Map. History of ISIS conflict

20 August 2017
Telafar Order of Battle: Iraqi Army 9th Armor Div, 15th INF Div, 16th INF Div, 1st and 3rd ISOF BDEs (CTService) and Fed Police Mech Div, Fed Police 6th Div, ERD & 12 PMU (Hashd) BDEs vs. 2000 ISIS.
Iraq begins battle to retake Tal Afar, IS bastion near Mosul: PM
SNHR: US-led Coalition forces killed Mrs. Khatoon al-Fahd in Raqqa city on Aug 19
Shooting reported at the Nimis train station
Major police operation underway in Spanish region of Catalonia, officials say. No further details.
Military Strikes Continue Against ISIS in Syria and Iraq
SNC: 30 Civilians Killed in Int’l Coalition Bombing on Raqqa
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
US Coalition bombs the Syrian Army's front-lines in southern Raqqa
Pro-IS Telegram Channel Suggests Italy as Next Target of IS Attack
Qalamoun: SAA and Hezbollah captures Harf Almousel mountain in western Qalamoun
Extremist group IS claims responsibility of Siberia stabbing attack in Russia
ISIS' Amaq claims stabbing attacker in the city of Surghut in Russia "is a soldier of ISIS "
Now in Raqqa operation: SDF forces MFS and YPG on operation in the west front of the city against ISIS with important gains with @coalition.
SDF fighters captured several strategic points in Darayeh neighborhood. 13 IS members were killed
Clashes continue in al Mansur neighborhood where 12 IS members were killed so far
SDF fighters seized a mine and mortar factory in al Mansur neighborhood in the old city of Raqqa
Somali troops backed by US soldiers have recaptured Bariire town,40 mile west of Mogadishu, from AS militants
The statement is also a claim of responsibility for the car-ramming attack in Cambrils Barcelona
ISIS releases an official statement claiming responsibility (after al-Amaq) for the attack in Barcelona killing "Crusaders" and "Jews"
IS claims Cambrils attack: propaganda agency
Echo Moscow: there were 3 attackers, 1 was killed, another possible detained or on the loose
Attacker in Surgut had fake suicide belt on him
SAA/Hezbollah advance on strategic Mosul Mountain in Burayj barrens which overlooks Fikha and Mira crossings
Stabbing in Finland that killed 2, injured 8, had "terrorist intent," say police; suspect is Moroccan male, 18
ISIS fighters surrender to Hezbollah and Syrian army near border with Lebanon. ISIS member said "That's it, we're done"
Armed men shot and killed a hair-cutter identified as Abdalla Saalim Sayid at Horseed neighborhood in Jowhar town. Somalia
SAA and allied forces enter Humaymah, capturing southern and central parts as OP ongoing in northern part. East Homs CS
SAA and Hezbollah arrest several ISIS members in Al-Zamarani area
Islamic State Khurasan: Motorcycle Suicide Attack on military truck in Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan
Stabbing attack in Russian city of Surgut. 8 wounded. Police killed the attacker
Zemmrani crossing now is under army and Hezbollah fire control
US officials say 1400 Iraqi servicemen killed in battle for Mosul, 7,000 injured. Equipment also heavily worn down
Car collides with pedestrians in Chatswood, sending five to hospital
Chatswood: Police say people have been injured when a driver suffered medical episode. "He hit about four people" - Witness
LAF Brig. Gen. Ali Qanswa: 600 IS militants in Jaroud region. They control area of 120km sq. No coop with SAA/Hezb in 'Dawn of Jaroud' op
Lebanese army tanks on the move to secure areas East to Ras Baalbek
Fierce fighting bw Somali commandos with US soldiers and Al Shabab militants ongoing in Bariire
Lebanese Army capture Tell Mukhirma and advance towards Maghara al-Kayf in jaroud al-Qa'