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19 เมษายน 2018

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Acc. to pro-Assad military sources offensive also aims to expel HTS from Yarmouk Camp in S. Damascus.
@obretix: Geolocated Iraqi Air Force airstrike in Hajin, Syria
Government is also bombarding N. section (HTS-held) of Yarmouk Camp S. of Damascus.
S. Damascus: huge night bombardment on ISIS-held areas (airstrikes and waves of IRAM rockets).
First video showing clashes tonight between pro-Assad Palestinians (Free Palestine Movement) and ISIS in Yarmouk Camp in South Damascus.
S. Damascus: drone view showing extent of ISIS-held areas currently bombed following government offensive.
Deir Ezzor: Sounds of explosions clearly heard in eastern countryside from al Bokamal city
Syrian Arab Army preemptive shelling on IS pocket south of Damascus after Russian attempt to negotiate their evacuation to Eastern Syria failed
Intensive missile strikes on Al Hajar Al Aswad district of Damascus
Footage of Iraq's Air Force flattening a Da'ish building in Syria, earlier today
Raids of the Russian aviation on ISIS areas in South Damascus
Dead and wounded as result among civilians of Russian air raids on Yarmouk camp in South Damascus
As the deal to evacuate ISIL out of Yarmouk south of Damascus seems to fall apart SAA goes on the offensive by shelling militants held districts south of the capital.
Massive blasts rocking capital as SyAF and government artillery are intensively pounding ISIS districts. government trying to enter Yarmouk Camp sparking intense clashes.
@ChiefPentSpox: The strike last Friday was separate and distinct from our mission in Syria - which remains the complete annihilation of ISIS
Yarmouk Camp : the negotiators of IS who left the camp with Russian mediation to discuss the details of the exit road, have returned. IS has put new condition which complicated the operation and the dialogue
IS has launched its largest offensive operations against Mayadeen city in Deir Ezzor, held by the pro-Asad coalition, the former administrative hub of "Wilayat al-Khayr".
Iraqi jets bombed ISIS outside al-Shaddi, Syria near the Iraq-Syria border Thursday. The strike was approved by Iraqi PM Haider Al Abadi: U.S.-led coalition statement
At least five civilians were killed and many more were injured after a US-led coalition struck the Syrian town of Hasakah on Wednesday, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights
E. Syria: for 1st time since months ISIS claims an attack on government barracks N. of T-3 Station (E. of Palmyra) with casualties, destruction of 122 mm gun and spoils captured.
Iraqi F-16 hit ISIS targets in Syria in support of government forces
NW. Daraa: Rebels managed to take back positions seized earlier by ISIS on Sheikh Saad front and nearby checkpoints.
The air strikes which targeted ISIS positions inside Syria, carried out in coordination with Damascus - Iraqi Army
Iraqi warplanes bombarding ISIS positions inside Syria.
Syria Today, Isis militants destroyed another SAA outpost.
A mass grave containing the bodies of dozens of Syrian soldiers has been found in Raqqa, troops killed by ISIS couple of years ago.
Hasakah: At least 11 prisoners were killed in a security prison of ISIS in Abu Hamdha village in southern countryside after being targeted by helicopters of coalition during a landing operation yesterday
Yarmouk: Some reports said 1200 fighters and their families agreed already to depart the Palestinian camp to some where near Palmira where IS still control parts of the desert.
Egypt- Amaq report on 2 ISIS IED attacks destroying an APC and damaging another near Sheikh Zuweid, North Sinai
ISIS/Daesh militants Claims Killing/Wounding 10 ISF Soldiers In North Of Baghdad Iraq
FSA regained control over Maskan, Jalin towns and several points inside Sheikh Saad, clashes ongoing against Daesh. West Daraa countryside
Pro- Syria govt media: ISIL given 48 hours to agree to withdraw from an enclave they control south of Damascus or else face military operation to end their presence; the enclave is centered around Yarmouk and Hajar al Aswad area
1st meeting of Iran-Iraq Security Cooperation Committee occurs in Baghdad. Iraqi Defense Minister meets with his Iranian counterpart and praises Iranian role in helping to defeat ISIS in Iraq.
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