Map. History of ISIS conflict

28 June 2017
Full video : Philippines Special Forces are on the Hunt for ISIS Militants
Full video : Philippines Special Forces are on the Hunt for ISIS Militants
Philippines Special Forces during the urban battle inside Marawi City against ISIS
SNHR: 3 civilians killed in US-led Coalition warplanes missiles fired on Kasrat Afnan village
Iraq Mosul - IS claims having killed 4 Iraqi soldiers and having wounded many others in an attempt to advance in the Bab Jadid area.
After weeks of IEDs-bombings in Idlib region, Ahrar Sham announces elimination of an ISIS cell of 4 members. 2 KIA and 2 blew up themselves
The leader of ISIS-affiliated Jaish Khaled bin Al-Walid and senior leaders were killed in a strike; less than a month after ex-leader killed.
NW. Daraa: new ISIS leader (appointed early June to replace Al-Maqdissi) killed in Jalin, probably by airstrike.
Satellite Image: MQ-9 Reaper drone just south of Raqqa (30 May 1017)
Images from the battle of Raqqa city.
U.S. forces today north of Raqqa, near to Ain Isa.
Ongoing clashes in Rawda district east Raqqa city between SDF and ISIS. 8 IS fighters killed so far
This afternoon reportedly Coalition strikes hit an HQ of Jaysh Khalid ibn al-Walid (ISIS) in Jillen, Daraa.
Jenan Moussa: I also asked @brett_mcgurk if Turkey is hindering Raqqa operation? "We wouldn't want anything to happen which would disrupt Raqqa campaign"
Military Source: Army Advance East Khanaser And capture villages : Al-Shriemea, Al-Aetshanea and Ragem Askar and Hills
Army: 398 illegal immigrants seized and 6 tunnels destroyed
Syrian Mod: Syrian Army and Allies freed 10 Kms East Arak field on the Road Arak - Al-Hiel field in East Homs countryside
At least 173 civilians were killed in the Syrian city of Raqqa in June during air and ground operations - UN
.@CJTFOIR Strike Update: Near Raqqah, 18 strikes engaged 13 ISIS tactical units, destroyed 12 vehicles, nine fighting positions
Up to 100,000 civilians trapped in Syria's Raqa: UN
CentCom Major General Stephen Townsend met with SDF in Raqqa Syria who are fighting ISIS
Al-Shabab militia manoeuvres reported in Bakool near the camp of Mukhtar Robow Abu Mansour who was removed from terror list last week
Clashes with ISIS in Eastern countryside of Homs
Clashes with ISIS in Eastern  countryside of Homs
Iraq Federal Police chief announced extremely important ISIS documents" were found in Mosul Old city, no details were released.
ISIS video with SPG-9 in the Old City of Mosul Iraq
Iraqi forces displayed explosive vest, IEDs and weapon suppressor belonging to 5 ISIS militants that tried to swim from west to east Mosul.
President Duterte: Shoot dead armed militants who don’t surrender
Iraqi Airforce dropped thousands of leaflets over Hawija informing civilians to stay home and away from ISIS locations
Field sources said that the industrial district in the city of Raqqa is suffering from a high degree of destruction, because of the heavy bombardments and booby traps attacked by the Daesh terrorist organization
Member of pro-IS Ansar al Khilafah arrested in General Santos City
Video: Cleaning of Old city of Mosul
.@brett_mcgurk was in Ayn Issa northern Raqqah, have met SDF commanders and members of Raqqah civil council as SDF progress.
Hamas is building a buffer zone on the border in Rafah at a depth of 100 meters
Philippines Government spokesman says the bodies were found huddled in a grassy lot in a Marawi village
Intense clashes between SDF and ISIS militants in the neighbourhood of al-Nahda. Raqqa city
Iraq — Urban fighting, Old Mosul style: Grenade-range clashes in narrow alleys.
Graphic video: crowd have lynched suspected ISIS member on the street of Mosul
Brett McGurk arrived in Northern Raqqa and later met with the Raqqa Civil Council.
Celebrations in Mosul as Da'ish is pushed out of the city. People from southern Iraq came to celebrate with their northern countrymen
Syrian air force dropped 18 barrel bombs on FSA positions in South-West Daraa
Syrian air force dropped 18 barrel bombs on FSA positions in South-West Daraa
There were 70 ISIS infiltrators. Iraq Counter Terrorism Service had to send 2 battalions to defeat them
ISIS announces it has taken control of several positions in al-Mashada district in Western Mosul. Iraq
#WrathOfEuphrates SDF captured Hattin district near Qadisiya captured recently according to @SyriacMFS
Iraq Federal Police units found a ISIS weapon storage in Mosul Old City, some of the IEDs had chlorine gas.
SDF walking towards the west of Darayeh neighborhood of Raqqa
Chinese help with ongoing Lanao del Sur crisis has appeared
ISIS leaves behind a deadly path of destruction in Syria. US Marines and engineers are repairing some bridges
SNHR: US-led forces killed a child and his father after airstrikes in Raqqa city on June 27
Syria: The water pumping station directly south of Raqqa appears inoperable: The canal dried up between the end of May and early June.