umm Sahera, Nushin, Narbat, Rashadiya, and Al-Qerguhl villages
SAA restores control over multiple points on Ward oil field - Mu'ayzilah - Tammah - Faydat Bin Muwayni axis in southern Mayadeen desert, securing over 2,000 KM^2 from ISIS
Egypt: ISIS released photo report of yesterday's attack near Sebika, no ambush, they actually set up a checkpoint, checked cars passing, captured and executed three soldiers (one soldier shot in the face at point blank and another beheaded), arms, ammo, IDs and phones seized
Iraqi Official in Ninawa: some of the volunteer teams recovering ISIS bodies from Old Mosul neighborhood, West Mosul, are selling the dead ISIS bodies to the relatives of the ISIS members for between $2K and $5K per dead body.
Egypt: ISIS unsurprisingly claimed yesterday's ambush between El-Arish and Bir el-Abed, North Sinai
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Another attack in Somalia today: Isis claims to have killed a Somali finance official in Mogadisho.
Clashes between SDF and ISIS near Hajin town in Deir-ez-Zur, U.S. and French artillery bombards the area
Two people killed in a car-bomb in Alliyawa, Baquba, Iraq.
YPG video uploaded today shows a captured IS up-armored troop transport vehicle in E. Deir ez-Zor countryside
YPG video uploaded today shows a captured IS up-armored troop transport vehicle in E. Deir ez-Zor countryside
Footage of the SDF advance
About two hours ago, Islamic State released a 10-minute video produced by its Bayda "province" (Yemen) that features images of several deceased IS members, fighting scenes
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German prosecutors say Islamic extremist plan to use the deadly toxin ricin thwarted.
Egypt: Presumed ISIS militants ambushed and killed members of the security forces including an officer and two conscripts last night near the salt production facility in Sebika on the road between El-Arish and Bir el-Abed, North Sinai
Iraqi Forces kill prominent ISIS leader known as "the black robe" in Dibs district in Kirkuk province. He was staying in a house along with 6 of his companions, who were also killed after shootout with security forces. Responsible for recent explosions.
We have found this Video in Internet: Reportedly a civic-style VBIED exploded at one of multiple field C&C centers (local HQ) of HTS on the West side of Idlib city.
Two killed in knife attack at mosque in South Africa's Malmesbury, police say attacker shot dead
Syrian army repel Daesh infiltration attempt East of tell Barakat, East Sweida countryside
E. Syria: sat images show substantial defenses of strategic T-2 Station in DeirEzzor desert. Several defensive systems with 100+ km of ditches and 10s of outposts/arty positions but visibly pro-Assad forces lack men (many are empty).
45 ISIS militants in the custody of Nineveh Police after a visit to Zammar today.
SDF fighters capture two more villages: Derwish and Amiriyah
DeirEzzor: Italian military forces have arrived to eastern countryside and joined French and American forces
Inherent Resolve:Coalition forces fire at a Daesh position near Dashisha, Syria, as phase two of OperationRoundup is underway. Current operations bolster SDF acceleration of the campaign to defeat Daesh remnants.
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