Map. History of ISIS conflict

21 October 2017
HTS has recaptured Umm Miyal from ISIS
@haidarrazoq in al-Qaryatayn
Ongoing clashes between ISIS and pro-Assad forces on al-Qaryatayn, Sukhna and Humaymah fronts. Syria
Russian aircraft raids on the village of Muqar in East Hama countryside
SE. Homs: clashes are now taking place inside Qaryatayn after government launched assault this morning against ISIS.
Syrian Army captured Al-Hissan village. Deir ez-zor
Syrian Army captures Al- Quraytayn in East Homs Countryside .
Munich on lockdown after German police say knife-wielding attacker stabbed “a few people” #Rosenheimerplatz
HTS storming remains of ISIS pocket in eastern Hama
Islamic State Claims 2 Suicide Bombing Against ISF In Anbar
ISKP claims Kabul attack
ISIS in Afghanistan claimed attack on Imam Zaman Shiite mosque attack in Kabul killing at least 39 worshippers
Raqqa: Russian writing on the walls in the prison.
Death toll from Mogadishu truck bombing rises to 358, making it one of the deadliest attacks in modern history
Soldier Dead, 3 Wounded as Troops Battle IS Stragglers in Marawi
Rumiyah, ISIS' monthly mag in 11 languages, still not published-3 weeks late. Unusual for ISIS-likely due to mounting territory losses
DeirEzZor: SAA and tribal fighters capture Khusham/Khasham town in Deir EzZor countryside after fierce clashes with ISIS today
SE. Homs: ISIS detonated a SVBIED targeting government forces advancing NE. of Qaryatayn.
An eyewitness confirmed, a bomb fitted into a car went off near Banaadir junction in Mogadishu, no casualties. Somalia
Egypt - Reporter: Security reinforcements were sent to Al Wahat Road in Giza where clashes with insurgents took place
14 security forces killed in clashes with terrorists near Giza
14 security officers killed, 8 others wounded in clashes in Giza
Second time in a week manager of key Islamic State-linked Telegram channel has shown interest in possible attacks in Poland (No claim by IS)
Afghan media report about another Mosque bombing, this time in Dolaina district of Ghor province
Mustafa Mohammed Abu Khawar, a cadre of the military flower camp, terrorist elements yesterday massacred him in the city of Sheikh Zuwaid
@CJTFOIR congratulates Syria|n Democratic Forces on liberation of Raqqa, calling it a turning point vs ISIS
Armed terrorist elements kill a citizen working with the cadres of the Military Flower Camp (or group 103 of the army) yesterday in the city of Sheikh Zwaid Sinai
Inherent Resolve:On Oct 19, Coalition forces conducted eight strikes consisting of 13 engagements to Defeat Daesh in Syria and Iraq
A suicide bomber detonated explosives inside Imam Zaman mosque in Kabul's PD13, caualities feared
A member of ISIS was arrested in Aswan